Africa St. Salvador fort on hill view 1719 old Mallet print hand color
Airlines childhood original art 1960's airplanes stewardess animation style A+
American Commerce Business 1890-1937 pictorial Billheads Receipts lot x 10
Amsterdam Holland Dam Square Paleis Waag c.1760 city view vue d'optique print
Arched Rock Mackinac Michigan Great lakes region c.1851 lithographed view print
Architectural drawings c.1731 & 1823 F.J. Duban Prix de Rome medalist original
Arctic Novaya Zemlya Russia Nouvelle Zemble sailing ships 1683 Mallet map
Asia Arabia India China Russia East Indies Persia 1849 Meyer German antique map
Automobiles Cars c.1961-3 Supermarket parking lot art original childhood animation
Baltimore city plan Maryland 1860 Mitchell downtown urban map Patapsco river
Beautiful Ornate Cartouche Fanciful Heaven Earth c1700 engraved print hand color
Bellows Falls village of Windsor Vermont 1861 Milburne Peak view print & map
Bergues France city plan Harrewyn 1720 miniautre urban plan antique map
Berkshire Mass. home owners names 1876 detailed uncommon large detailed map
Calder mobile childhood animation art style c.1961-3 original gouache painting A+
Cape Ann Harbour Mass. c.1830-40 Blunt Hooker Harrison Hatch old nautical chart
Cavendish Falls Black River Vermont Windsor Co. 1861 lithographed view print
Celestial Astronomy lot x 6 prints 1802-1892 Night Sky Planets planetary zodiac
Celestial print Notre nebula stars astronomy galaxy c.1850 old print
Chester Dayville Hampden MA 1894 town village huge scarce detailed antique map
Childhood Children's boys & girls birthday party 1960's original art A+ animation
Children's art car bicycle party presents c.1961-3 gouache original Painting A+
Children's birthday party scene c.1961-3 animation style original art A+ dog balloons
Cigar bands c.1900-30 Collection Dutch Holland x 142 color gold embossed decorative
Clay Pt Camels Hump Lake Champlain Colchester Vermont 1861 view print
Country Gentleman Farming 1872 complete year illustrated ads bees fruits
Danzig West Prussia Baltic Sea Poland 1874 Flemming detailed old map
Deep Gorges Winooski Burlington Vermont 1861 lithographed view print
Denmark c.1835-40 Starling Bull Perkins miniature map
Denmark Copenhagen Mecklenburg c.1846 Mitchell scarce antique map folio sheet
Denmark Prussian Provinces Iceland inset 1874 Flemming detailed old map
Dunkirk coast Northern France city plan 1758 miniature antique map Utrecht 1714
Dutch Churches Presbyterian 1830 New York city Public Buildings print WD Smith
Eastern Hemisphere Mountain Heights Rivers 1881 fine old Mitchell antique map
Eastern Lower Canada Nova Scotia Quebec PEI 1846 Mitchell scarce antique map
Empire of Alexander the Great Turkey Mesopotamia Arabia Persia 1860 Dufour map
Europe United Kingdom Great Britain Scotland 1849 detailed German map
Farther India Tibet China Southeast Asia Hindoostan Burmah 1874 Mitchell map
Flags of the World c.1760 de Leth antique engraved hand color chart print
Geographical Society of NY 1931 Journal fine leather binding w/ maps photos
Geographical Society of NY 1933 Review fine leather binding w/ maps photos
Georgia Alabama city plan insets Atlanta Savannah 1874 S.A. Mitchell nice map
Georgia Doboy sound Pelican Shoals 1827 Blunt small old nautical coastal chart
Georgia Doboy Sound Sapello island Blunt 1854 small old nautical chart map
Germany Saxony Brandenburg Silesia Mecklenburg c.1745 Bowen antique folio map
Great Barrington Berkshire Mass. 1876 detailed uncommon old map
Haarlem Netherlands city plan 1628 sea monster Munster map outstanding colored
Holland Belgium Nederland Netherlands Pays-Bas 1856 huge scarce Dufour map
Holland Netherlands Belgium Low Countries Amsterdam 1856 antique hand color map
Holy Land Canaan pictorial decorative 1714 Stoopendaal Visscher map
Holy Land Travels of Paul Apostles 1714 Stoopendaal Visscher decorative map
Howard's Inn Bushwick Luqueer's Master's Hill Brooklyn New York 1868 lot 3 views
Hungary Croatia Slovenia Slavonia Kroatien Ungarn 1874 Flemming old map
Illinois state dbl. page w/ Chicago vicinity inset c.1887 Bradley antique map
India Bangalore street city plan 1909 detailed old color litho map
India Fort of Gwalior Lashkar 1909 detailed old color litho map
India Lahore environs old Meean Meer 1909 detailed old color litho map
Isothermal Chart c.1859 Gov. I. Stevens map American West weather patterns
Italy 1492-1797 Malta harbor inset Venice Genoa plan 1880 antique Historical map
