Alaska "state" by itself Railroads 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Archaeology Ancient Roman History 1850-75 collection 9 pamphlets vellum book
Biblical geography Acts of the Apostles Greece Turkey 1813 American Lewis map
California Railroads 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally 2-sheet state map
Canada Alaska British America 1865 large mid-19th century map Russian America
Celebrated Etonians England 1875 Jesse set 2 vols gilt leather books beautiful
Chicago Illinois city plan 1906 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Colorado state by itself Railroads 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Count Grammont Memoirs 1811 gorgeous morocco leather set book 64 portrait plates
Embossed leather binding 1828-30 S. Andrus unrecorded Goldsmith Vicar Johnson Life
Etiquette Social Advice 1805 Philadelphia Baron Knigge rare leather book seduction love
Fitchburg Massachusetts 1890 Fireside Legends History endless advertising book
France Lady Morgan 1817 Philadelphia rare book 4 aquatint engravings leather beautiful
Geographical Dictionary 1755 pocket set 2 vols splendid gilt leather books Latin poets
History of England by Cormick c.1795 tree-calf leather set x 3 books engraved portraits
History of England From 1783 Peace to 1795 Lloyd miniature 2 vol set books tree calf
History of the Popes 1352-1492 Innocent VI- Innocent VIII manuscript rare book unique
Hubbard New England 1677 first U.S. map printed White Hills 1911 re-issue scarce
In Darkest Africa 1890 Stanley 2 vol. set First Edition 150 illustrations maps lovely
Italy Italia Vaticano Vatican Beauties 1930 Giordano monumental book illustrated
Joannes Perrone Jesuit Latin Theology 1850 European gilt leather book set beautiful
Lady's Book 1860 Shepard beautiful blue cloth gilt stamped & wood cuts advertising
Life of Voltaire 1786 Geneva beautiful leather book engraved portrait by Vernet
Massachusetts 1844 Barber folding map 200+ woodcut views illustrations leather book
Microscopes Journal Royal Microscopic Society 1893 complete year leather book plates
Naples Italy Napoli Italia 1872 very detailed fine large city plan hand color
Nerine Marriage Erotica c.1770 France charming small 2 vol leather set books
New England Coast 1850 CT RI MA NH ME lithographed map
New Orleans Louisiana city plan 1898 huge detailed Rand McNally map
New York City city plan 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally urban map
Niagara Falls New York State 1880 James Gardner 9 Barker heliotypes Olmstead
Old Bridges of France 1925 huge book 24 color plates Architects Limited Edition
Paul & Mary Virginia Indian Love Story 1795 Salem Mass rare book St. Pierre
Paul & Virginia 1824 Plymouth NH rare book woodcut frontis St. Pierre Mauritius
Pennsylvania Railroad System mid-west U.S. 1908 huge overprinted McNally map
Philadelphia Pennsylvania city plan 1907 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Prolonging Human Life by Hufeland 1799 Switzerland rare book Arpad Plesch
Racine Works 1803 Anno XI French Revolutionary Calendar set 5 small leather books
Scandinavian Legends Sagas Folklore by Percy 1847 Bohn leather book Baxter color plate
Scripture History Christianity 300 steel engravings c.1850's Virtue leather set by Howard
Swiss Alps Mountaineering 1882-3 & 1921-2 Lot 28 issues Switzerland journal
Tales of Old Japan 1871 Mitford First Edition 2 vol. set in period Root leather bindings
Texas state by itself 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally 2-sheet wall size map
United States coast to coast 1907 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Volney's Ruins Revolutions of Empires 1830 Daru woodcut paper binding rare book
Washington D. C. city plan 1907 huge detailed Rand McNally urban map insane hosp
Women of Teutonic Countries by Shoenfeld 1907 leather rare book illustrated lovely
