40 years Wandering children Israel Holy Land 1714 Keur Stoopendaal map decorative
Abraham Lincoln Civil War political cartoon 1862 Subdue South in 90 days
Africa Australia World Eastern Hemisphere 1719 Southern continent Mallet map
Africa Unknown Interior Donga Kong Discovery 1881 Mitchell variant antique map
African French Congo Cameroon Dar Four Upper Ubangi Brazzaville view 1903 map
Alaska Northwest Coast America Capt. Cook 1784 Univ. Mag rare periodical map
Alois Seinefelder Inventor Lithography 1874 scarce lithographed portrait antique
Ancient Greece 1855 Greek islands Morea Epirupus Philip map scarce
Ancient World Orbis Vetus Arabia Europe India Africa Mts of Moon 1830 map
Arkansas state steamboat routes shown 1845-50 Mitchell scarce fine antique map
Asia 1844 fine antique map engraved Arabia India Chinese Empire China Russia
Asia Hindoostan Further India China Siam Tibet Birmah 1863 Mitchell antique map
Asia Iran Arabia Tibet China India Japan Indonesia c.1865 Petri rare antique map
Asia Minor Black Sea Turkey Crimea Armenia 1743 Homann Heirs decorative map
Attica Balkans Rumelia Bulgaria Turkish Dominions in Europe 1817 Thomson map
Australia New Holland Oceania Australasia 1830 scarce Langlois map not in Tooley
Batavia Dutch East Indies Jakarta Indonesia 1719 Mallet birds-eye view print
Bavaria Danube Augsburg Nuremberg 1550's Germany map Munster w/ old hand color
Belgium Brabant Luxemburg Holland 1738 Tirion folio antique map
Book box Secret compartment 1751-4 pair 2 old French leather books
Bosporus Turkey Istanbul Strait 1670 Chetwin antique engraved birds-eye print
Brazil Brasilien Uruguay South America w/ insets c.1880 lithographed folio map
Brazil South America Guyana 1844 Sidney Hall engraved antique map hand color
British Channel Isle of Wight England southern coast France 1814 Thomson map
Bulwer Lord Lytton 1880-90's red gilt leather books beautiful 10 vol. set
Buzzards Bay Manomet Bay Rhode Island 1889 antique miniature map hand color
c.1873 Zuni Pueblo New Mexico Sacred Dance color lithographed print
Cape Poge Chappaquiddick Cape Cod Massachusetts 1827 antique nautical map color
Caribbean Colonial Possessions Martinique Dominica 1851 huge Philip antique map
Central Europe Germany Bohemia Moravia Austria France 1748 antique map Le Rouge
Chile Pacific So. America Chili La Plata Bolivia 1844 antique Hall engraved map
China Chinese funeral procession tomb w/ horses 1719 Mallet antique view print
China Chinese Jewish Caricature Ethnic Stereotypes 1884 Robida art theme print
China Chinese Mandarin Asia 1719 Mallet miniature costume print ruler sword
China Peking Palace Beijing Forbidden Imperial city 1719 Mallet printed view
Chronicles of Froissart Medieval illustrated book 1881 decorative leather color illus.
