1878-1880 Christianity Religious Scholarly unique manuscript notebook
Africa Guinea west coast Kalbar river 1748 Bellin engraved map hand color.
Alblasser-Waart Breda Bloemendael Holland Nederland Netherlands 1750 de Lat map
Alfred Lord Tennyson Works 1889 lovely red gilt leather old book engraved portrait
Ambon Dutch East Indies Amboina 1755 wonderful detailed city plan
American History New England Beginnings 1896 Fiske 2 nice old leather books
Anatolia Ottoman Empire modern day Turkey Cyprus 1694 Mosting map
Ant Fable & Paris street vendors 1880's French decorative old books illustrated
Antwerp Belgium 1585 city view military fortifications engraved map print
Arab man and woman ethnic print 1683 Mallet engraved hand colored Muslim couple
Armillary Sphere Solar System 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved chart map
Asia China India allegorical figures Frontis Astley 1746 print Parr engraved
Asia Continent Arabia India China 1800 Jean Walch decorative map hand color
Barbary Coast North Africa Tunisi Bildulgerid 1699 Sanson delightful map
Beautiful book bindings France 1850's French embossed gilt colorful engravings lot x 3
Belgium Artois Comitatus 1628 Mercator beautiful engraved map w early hand color
Bourgeois Public Speaking Public Manners 1694 France T. Amaury rare book
Bridgeport Connecticut 1901 Eldridge detailed large habor nautical chart
Chapelle & Bachaumont Works 1755 The Hague & Paris rare pocket leather book
Charles Kingsley Works 1899 leather books lot of 7 illustrated attractive gilt bindings
Chicago Columbian Exposition 1893 Official View books 115 photogravure photos
Church's Indian Wars 1675-1704 King Philips War Drake rare book illustrated
Crete Candia Greece 1620 Porcacchi sea monsters ships decorative miniature map
Death of Captain Cook Kealakekua Bay Hawaii old print
Discovery of America Indian Wars 1840 Trumbull rare book Dearborn woodcuts
East Africa coast of Arabia Abex Zanquebar 1699 Sanson map
East Africa Empire of Abyssinia Ethiopia Nile Source 1719 Mallet miniature map
Egypt Libya North Africa Tripoli Nubia Nile Mediterranean coast 1699 Sanson map
Egypt North Africa Nile river caravan routes 1807 by J. Low map
Euboea Negroponte Greece Ionian Sea Porcacchi 1620 sea monsters map
Farmer's Friend Victorian Broadsheet 1847 Agriculture Advertisement Albert
French decorative embossed bindings 1850's Buffon & Florian w/ engravings
Geldern city plan Holland Netherlands 1582 Plantijn Guicciardini map wonderful
Geographical Review 1935 Geography leather book 4 issues many photos & maps
Germany Bohemia region Swabia Switzerland southern France c.1760 Latre map
Germany Rhine upper lower River 1799 Cary folio sheet map
Global World map showing Plant Distribution 1860 Meyer pictorial thematic map
Godey's Lady's Book 1869 Year w/ hand color fashion plates 2 leather books
Great Britain British Isles Ireland Wales Scotland 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
Greece Greek Islands Attica Peloponnese Ionian Sea 1719 Mallet antique map
Greece Greek Peninsula 1620 Porcacchi map engraved w/ lovely hand color
Greece Peloponnese Corinthia Morea Achaia Accadia 1694 Mosting map
Harpers Monthly Magazine 1880's Lot of 5 leather books well illustrated great content
Hawaii Sandwich Islands c.1840's Pacific Ocean lot of 22 early prints peoples ethnic
History of Country United States 1918 by Ellis issued in 72 parts richly illustrated
Hungary Wolfgang Lasio c.1670 Ortelius minor miniature map hand color
India Hindostan Burmah 1796 Doolittle scarce early American engraved map
Islands of the British Isles Wight Jersey Guernsey 1639 Blaeu miniature map
Kingdom of Scotland British Isles England 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
Lombardy Northern Italy Italia Lakes Region Switzerland 1628 Mercator minor map
Low Countries Holland Nederland United Provinces 1784 Probst decorative map
Lucius Ferraris Prompta Bibliotheca Latin Theological Encyclopedia 1866 set 8 vol.
Maastricht Netherlands Nederland 1655 Merian battle city plan map
Mexico 1908 overprinted w/ Railroads huge detailed Rand McNally map
Milton's Poetical Works 1877 beautiful gilt leather illustrated old book
Miniature Midget Dictionaries 1954 London leather books lot of 5 Italian French German
Morocco Western Africa 1699 engraved map
Motley History of United Netherlands 1584-1609 Lovely 4 vol. leather set 1870
Netherlands Holland Nederland 1620 Porcacchi miniature map hand color
Netherlands Nederland Holland West Friesland 1737 de Lat scarce engraved map
Nijmegen Gelderland Hertogenbosch Nederland Netherlands 1750 de Lat map detailed
North Africa Tunis Tunisia city harbor map 1628 Munster city view
North Holland Netherlands Nederland Friesland c.1750 de Lat miniature map
Ottoman Turkey Middle East Mesopotamia 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
Palestine Holy Land Middle East 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Persia Gulf Sea of Oman Arabia c.1840 Archer engraved map of modern Iran Karman
Persia Iran Armenia Babylonia Mesopotamia 1694 Mosting Caspian Sea map
Poland-Lithuania Russia Baltic to Black Sea 1694 Mosting map
Portugal Algarve 1628 Mercator minor miniature map
Portugal Algarve Kingdoms 1719 Chiquet map southern Spain
Russia in Europe c.1798 Roche American miniature engraved map Wheat & Brun #829
Russia in Europe c.1850 Petri Baedeker scarce map
Russian Empire Asia Siberia Russian America Mongolia 1862 Swanston large map
San Diego California Mission View 1853 very early print color lithographed
Senegal West Africa interior 1749 Vaugondy engraved map hand color
Siege of Douai War of Spanish Succession Doway c.1740 fortified city plan map
South America Patagonia St. Julian's Harbor 1740 coastal survey exploration map
Southern Italy Kingdom of the Two Sicilies 1835 engraved map original hand color
Spain Portugal Royal Academy Sciences 1719 Chiquet charming decorative small map
Strasbourg France c.1725-40 van der Aa fine detailed Panorama prospect city view
Sweden Swedish Empire Livonia Finland Moscovy Norway 1719 Chiquet miniature map
Syria Antioch Phoenicia Mesopotamia 1694 Mosting map
Trumbull's Indian Wars 1846 Dearborn woodcut frontis pictorial gilt book scarce
Utrecht Holland Nederland Netherlands 1628 Mercator minor miniature map
Utrecht province Nederland Netherlands c.1750 engraved map hand color
Verona Patavia Venice Venezia Italy Italia 1628 Mercator miniature map
Weissenbach Theological Writings 1790's Germany beautiful gilt leather book Japan
West Africa Guinea Kingdom of Benin 1750 Vaugondy map
West Africa Gulf of Guinea Kalabar river 1748 Schley Bellin map hand color
William Fourth King of England Life Reign 1837 leather book 16 plates by Wright
Zutphen city plan Holland Nederland Netherlands c.1750 military fortifications