Works of Percy Shelly 1857 London Moxon green morocco leather 3 vol. set gilt
 Abraham Lincoln 1865 Memorial Biography engraved portrait Hanaford book 
Africa Continent 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally map
American Perfumer magazine 1950 cosmetics soaps flavors lot x 6 ads photos
Amsterdam city plan 1726 Ten Hoorn wegwijzer title page allegoric miniature map
Amsterdam Holland Nederland city view Royal Palace c.1810 Portman aquatint print
Ardabil Persia Azerbaijan Iran Middle East 1683 Mallet prospect city view
Artistic American Book Bindings 1840's gilt leather National Preacher Bidwell periodical
Asia Geographical Statistical Historical facts India China 1821 Carey large map
Baltic Basin Prussia Estonia Livonia Courland St. Petersburg plan 1861 large map
Berlin 1909 Jugendstil periodical die Woche photographic illus. ads 34 issues
Block Island Sound Niantic Bay to Rocky Point Block Island 1893 CT coast map
Bridgeport LI Sound Fairfield County city plan harbor 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Bridgeport north Pequonnock Fairfield County city plan 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Canada Geological Survey wall map 1945 huge linen backed rare map Mines Geology
Canada Geological Tectonic Wall Map 1950 huge rare 5' wide British Columbia
Caucasus Daghestan Baku Stavropol southern Russia Astrakhan 1883 Lett's old map
Central Asia Turkestan Caspian Sea Persia Ardabil Bukhara Samarkand 1749 Bellin
Circle Lower Saxony Northern Germany Baltic Sea 1767 Le Rouge Mecklenbourg map
Connecticut State by itself 1893 excellent attractive large Hurd map
Danbury Fairfield Saugatuck Westport city plan 1893 Connecticut Hurd detail map
Denmark Sweden Iceland Faroe Isles Scandinavia 1820-21 Carey large engraved map
Dover New Hampshire city plan large detailed 1871 antique folio map 2 sheets
Dresden Germany city plan 1759 ornate decorative map Elbe river
Dublin Village NH Monadnock Lake Mountain 1907 Wall map Fisk Wadsworth
Dunkirk France miniature city view 1672 Mallet charming miniature print
Eastern Germany Upper Saxony Haute Saxe 1767 Le Rouge decorative map
Eastern Hemisphere Mts. of Moon Africa Lake Torrens 1865 Colton miniature map
Eastern Hemisphere North Polar World map c.1780 Bonne Africa New Holland Asia
England & Wales 1808 Longmans folio Guthrie antique map
Engraved frontispiece 1706 Gorree globe mythological figures allegory
Florian 1801 Gonzalves Cordova Spain Literary romance work 3 vol. leather set
Fortune Magazine 1961-63 Lot x 10 complete issues packed ads articles photos
Geological environs of Edinburgh Scotland 1883 Lett's SDUK map
Germany Netherlands Belgium Poland Czechia 1746 Le Rouge decorative map
Hartford County north part 1893 Connecticut large Hurd map
Hartford County south Bristol Glastonbury Marlborough 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Hartford downtown center city plan 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Holland Netherlands Utrecht Haarlem w/ Amsterdam view 1819 Thomson Hewitt map
Italy Italia Geographical Statistical shows battles 1820-21 Carey large map
Jedidiah Morse 1798 Elements Geography 2 maps juvenile rare book wall paper
Joseph Bellamy Sermons 1758 Boston rare book Congregationalism gilt leather
Lady's Gift Annual rare book c1855 red gilt leather engravings beautiful binding
Lempriere's Biographical Dictionary 1827 leather book mini portraits Washington
Litchfield County Housatonic River Falls Vil. 1893 Connecticut large Hurd map
Litchfield south Bantam Lake Washington Waramang 1893 Connecticut large Hurd map
Long Island Sound New York to Norwalk Isl Sandy Point 1893 Connecticut coast map
Long Island Sound Norwalk Islands - Southwest Ledge Bridgeport 1893 CT coast map
Long Island Sound Southwest Ledge to Niantic Bay Stony Creek 1893 CT coast map
Madras Ceylon Sri Lanka Southern India 1883 Lett's SDUK detailed map