Cincinnati Ohio 1894 nice antique city plan map A.L. Smith uncommon v. detailed
Colorado New Mexico 1865 rare small Colton map early exploration routes wagons
Cony Piedmont State of Savoy Italy Italia c.1740 Basire engraved city plan map
Crete Greece Island Candia Aegean Milo Stampalia 1719 antique small engraved map
Denmark Holstein Jutland Zeeland Baltic c.1800 antique rare large hand color map
Denmark Iceland w/ Copenhagen inset plan c. 1865 Petri scarce antique Dutch map
Denmark Norway Sweden Scandinavia 1858 fine old vintage antique hand color map
Dublin Ireland prospect birds-eye city view 1783 beautiful hand colored print
Eagle Harp miniature leather book binding c.1840 decorative English Poetry
Eastern Hemisphere World Decorative Flags mountains rivers ship 1885 antique map
Egypt North Africa Red Sea Arabia coast Nubia scarce 1830 antique map Langlois
Family Bible Gustave Dore 1889 huge leather book profusely illustrated color
Fashion Illustration female beautiful blue fur coat 1888 Goupil color print
Feldkirch Vorarlyberg Austria c.1552 Munster rare map w/ orig. early hand color
Florida St. Augustine early antique map 1856 old lithog Hoen early townships
Francesco Bartolozzi antique engraving c.1790's Title page Gods Heavens Temple
French Dutch English Guiana Guyana South America 1903 decorative antique map
French Poems Poetry c.1895-1900 miniature gilt fine leather book de Lisle
Frontis Allegory Gods Britannia Pallas Athena Hercules Armada 1801 antique print
Gaiazzo Bergamo Italy Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare engraved antique map
Galliae Veteris Gaul France 1661 Jansson van der Keere antique engraved map
General United States Map of Civil War c.1880's rare antique map
Geology minerals of France Corsica c.1860 engraved map w/ hand color
Germany Baden Wurttemberg1683 engraved charming miniature map
Germany Berlin Munich Bohemia Poland Austria Swabia Saxony 1799 Cary map
Germany North of Mainz Saxony Westphalia Brandenburg 1817 Thomson large map
Great Mogul India Cha Aurengzebeye c.1726 Moll old ethnic dress costume print
Greece Greek islands Rhodes c.1552 Munster city view w/ orig. early hand color
History of England Hume Smollett 1843 rare Exeter NH leather book Williams
Holland Netherlands w/ Amsterdam city plan inset c.1865 Petri rare antique map
Holland Tour Netherlands Nederland 1831 illustrated leather book Murray 10 views map
Holy Land ancient Palestine Israel Judea 1720 Chatelain historical map
Holy Land Historical genealogical map 1720 Chatelain Palestine Samaria Assyria Judea
Holy Land Palestine Israel Galilee Judea 1720 Chatelain large historical map
Hungarians Hungary natives military 1820 Fashion Illustration print ethnic dress
Hungary Ungaren Poland 1719 charming antique engraved miniature map hand color
Illinois state in c.1857 scarce antique Boynton map original hand color
Illiterate Negro Voters African Americans slavery 1903 U.S. map demographics
Independence Courthouse Missouri c.1850 engraved view beautiful hand color print
Indonesia Isles de la Sonde Philippines 1719 East Indies Celebes Se Asia Borneo
Iowa state by itself 1856 Boynton old hand colored map
Ireland Connaught Leinster Munster Ulster Dublin Belfast 1795 antique hand color
Italy Italia Sicily scarce 1808 J. Low NY imprint old hand color engraved map
Italy Sicily Tuscany Pope's Territories Sardinia 1760 antique Dublin imprint map
Jefferson New Hampshire village plan c.1880's detailed scarce hand color old map
Jerusalem city plan Holy Land 1714 Stoopendaal Keur decorative map vignettes
Kansas Nebraska western United States 1894 large detailed scarce antique map
Kentucky Tennessee Nashville area Louisville Civil War 1880's detail antique map
Kingdom of Naples Sicily Sardinia Italy Italia Sardegna 1825 Delamarche map
Kurdistan Iraq Diarbeck Persia 1719 miniature Mallet map decorative hand color
Kutub Minar Cootus ruins Delhi India c.1850 print view beautiful hand color
Low Countries Belgium Holland Flanders 1697 decorative antique map
Mechelen Malines Brabant Belgium c. 1740 Basire engraved large city plan map
Militaria cannons warfare 1672 lot of 8 antique engraved prints Mallet
Minnesota state by itself 1876 OW Gray large oversize detailed antique map
Missouri state by itself St. Louis Springfield 1847 Mitchell scarce antique map
Molucco Isles Maluku natives spear Pacific isles 1820 Fashion Illustration print
Montana Idaho Wyoming western US 1887 large detailed fine antique map hand color
Mosque design Islam Chapel of Mahomet Mohammed 1719 Mallet print minaret lamp
Mount of Olives Holy Land Palestine 1670 rare antique engraved birds-eye print
Mysticism Natural phenomena 1838 America rare book sleep walking trances death
