Abraham Lincoln 1863-65 Lot x 10 political cartoons Popular Press Harpers Weekly
Allegorical frontis engraving 1762 Parr engraved figures India Asia China camel
American Encyclopedia c.1878 Salesman Sample 18 color litho maps of world rare book
Amsterdam Holland city plan 1664 von Zessen Netherlands Nederland Hameleers #62
Amsterdam prospect view Montelbaanstoren 1752 canal print vue d'optique city view
Armillary Sphere Globe celestial 1720 Weigel charming engraved miniature print
Armillary sphere solar systems 1719 Chiquet Celestial map Ptolemy Copernicus
Austria-Hungary Vienna Bohemia 1862 Stulpnagel Stieler map Wien Vienna city plan
Bohemia Moravia Austrian Silesia Czechoslovakia 1855 Map
Boston Harbor chart 1782 political magazine map American Revolutionary War
British Parliament large 1741 engraved view print Covens & Mortier Hooge w/ key sheet
Calais France c.1720 engraved birds-eye panoramic city view
Canada Hudson Bay 1782 Lodge map Political Magazine Lake Superior Labrador
Caribbean Leeward Islands 1782 rare map Martinique Adm. Rodney Naval Victory
Caucasus Georgia Southern Russia 1855 Schieble engraved Dufour
Ceylon island map India 1782 by Lodge rare Political magazine w/ article
Cherbourg-Octeville France fortified military city plan 1758 map Cherburg
China Japan Formosa Korea 1862 Stulpnagel Berghaus map
China Tartary Korea Gulf of Tonkin Japan 1711 Moll map lovely hand color
Compass Rose Anemoi Greek mythology wind rose 1720 Weigel print cherub heads
Compass Wind Rose 1711 Cluverius charming with lovely hand color
Coney Island New York postcard lot x 44 views Luna Park night scenes amusements
Decorative frontis 1741 Historical allegorical figures beautiful engraved print
Denmark Copenhagen Iceland Greenland Faroe Islands Stieler map 1862
Dublin Bay Killarney Sea Ireland 1862 Petermann Stieler map
Early United States Treaty Paris 1784 Russell c.1790 Wabash Army Lands Companies
England United Kingdom c.1840's engraved views lot x 10 city birds-eyes castles
Ethic Amusements c.1770 by D. Bellamy illustrated fables lovely rare book 30 engravings
Finland Baltic Scandanavia 1855 E. Schieble engraved specialized map
Fishing & Hunting in Maine New England 1897 Boston & Maine RR guide w/ lg. maps
Germany 1694 historical comparison map Cluverius engraved w/ lovely hand color
Germany Germania Rhine river 1661 historical comparison Jansson Bertius map
Greece Balkans Macedonia Crete charming c.1715 miniature map fine hand color
Greece Ionian Islands Athens Santorini Stieler map 1863 Morea Aegean Rumelia
Greece Turkey in Europe Macedonia Morea Albania Romania 1781 Bonne map
Guadeloupe Island w/ Marie Galante 1759 detailed island map lovely hand color
Holiday travel magazine 1946-9 color covers wonderful lot 8 issues many great ads
Holland the Hague den Haag c.1760 view print vue d'optique Netherlands Fargue
Holland travel artists 1885-1922 lot x 6 books collecting art works culture illustrated
Holy Land Palestine Jerusalem group 25 stereoview cards c.1900 nice views panoramas
Holy Land Palestine Syria lot of 25 stereoview cards c.1900 Underwood & Keystone
India Ceylon 2 rare maps 1782 British Political Magazine American Revolution War
Indonesia Malaku islands Ternate Timor Tidore Makian 1750 Bellin map hand color
Iran Turan Afghanistan Pakistan Caspian Sea Middle East 1862 Stulpnagel map
Ireland c.1790 charming miniature map lovely hand color
Ireland Cork Harbor 1782 Lodge rare periodical map charming details
Isle de Bourbon Reunion Island 1750 Bellin island map lovely hand color
Isle of Wight rare map 1782 Political mag. Portsmouth England harbor coastal Diving Bell
Italy Tuscany Italia 1886 Pennell Howells Dragon leather binding Art Nouveau book
Kingdom of Naples Sicily Sicilia southern Italy Italia 1855 Dufour Map
Lake Memphremagog Vermont Canada 1898 Railroad guide w/ 2 maps B&M RR