Mars Surface mapping 1888 Celestial planetary Swedish print beautiful scarce
Medicine 1718 Water Cures Homeopathy Naturopathic Air Bathing disorders diet
Mennonite Ontario Canada imprint 1846 prayer pocket book leather metal clasp
Minicam Photography magazine 1943-49 Lot x 8 issues great ads images scarce
Modern Photography 1950 lot x 10 issues Minicam magazine great ads & b&w photos
Murcielagos Bay Mindanao Philippine Islands 1902 detailed nautical chart map
New Britain downtown Hartford County city plan 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
New Haven city plan southern harbor water front area 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
New Haven County north Naugatuck Waterbury Seymour 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
New Haven Fairhaven Rock Park Oxford city plan Quinnipiac 1893 Connecticut map
New London showing harbor front city plan 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
New York c.1850 Gowanus Heights Brooklyn lovely view print hand colored
Norwich New London County city plan Thames Shetucket R 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Nude female pin-up magazine 1950-52 Art Photography lot of 10 issues complete
Odessa Ukraine c.1850 Meyer engraved birds-eye view print lovely hand color
Peking China environs 1880 Erhard color lithographed small map Pe-Tchi-Li
Persia Iran Afghanistan Baluchistan 1860's Weller detailed antique map
Philippine Islands Asia Manila city plan 1904 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Philippine Islands Ports Masinloc Matalvi 1902 miniature nautical chart map
Philippine Islands Sarangani islands Mindanao 1902 small nautical chart map
Physics 19th century Germany Repertorium der Physik 10 vol leather Exner
Poland Russia Warsaw 1883 Lett's SDUK map
Port Galera Varadero Bay Mindoro Philippine Islands 1902 nautical chart map
Port of London along Thames c.1911 West india Docks East india Surrey map
Roman Empire Geography History 1820-21 Carey large engraved historical map
Samar Island east coast Philippine Islands 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Saturn w/ rings planetary telescope view 1888 Celestial print beautiful scarce
South America continent Bolivia United Provinces 1820-21 Carey large map
South Norwalk Fairfield County city plan harbor river 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Southeast Asia Siam Sumatra Philippines Molucca isles Borneo 1883 Lett's map
Stamford city plan downtown harbor cove areas Mill rvr 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Sweden Norway Finland Scandinavia 1855 Koehler Hinrich uncommon folio map
Syria Palestine Holy Land Jerusalem 1860's Hughes fine old vintage antique map
Turkey in Asia Armenia Kurdistan Iraq Syria Algezira Roum c.1800 Cary large map
Turkey in Asia Syria Bagdad Mesopotamia Hughes 1860's detailed large map
United States Texas Indian Territory Alaska c.1873 Asher & Adams large map
World As It Is 1839 illustrated gilt leather book dbl. hemisphere map woodcuts
[[LOCATION UNKNOWN]] engraved old city view
Africa Ascension Island Atlantic 1683 Mallet miniature view print tall ships
Africa continent Mts. of Kong Mts. of the Moon 1865 scarce small Colton map
Africa Mts. of the Moon Geographical Historical trade culture 1820-21 Carey map
American Almanacs lot x 19 Old Farmers Ayer's Patent Medicine Hicks ads woodcuts
American school books lot x 10 maps history world travel views woodcuts cities
Amsterdam Holland Netherlands 1678 wonderful miniature city plan map rare
Art Journal 1852 Virtue large leather book 37 steel engravings complete
Asia Minor Turkey Cyprus Syria 1855 oversized D'Anville Philip Liverpool map
Australia apocryphal joined to New Guinea 1683 Mallet miniature Carpentaria map
Australia Van Diemens Land emigration 1855 Chambers Encyclopedia 2 vol leather set
