Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
The red barn [c.1800] is packed two floors full of antiquarian books, maps and prints. It's also our weekend research office. During the week we live and operate close-by in downtown Dover, NH, seacoast New England, one hour north of Boston.

For over 30 years my assistants and I have been pleasantly engaged in the full-time pursuit, acquisition, researching and selling of visually appealing and interesting old books, maps, prints, and many kinds of small objects worthy of collecting.

These recent photos show a small selection of our expansive and constantly growing reference library which is happily browsed, consulted, and studied from daily.

We offer interesting, desirable and fairly priced historical items individually, in small lots and as collections which are unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

Within this flow is a broad range of related areas, many lots formed over months or years, by chance encounters and patient acquisition.

Actively building this working physical reference library makes the entire endeavor of handling and dealing in these types of items much more interesting and fun. For me, the true daily pleasure lies in the endless flow of genuine antique items which come into our possession and then across my desk for brief examination and rapid-flow online cataloging.

Our approach and philosophy towards being merchants is very simple. For us, all transactions are partnerships. We treat everyone we meet like potential life-time connections. We operate with everyone around the world every day with the same no nonsense or games approach to online business.

We stand behind everything we sell and we offer unconditional 30 day satisfaction guaranteed returns. 

We simply offer what we've acquired- our desire is always to show it fully and accurately. We are reliable global partners.

We ship hundreds of items around the world every month and successfully complete over 6000 global transactions every year.

We believe in cause and effect, and the ancient concept of yin-yang. How we think privately and act publicly and personally matters. We cannot escape the effects of our thoughts and actions. It's pretty simple, not a controversial way of thinking, and for us effortless to embrace.

It gives us pleasure to act with honor and integrity. It's a family tradition that begins in mid-1920's Dover, NH, when my grandparents immigrated here from central Italy in search of a more fulfilling and meaningful life. They quickly established their own business, trading as honorable independent merchants with a strong positive community reputation. My father (1930-2018), after earning his M.A. did the same, always owning businesses and properties. I continue in this same family tradition of walking an independent path in the world, and so here we are today on this website...

Our current reliable and strong positive digital business reputation is readily verified across numerous major global platforms and organizations, including Paypal, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, ABE, IOBA, NHABA, ESA, ANA, APS, various commercial banks, public feedback systems, YouTube, FB, etc.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and serving your collecting and investment interests and desires.

Brian DiMambro, Antiquarian
Dover, NH (est. 1925)

*[disclosure- for the record: The steady weekly flow of videos we produce are all filmed in a single first take, with impromptu off-the-cuff stream of thought commentary about the item or lot, no after editing of any kind].