6th Century Europe Romans Franks Byzantines Saxons 1843 map Delamarche
Africa Atlantic Ocean Cape Colony Nubia Egypt Nubia Arabia 1843 map Delamarche
Algeria North Africa Morocco w/ harbor city plan 1848 engraved map Delamarche
Ancient Arabian Peninsula Red Sea Persian Gulf Petra 1683 Mallet miniature map
Ancient China Southeast Asia Philippines Ganges River 1683 Mallet miniature map
Ancient India Indus Ganges Rivers Sri Lanka 1683 Mallet engraved map
Ancient Syria Cyprus Holy Land Mesopotamia Cappadocia 1683 Mallet miniature map
Arabia India China Chinese Empire Korea Southeast Asia 1694 Mosting rare map
Asia Asie Arabia India to China Japan Empire 1848 engraved map Delamarche
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Mughal Empire China Japan 1713 Moll miniature map
Australia New Zealand Pacific Ocean Asia Oceania Tahiti 1848 map Delamarche
Balkans Moldavia Rumilia Bulgaria Turkey in Europe 1850's Lowry detailed old map
Bible 1843 American beautiful rare leather gift binding deluxe gilt decorations
Bietala Lhasa Tibet Potala Palace Buddhism Dalai Lama Palace 1683 Mallet view
Bombay Coastal Survey India Colonialism 1750 harbor environs decorative map
Cambridge England United Kingdom Trinity College Kings College 1804 city plan
Cartagena Columbia Colonial city plan Isle de Manga 1756 Bellin city plan
Ceylon Sri Lanka Southern India Warships Colonialism 1683 Mallet miniature map
Chester England United Kingdom 1805 decorative engraved city plan
China Chinese Empire Korea Asia 1694 Mosting rare map superior hand color
Columbo & Gale Sri Lanka Ceylon harbor view 1683 Mallet city plan street scene
Dalai Lama Buddhism worshippers 1683 Mallet portrait ethnic view costume print
Denmark by itself 1831 by Teesdale Dower lovely antique map
Greece Aegean Dodecanese Islands Ottoman Empire Rhodes Turkey 1683 Mallet map
Holy Land Palestine Israel Twelve Tribes 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Holy Land Palestine Israel Twelve Tribes Jerusalem Dead Sea 1846 map Delamarche
India Indian Mutiny 1857 Malleson fine leather book binding w/ maps plates
Ireland Eire Ulster Munster Leinster Connacht 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Island of Rhodes Ottoman Empire Warships Naval Battle 1683 Mallet miniature map
Life James Milnor 1848 NY St. George's Church rector rare gilt leather gift book
Liverpool Merseyside England United Kingdom St Paul's Church 1807 city plan map
Manchester Salford England United Kingdom College Cloister 1807 city plan
Mehmed IV Ottoman Sultan Jannisaries Medallion Portrait 1683 Mallet print
Mughal India Southeast Asia Ceylon Siam 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
New Spain Mexico Central America Honduras Nicarauga 1790 Bonne fine map
North & South America New England Brazil 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
North America Texas as Republic territorial U.S.A. 1844 engraved map Delamarche
North America United States British Canada New Spain French Louisiana 1780 map
North America United States Lake Trimpanogos doubtful unknown 1834 Walker map
Occultism Mysticism Satan Heaven Hell 1850 Henry Christmas rare fine gift book
Ottoman Empire Greece Black Sea Turkey Greece 1845 engraved map Delamarche
Pacific Islands Philippines Borneo Celebes East Indies 1683 Mallet miniature map
Paraguay Rio de la Platte Uruguay South America Brazil 1756 Bellin map
Peru coast New Spain Lima Cusco Spanish Colonialism 1756 Bellin decorative map
Poems Mrs. Hemans 1843 Griswold decorative gift leather binding rare poetry book
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Prussia Poland Warsaw 1713 Moll miniature map
Porto Belo Brazil 1736 Portuguese Colonial City Plan 1756 Bellin engraved plan
Roman Corisca & Sardinia Mediterranean Islands 1711 Cluverius historical map
Roman Empire 4th Century Europe Western Byzantium Huns 1848 map Delamarche
Roman Empire Augustus' Rome Diocletian reforms 1845 historical map Delamarche
Safavid Persia Iran Persian Gulf Isfahan Kandahar 1683 Mallet miniature map
Savoy and Piedmont Italy France territories 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Scotland Orkney Shetland 1844 huge 2 sheet antique Black Hughes Hall map
South America Rio de la Plata Uruguay Paraguay 1713 Moll miniature map
Southeast Asia Vietnam Cambodia Thailand Ganges Delta 1683 Mallet historical map
Southern India Mughal Empire Maratha Confederation 1683 Mallet miniature map
Southern Peru New Spain Spanish Colonialism la Paz 1756 Bellin decorative map
Swiss-German Gesangbuch 1892 Calvinism Religious song book metal clasps
Tower of Babylon Biblical Story Mesopotamia Ancient World 1683 Mallet view print
United Provinces Netherlands Holland Utrecht 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Virgin Islands West Indies Caribbean Antilles St. Lucia 1780 Bonne engraved map
West Africa Guinea Nigeria Sahara Desert Negro Land 1713 Moll miniature map
World in Hemispheres California as island Company Land 1713 Moll miniature map
World Map 1883 Lett's SDUK map shows polar ice pack limits British Colonial
World Travel c.1850 Splendid rare book color costume plates views Gumuchian