Austria Salzburg Munich Passau 1858 Schede Austrian Empire linen backed large map
Canada Great Lakes to Nova Scotia c.1920 Magnetic Declination large Interior map
Canada Interior Astronomical Branch Precise Leveling 1916 large color survey map
China Korea Asia Geographical Historical religion 1821 Carey large engraved map
Croatia Zagreb Drava River Agram 1855 Schede linen backed map Europe
Dunkirk France miniature city view 1672 Mallet charming miniature print
East coast Africa Madagascar Comoros island d'Anjouan 1748 Cornwall Bellin map
Embossed leather book 1844 Rose of Sharon cherubs Tompkins Mussey splendid
Engraved frontispiece 1706 Gorree globe mythological figures allegory
Fairfield County LI Sound coastal Bridgeport Stamford 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Fashion Illustration Costume plates c.1880's Sault lot x 6 Holland Norway Denmark Sweden
Forget Me Not 1849 beautiful leather book gilt decorated illustrated engravings
Geography books Cornell Warren 1867-73 many maps illustrations world-wide
Germany Netherlands Bohemia Europe 1808 rare Doolittle American-engraved map
Germany Netherlands Switzerland 1792 Kitchin charming small antique map
Germany Rhine River souvenirs c.1890's lot x 5 decorative travel view books
India Deccan Rajpootana Hindostan 1883 Lett's Sduk version map
India Hindoostan Geographical Historical Statistical 1821 Carey large map
Isle of Rugen Stralsund Swedish capital Pomerania Prussia c.1720 military map
Ivory Soap Procter & Gamble antique color ads 1899-1901 lot x 10 children women
J.F.M. LeQueux Canon Law Catholic Church 1843 leather 2 vol set Juris Canonici
Korea Culture People 1920 Newman rare periodical w/ 6 photographic view prints
Liverpool England Britain U.K. 1883 Lett's SDUK urban center city plan
Maldives islands Indian Ocean 1750 Bellin decorative antique map fine hand color
Maria Edgeworth Works 19 vol. leather set 1832-3 Baldwin Cradock splendid books
Middlesex county south Long Island Sound Old Saybrook 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
Motherhood Women's Studies in America 1842-66 lot x 3 books Marriage sexuality
Netherlands Belgium Brabant Artois Luxemburg 1802 Russell miniature antique map
Netherlands Holland Nederland 1660 Goos miniature map mermaids gods Bouman
Netherlands Utrecht c.1786 Gravius Dutch province map Religious cartouche Pope
New London County coastal Long Island Sound Old Lyme 1893 Connecticut Hurd map
New London north Norwich Preston Colchester 1893 Connecticut large Hurd map
Odessa Ukraine c.1850 Meyer engraved birds-eye view print lovely hand color
Pabst Beer Advertising 1895-8 lot x 10 original scarce large pictorial paper Ads
Russia in Europe Territory acquired from Poland shown 1821 Souter antique map
Seven United Provinces Holland Netherlands c.1800 American made early map
Sheet Music bound volume c.1860's color lithographs 40+ scores F.A. Clark
Sicily Sicilia Italy Italia 1911 Maurel Goupil illustrated leather book b&w photos
Sixth Regiment Infantry Mass. Volunteer Militia c.1890 souvenir photo booklet
Southern Italy Sicily Naples Kingdom Italia Sicilia 1766 Bowen engraved map
Sweden Norway Europe c.1850 Archer decorative lovely old color map
Switzerland Helvetia by Perrot 1822 scarce fine old vintage antique map
Texas map 1872 American Western U.S. states nice lot of 4 maps North America
Tobacco cards c.1888 Kinney Military uniforms lot x 73 assorted cards cigarette
Vermont New Hampshire New England 1842 Greenleaf scarce Vermont-made map
Vermont state by itself 1867 Butler scarce map Atwood drawn & engraved
World Atlas 1888 Flemming Sohr-Berghaus complete splendid 100 maps leather A+
World Atlas Geography 1822 Paris gazetteer 15 folding maps continents gilt leather book
World Map 1807
World Map 1820 thomson Wyld Hewitt map
World War I Illustrated London News 12 Issues 1915 pictorial military reporting