Ackermann aquatints 1809-14 lot of 6 England British Churches Cathedrals London
African Continent w/ man eaters 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American map A+ exmpl
Aldenburg Germany birds-eye city view 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
American Society Queens 1867 Ellet lovely gift leather book 13 portrait engravings
Amsterdam Holland Nederland c.1910 rare guide book w/ lg. folding city map
Ancient Greece Peloponnese Achaia Epirus Macedonia Asia 1700 Moll engraved map
Antwerp Belgium 1616 city view van Egmont military caravan Phillip II Baudart
Arabian Peninsula Red Sea Persian Gulf 1746 Bellin decorative engraved map
Astronomy Eclipses Phases of the Moon Celestial image 1694 Mosting curious print
Belgium & Holland 1848 Greenleaf scarce engraved map hand color
Bernard Shaw 1914 Common Sense About the War WWI rare New Statesman
Book Common Prayer & Psalm 1836 Episcopalian Christianity rare leather gift book
Book of Passions 1839 James & Heath 16 steel engravings beautiful gilt leather binding
Brabant Mechelen prospect city view 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
British Antigua Antilles Caribbean 1725 le Rouge engraved map hand color
Brunswick Germany city view 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
Canary Islands & Madiera Tenerife 1780 Bonne lovely engraved map hand color
Caribbean & South America Guyana Venezuela 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Caribbean Lesser Antilles Leeward Isles 1780 Bonne map hand color
Celestial Ptolemaic Astronomy Solar System Sun Moon Stars 1711 Cluver print map
Central Italy Rome Latium Etruria 1710 Senex decorative map lovely hand color
Ceylon island by itself Sri Lanka 1750 French Bellin engraved map
China Chinese Empire Japan Korea Formosa 1711 John Senex rare map w/ hand color
China Japan Chinese Empire Asia Tibet Mongolia c.1845 Brue engraved map
Chinese Empire China Japan Korea 1780 Bonne lovely engraved map hand color
Corsica & Sardinia Italy 1694 Mosting scarce map lovely hand color
Cyclades Greece Aegean Sea Kea Kythnos Serifos 1683 Mallet charming small map
Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece Lero Calamo 1683 miniature map fine hand color
Double Hemisphere World Map 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map near folk-art
Eastern Western double Hemispheres World 1862 Johnson & Ward map scarce Issue
Gold Bank of Petaluma California Cash Ledger original Account Book 1874-1891
Greek merchant Greece 1570 de Nicolay wood engraved print ethnic cultural
Guadeloupe Lesser Antilles Caribbean Galante 1780 Bonne engraved map hand color
Harvard University Cambridge Massachusetts 1846 lovely street scene view print
Hispaniola Haiti Dominican Republic c. 1780 Bonne engraved map fine hand color
Holy Land Palestine 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map hand color
Hungary Waradin Bird's Eye View 1719 Mallet miniature engraved print fine color
India City View 1683 Mallet miniature birds-eye print hand color
India Southeast Asia Indonesia Siam Thailand China 1711 Nicholson engraved map
Indonesia Philippines Sumatra Java 1713 Moll miniature map beautiful hand color
Island of Cuba Caribbean c. 1780 Bonne engraved map w/ lovely hand color
Italy Italia 1730 Gordon uncommon miniature engraved map NOT in Borri
Italy Italia Sicily 1780 Bonne lovely engraved map w/ beautiful hand color
Jamaica Caribbean island map 1780 Bonne engraved map with lovely hand color
Kerala Cochin Kochi India Dutch Colony 1761 Bellin detailed engraved city plan
Kingdom of Denmark Baltic Europe 1711 Nicholson lovely decorative engraved map
Landreci France 1612 Blaeu Guicciardini miniature city view w/ figures
Letters from Italy 1845 J.T. Headley author signed fine rare leather book
Life of Napoleon 1832 Exeter NH rare set 2 vols leather books w/ engraved portrait
Longfellow Poetry 1847 Gorgeous American Gift leather book binding engravings
Luxembourg Namur Lorraine Champagne France c.1679 du Val rare folio antique map
Macedonia Thessaly Achaie Greece 1683 Mallet miniature map hand color
Mexico Southern U.S. Arkansas & Missouri Territories Timpanogos 1833 Boynton map
Middle East Holy Land Palestine Jerusalem 1840-45 rare Dutch old map
Mughal Empire India warrior cartouche 1683 Mallet decorative miniature map
Netherlands Germany Westphalia 1762 Rizzi-Zannoni map decorative antique map
New England states MA CT NH VT ME 1790 Bonne fine map lovely hand color
New Orleans Louisiana amazing birds-eye view 1863 lovely print Mississippi River
North America Lake Timpanogos vast Oregon Territory 1833 Boynton map hand color
Ormus Persian Gulf Hormuz Island Portuguese Colony 1746 engraved city plan view
Ottoman Anatolia Turkey 1711 Nicholson lovely decorative engraved map hand color
Ottoman Anatolia Turkey Natolia 1683 Mallet decorative warriors miniature map
Ottoman Turkish Turkey Janissary commander 1570 de Nicolay wood engraved print
Pacific Islands New Philippines Mindanao 1761 engraved map hand color
Persian woman Iran Middle East cultural 1570 de Nicolay rare wood engraved print
Philippeville Belgium c.1612 Blaeu Guicciardini charming miniature city plan map
Pocket World Atlas 1749 Universal Geography leather book 18 maps Calif Island
Russia Muscovy Moscovy 1730 Gordon engraved map
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Finland Gothia Lifland 1713 Moll miniature map lovely
Scotland British Isles 1766 Brion Desnos decorative engraved map hand color
South American continent 1730 Gordon engraved miniature map w/ lovely hand color
South American continent 1780 Bonne attractive engraved map lovely hand color
Southeast Asia China Siam Thailand 1683 Mallet miniature map lovely hand color
Southeast Asia Dutch East Indies Jakarta Borneo 1840-45 rare Petri map Batavia
Turkey Constantinople Ottoman Sublime Porte harem & eunuchs 1727 engraved print
Turkish woman nobility 1570 rare de Nicolay engraved ethnic Middle East print
United States Capitol bldg D.C. Unfinished Dome 1846 gorgeous hand color print
United States History 1880 Bryant Illustrated 4 vol set Monumental lovely pictorial
Vera Cruz Mexico harbor & city plan 1822 engraved detailed map
White House Washington D.C. 1856 beautiful engraved print splendid hand color
Whittier Maud Muller 1867 Whittier illustrated leather book embossed gift binding
World Atlas 1863 Malte-Brun large folio 86 maps complete nice example
Yale College campus view New Haven Connecticut State House 1846 engraved print