Discussing the first printed map of Maine (1795)

We recently acquired a nice group of 18th century United States maps. Among these was the first printed map of Maine, then a District, some 25 years prior to achieving statehood in 1820.

Most early maps of American interest have been documented and catalogued in different reference books. These include the monumental and thorough two volumes by Philip Burden- The Mapping of North America- spanning the years 1511-1700. But all maps of individual states are produced after this date, so different cartobibliographic sources are needed.


In this short video we discuss using Wheat & Brun's foundational work, The Maps and Charts Published in America Before 1800, as well as Ed Thompson's Printed Maps of the District and State of Maine.

While other sources could be added, such as Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Phillips Atlases in Library of Congress, Barbara McCorkle's New England in Early Printed Maps, etc., this video touches on using just a couple of these.

Let us know what you think! We're planning on adding to this carto-bibliography series in the coming days and weeks ahead.