Italy Trieste Istria Adriatic Coast Balkans 1874 Flemming detailed old map
Kansas Nebraska Colorado Idaho Indian Territory c1861 Mitchell variant early map
Kashmir India Cashmere 1909 detailed old color litho regional map
Lana Cascade Lake Dunmore Salisbury Vermont 1861 lithographed view print
Landau Germany urban ramparts 1730 rare La Feuille miniature city plan map
Le Printemps nude erotica cherubs beauty Paris 1886 Bouguereau old photogravure
Low Countries Belgium France Artois 1725 Harrewijn fine old vintage antique map
Madagascar Africa 1719 old Mallet Ethnic costume hand color print
Malaysia Indonesia Java Borneo Sumatra Philippines Anan Siam Canton 1906 old map
Mandalay Burma Myanmar 1909 detailed old color litho map
Mexico indigenous native tribal customs South America 1671 ethnography print
Michigan Sugar-Loaf Mackinac Great Lakes U.S. c.1851 lithographed view print
Michigan Wisconsin Great Lakes 1863 Mitchell variant state map attractive color
Michigan Wisconsin states Great Lakes c.1860 early Mitchell variant hand map
Michigan Wisconsin US mid-west 1867 Mitchell map variant original hand color
Minnesota state by itself 1867 Mitchell variant state map decorative border
Mt Houghton Lac la Belle Great Lakes 1851 Lake Superior lithographed view print
Natural History birds fish Falcon 1754 Thomas Jefferys engraved print lot x 4
Netherlands United Provinces Low Countries Nederland 1786 miniature antique map
New Orleans city plan Louisiana 1860 Mitchell urban city antique map original
New Orleans city plan Louisiana 1867 Mitchell urban map hand colored attractive!
New York City plan 1853 Hayward lithographed map urban political legislature
North Africa coastline Libya Tripoli Morocco c.1850 detailed Meyer German map
North America Continent West Indies Mexico United States 1867 Mitchell old map
North America United States British Canada Danish 1884 Mitchell antique map
North India Punjab Kashmir Nepal Damodar Valley Calcutta Delhi 1959 vintage map
Northern India Tibet Punjab Region China Central Asia 1890 old Stieler color map
Northern Italy Italia c.1855 Biller engraved old map
Oceania Australia New Zealand c.1864 Flemming German Flinders Land map
Orvis Rocking Stone Manchester Vermont 1861 lithographed view print
Oudenaarde Belgium c.1680 charming old vintage antique city plan map
Pacific Ocean Polynesia Hawaii islands Tahiti Nuka-Hiwa 1891 stieler map
Paris France Chatelain 1720 Versailles Mendon St. Germaine views genealogy print
Peru Bolivia Brazil Lima Cuzco lovely 1850 Mitchell scarce antique map
Philadelphia city plan Pennsylvania 1860-7 Mitchell detailed urban map Delaware
Philadelphia Pennsylvania urban downtown 1860 Mitchell city plan map detailed
Polen Poland Prussia Baltic Ost Sea Livonia 1883 Stieler detailed old map
Portugal Portuguese natives 1719 old Mallet Ethnic costume hand color print
Rhine River Fribourg Haguenau c.1730 La Feuille antique map
Rowlandson Ackermann 1818 color aquatint Library dreaming asleep flying books
Russia in Asia Tartary China Japan c.1846 Mitchell scarce antique map
Samson & Delilah ornate dramatic warriors scene c.1785 antique engraved print
Sandisfield Berkshire Mass. Mill River New Boston 1876 detailed uncommon old map
Sao Tome St. Thomas Gulf of Guinea Africa 1725 rare miniature engraved map
Scrapbook Album c. 175 trade cards c.1881 A. Karsten Natick Mass. color printing
Scrapbook of c.250 Trade Cards c. 1880's nice decorative Album Thread colorful
Southern Lorraine France ca.1670 charming rare old miniature antique map
Space Exploration c.1961-3 Rockets childhood party games animation original art
Spain Malaga birds-eye view c.1850 lovely antique print hand color
Sutherland Falls Rutland Vermont row boat train 1861 lithographed view print
Sweden Norway Scandinavia 1851 Cowperthwait Mitchell scarce map
Trade Card Album Scrapbook c.1884-5 with 200+ cards thread sewing medicines etc
Trade Card Album Scrapbook c.225 colorful advertising chromos Christmas thread
Turkey Constantiniople Sea of Marmara 1746 Le Roux engraved coast map
Turkey in Asia Mesopotamia Iraq Syria Cyprus Kurdistan 1874 Flemming map
United States general population density 1898 large detailed U.S. map
Utrecht Netherlands Holland 1697 Harrewjn antique city plan map
Western Canada British Columbia Alberta Vancouver c1890 Stieler detailed old map
World in Hemispheres polar river length globe 1860 Mitchell map