Hello and welcome! If you are reading this, it likely means you are a potential business partner and friend, and to you we open our arms.

After more than 30 years full-time seeking, buying, collecting and selling visually appealing and ownership worthy antique printed visual items in many areas, I prefer to remain an autodidactic generalist.

My assistants, partners and I enjoy a steady heavy flow of old printed books and images in many areas and sell our transitory holdings to collectors, dealers, institutions, and museums around the world. We also like to cater to casual buyers, those simply looking for an interesting historical artifact as a fun or thoughtful gift.

We only offer items of genuine historical merit and interest; printed sheets of paper and related rare items in all fields that strike our fancy which are visually attractive and worthy of ownership, investment and display.

Our emphasis over the past 35 years has typically been in a broad range of 16th-19th century material which is historically significant on some level, including old & rare illustrated juvenile books, early Americana, antiquarian world travel and all global cultures, the fields of color printing, fine engraving, early woodcuts, significant lithography, pleasing Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Jugenstil, printed graphics & ephemera in across all eras and fields, including 19th century trade cards, advertising graphics, collectible thematic postcards, unique philatelic items, early 20th century poster stamps, stereo views,  etc. We also collect and handle quality Certified U.S. Type & Gold coins as well as bags of old silver coinage bullion.

We have created a steady and seemingly endless daily flow of old printed images and interesting antiquarian items of many kinds to evaluate, research and describe. If you collect, deal in or just have a casual interest in our offerings, we invite making your acquaintance.

This website is physically located within two large 19th century houses (c.1830 & c.1890 Victorian) in downtown Dover, New Hampshire, just 3 blocks from the old historic Cocheco Mills buildings. You may visit us [only] by prior appointment [please note: we're simply not set up nor available for general unannounced visits or browsing]. We also maintain a separate and expansive inventory and overflow reference library in a nearby bucolic c.1790 country cape and old barn with offices which is also available year-round for pre-arranged visits.

We cannot emphasize enough that everything we offer really is old, authentic and genuine as described. We simply do not buy or sell fakes, cheap modern copies, etc. I, Brian, personally guarantee the authenticity as described of every single item we sell without hesitation or reserve for as long as you own it. When you buy old, antique and collectible items online, you should examine the source offering them. We invite your inspection! Our easily visible public record across all channels regarding digital online commerce makes clear our trust-worthy and friendly nature.

I've personally inspected and handled literally countless millions of old printed sheets of paper from all eras of printing (yes, it's true and some might argue also meaningless, but it's made me very happy doing it). Frankly, there are probably relatively few people today who have touched and physically inspected first hand as many sheets of old printed paper on a daily basis for as many continuous years as me. The nuances of old printed paper patina is similar to that of old coins, paintings, antiques of all kinds, etc.- a type of connoisseur-ship which can only be acquired over many continuous years of extensive daily inspection and research.

I take pride in this rather esoteric (and for most people unfathomable) experience and it underlies much of what we do. Over the past  35 years I've steadily built what has become today a monumental scholarly reference library of beautiful physical books which spans three buildings. I refer to it daily and doing so gives me great joy.

If you've read this far, I'll also confess I very much like listening to Alan Watts lectures and do so almost daily. I'd probably lose my mind in this current breath-taking, almost surreal digital 24/7 warp speed cultural and mental environment if I didn't. If you know what I mean, we're probably on the same wave-length and I'd love to hear from you...

After 20+ years of running an open general antiquarian bookshop that I closed almost 15 years ago to focus on a more dynamic digital market, we continue to offer antiquarian items across several different online platforms [eBay, Amazon, ABE, etc.]. However, this website is where our most current and interesting unfiltered daily activity is found!

We invite you to become part of our continually expanding family of business clients, friendly acquaintances and long term trading partners who now span the globe.

Let us hear from you regarding printed and visual items from the past!

Brian DiMambro,

Dover, NH.


NHABA, President; IOBA; B.A., Art History; ANA; APS; PayPal verified financial global merchant; eBay Power Seller past 15+ years; professional full-time Antiquarian.