Amsterdam Holland Netherlands detailed city plan canals port 1760 Bellin map
Ancient Egypt Nile River Alexandria Red Sea 1855 Philip Historical map
Ancient World Africa Europe Middle East Asia c 1840 SDUK detailed historical map
Arabian Peninsula East Africa Egypt Abysinnia Sudan 1876 Stieler detailed map
Asian Continent Ottoman Empire Arabia India China Japan Korea 1868 Blackwood map
Balearic Islands Mallorca Menorca Ibiza Formentera Spain 1760 Bellin map
Barcelona Catalonia Spain detailed city plan fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Boulogne & Guines Flanders France Low Countries 1676 scarce small map
British Isles Ireland United Kingdom England Scotland 1824 Vivien two sheet map
California County state Map w/ city plan San Francisco 1872 Mitchell map
Caribbean Central America Mexico Cuba Bahamas Jamaica 1872 Mitchell map
Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia Commemorative Book 1876 illustrated book
China Japan Korea Hainan Hong Kong 1950's Catholicism Religious Vintage Map
China Macao Hong Kong Canton Nanking 1950's Catholicism Religious Vintage Map
Civil Engineering in Europe 1901 French illustrated journal rare monumental book
Conquests of Alexander the Great Tracia Persia Egypt 1855 Philip Historical map
Dardanelles Ottoman Empire Strategic Fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Denis Duval Lovel the Widower William Makepeace Thackery 1869 old leather book
Dublin Ireland detailed city plan St. Patrick's Cathedral 1760 Bellin map
Empire of Ninus and Semiramis Assyria Persia Egypt 1855 Philip Historical map
Empire of Senusret I Egyptian Pharaoh Conqueror 1855 Philip Historical map
Encyclopedia Americana hundreds of entries I-L 1831 fascinating old leather book
Evolution and Ethics Thomas Huxley Essays 1900 fine limited edition leather book
Genoa Italy detailed city plan military fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Geographers of the Ancient World Ptolemy Strabo 1855 Philip Historical map
Georgia & Alabama states w/ city insets of Savannah & Atlanta 1872 Mitchell map
History India Middle East Iran India Persia Palestine 1914 gilt leather book
Holland Netherlands Amsterdam Harlem The Hague Utrecht Rotterdam 1760 Bellin map
Holy Land Palestine Israel Twelve Tribes Jerusalem 1855 Philip Historical map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Bohemia Austria Switzerland Low Countries c.1700 map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Saxony Magdeburg Thuringia c. 1700 rare engraved map
Iceland Reykjavik Atlantic Island Arctic Circle 1760 Bellin map
Ireland Ulster Connacht Munster Leinster Dublin Galloway Wexford 1760 Bellin map
Italian States Lombardy Tuscany Naples Papal States 1824 Vivien two sheet map
Kingdom of Macedonia Philip Alexander the Great 1855 Philip Historical map
Korea & Japan Seoul Kyoto Tokyo Nagoya 1950's Catholicism Religious Vintage Map
Kronstadt Kotlin Island St. Petersburg Russia detailed fort plan 1760 Bellin map
London England detailed city plan Westminster Islington Thames 1760 Bellin map
Malta island by itself Mediterranean Island Valletta 1760 Bellin map
North Pole Greenland Novaya Zemlya Svalbard Canada Alaska 1898 Andrees polar map
Oliver Goldsmith Collected Essays 1850 engraved portrait gift binding old book
Orkney Islands Scotland Kirkwall Grimness Crockney Roseness 1760 Bellin map
Ostend Belgium Low Countries detailed city plan canals walls 1760 Bellin map
Ottoman Greece Ionian Sea Crete Rhodes Samos Naxos 1760 Bellin map
Ottoman Greece Morea Athens Corinth Sparta Salonika 1760 Bellin map
Palermo Sicily Sicilia City Plan Military Fortifications Port 1760 Bellin map
Paris Exposition Universelle 1867 Illustrated 2 vol leather set wonderful
Paris Exposition Universelle 1900 Panorama view book great images rare book
Perfect Womanhood Women's all around Guide to Life Love Beauty Family 1903 book
Persian Empire of Cyrus and Darious Anatolia Syria 1855 Philip Historical map