Lima Peru lot x 25 view prints 19th century steel & wood engraved c.1840-85 era
London England c.1840-50 Lot x 10 engraved views monuments tourist sites Greenwich
London England city plan c.1813 large detailed map w/ key identifying c.275 spots
Louisbourg Nova Scotia Cape Breton Canada 1758 old map
Malaca Malacca Indonesia fortress c.1750 Bellin charming map lovely hand color
Marbled Paper 19th century lot x 20 large oversized sheets all different very nice group
Marbled Paper from 19th century 20 pleasing sheets c.1835-90 nice group all different
Marbled Paper of 19th century lot x 20 sheets all different very nice group
Marijuana Bakka plant man smoking it 1748 engraved print hand colored
Mexico c.1882 miniature map Emrik & Binger Texas to Guatemala w/ Yucatan British
Microscope in Science 1878 Beale 500 illustrations beautiful leather book
Middle East Arabia Syria Jerico Ararat Lot x 10 engraved prints c.1840-50 nice views
Military National Highlanders Lowell Mass 1841 one-of-kind book souvenir photos
Mountains of New England Hampshire 1896 & 1903 B&M RR brochures w/ maps
Naval Monument 1830 Battles of U.S. leather book w/ 25 engraved plates ships
Naval Nautical Tall Ships c.1750-60 pair of two rare vue d'optique prints architecture
Netherlands Holland Belgium Flanders Nederland 1711 Gods cartouche map
North America Quivira Kingdom Louisiana T. 1790's entire continent miniature map
North America Territorial western Continent 1862 Stulpnagel Stieler map
North America United States c.1850 shows apocryphal Columbia District in Oregon
North American United States 1854 Shows apocryphal Columbia District in Oregon
Northern Italy 1694 Italia Mosting Cluverius scarce hand color map
Ottoman Empire 1862 Madeira Canary Islands Constantinople Alexandria Stieler map
Persia 1712 Iran Caspian Sea Unknown coast charming map lovely hand color
Piedmont & Sardinia Kingdom northern Italy 1855 interesting map
Poland Prussia Lithuania 1796 shows Palatinates charming map lovely hand color
Polynesia Australia Fiji Tonga Papua New Guinea Solomon Island 1862 Berghaus
Promontory Point Camp night camp Utah Salt Lake view 1853 Ackerman litho print
Punjab India Oil Report 1870 Lahore Benj. Smith Lyman book w/ 10 contour maps
Religious book intended to convert American Indians 1787 British Plantation colonies
Russia Moscovy Volgoda 1792 by Jan Elwe scarce folio map decorative cartouche
Salt Lake City street view Utah 1853 Ackerman litho print among earliest views
Savoy Switzerland Europe 1714 de Fer? charming map lovely hand color
Solar system Celestial diagrams 1720 Weigel print Copernicus Tycho Brahe models
South Africa Madagascar Dr. Livingstone 1862 Berghaus detailed map
Southern Italy Papal States Sicily Malta Gozzo insets 1862 Stieler map
Stralsund Germany Baltic Sea military seige map 1758 city plan rare periodical
Sweden Norway Stockholm Scandinavia 1862 Stulpnagel Stieler map
Syria Middle East Mesopotamia 1855 Dufour Schieble map
Travel Guide Osgood Middle States 1875 w/ 22 maps lovely example city plans
Turkestan Central Asia Steppe 1Turkoman Caspian Sea 1855 Dufour Erhard Map
Wallachia Moldavia Danube provinces on Black Sea 1855 Dufour Map
West Africa Slave & Ivory Coast Benin 1792 Jan Elwe De L'Isle folio map scarce
World Atlas 1838 Levasseur pocket sized w/ 87 miniature maps leather binding A+
World Atlas Gazetteer Geography 1774 leather pocket book 18 maps Calif. Island
World Atlas Geography 1754 gazetteer 15 folding maps continents gilt leather book
World Map 1796 Van Diemen attached to Australia charming map lovely hand color
World Map double hemispheres decorative 1711 Cluver map huge Southern continent
World Map naming River of West 1796 charming map Tasmania attached to Australia
World Mountain Comparison Profile Chart Andes 1863 Berghaus Stieler map diagram
Young Lady's Duties Female Character Considered 1806 rare book Mrs. West