Naples Italy Mount Etna volcano Italia 1852 fine hand color view print Meyer
Netherlands 1792 Kitchin attractive scarce hand colored 18th century map
Netherlands Holland Luxembourg royal coats crests c. 1865 Petri rare antique map
Netuno Italy Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare engraved antique map
New Caledonia Pacific islanders couple 1835 beautiful ethnic costume print
New Hampshire state map 1854 Phelps Ensign old cerographic hand colored map
New Jersey state Atlantic Ocean coast nice 1892 Tunnison antique map decorative
New South Wales Australia huge antique map 1888 by Macdonald detailed scarce
New York city Manhattan Island 1865 Major & Knapp color lithographed print
North & South Pole Polar Charts Antarctic Arctic 1924 detailed vintage map color
North America Mormons & Unmapped territorial West c.1846 Betts rare map
North America United States Canada 1892 antique map hand colored decorative
North South America Explorers tracks Capt. Cook curious Mts. 1816 Thomson map
Northern Italy Italia Savoy Tuscany Lucca Piedmont c.1705-25 by Moll antique map
Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Canada c.1880 Letts scarce map
Oceania Australia w/ Gold regions 1857 Dufour scarce map Tooley #490 NSW
Oceanica Islands Australia Sandwich isles Hawaii 1894 Lake Torrens hooked map
Oratory Institute philosophy ancient library books 1730 Frontis antique print
Pacific East Indies Hoornse island battle 1645 Janszoon le Maire harbor view
Paradise Garden of Eden Holy Land Nod 1714 Stoopendaal Keur decorative map
Paris city plan France 1756 Isaac Tirion & Grieve beautiful rare antique map
Peking Beijing China battle archers swords 1719 antique prospect city view print
Persia Iran Afghanistan Turkey Azerbaijan 1924 Johnston detailed color map
Plan Port Zea Greece Aegean island 1764 Roux nautical harbor chart map antique
Portland Maine Cape Elizabeth c.1827-40 antique engraved nautical map hand color
Pozzuolo Italy c.1850 lovely engraved city view hand color
Prague Czech Republic flood of 1824 rare antique engraved view print made 1824
Principal World Mountain Heights compared chart 1819 Thomson antique engraved
Quebec City Canada tall ship birds-eye view print 1781 Universal Mag panoramic
Reggio Italy Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare engraved antique map
Rhine Germany Swabia Switzerland cherubs 1748 decorative antique map Le Rouge
Royalty King Queen England 1751 surrounded by Allegorical figures antique print
Russia Asiatic Middle East Moscow c.1850 Lot x 10 engraved view prints St. Petersburg
Russia in Europe St. Petersburg Moscow Black Sea c.1860 engraved hand color map
Russian Poland Podolia 1749 Vaugondy miniature engraved hand color map
Sicily Italy Malta Gozzo Sicilia 1853 very detailed uncommon antique map Stieler
Solar System Comet Orbits Moon Sunspot 1850 Kloden celestial diagram chart map
Solar System Orbit Eclipse Moon planetary c.1840 rare antique Celestial map
Solar System Orbits Moon Halley Comet c.1858 huge celestial diagram chart map
Solothurn Switzerland c.1628 Munster birds-eye urban view city plan map
South America 1799 Wheat & Brun #719- scarce 1802 version Scoles engraved map
Southern Polar Hemisphere New Holland Australia 1816 Thomson large antique map
Stars Constellations hemispheres chart Zodiac Celestial 1828 large Lapie map
Suisse Switzerland Piedmont France Alps c.1760 de Leth map hand color
Tobacco Production in the U.S.A. 1903 Gannett vintage agricultural map
Trapano Trapani Sicilia Sicily Italy sea monster city plan 1629 Bertelli map
United States showing terrain 1875 Flemming scarce folio antique German map
United States showing Zoological Divisions 1876 Cope antique map hand color
United States territorial west c.1870 Petri rare Dutch map
United States Texas colonies Mormon Fort Sutter's Fort c.1860 large Dufour map
Upper Saxony Haute Saxe Elbe river 1748 Germany hand color old map
Waradin Hungary 1719 Mallet engraved miniature birds-eye city view print
West Africa Gold Slave coast Guinea Senegal Ivory coast I1840's map Binet
West Africans Jalofs 1836 beautiful ethnic costume dress hand colored print
Western Hemisphere North & South America c.1819 Thomson Wyld Hewitt color map
Widow Ducker sea monsters Nymphs 1813 Rowlandson aquatint color antique print
Wild Flowers set 200 color floral plates c.1877 Hulme 5 vols. leather books
World Eastern Hemisphere Australia Tracks Capt. Cook Mts. of Moon 1816 Thomson
World gazetteer 1805 gilt decorated leather book 7 fldg maps continents
World Sphere Asia Africa Australia India c.1888 map flags compare mts. rivers
World Spheres Americas c.1888 hand color old map flags compare mts. rivers
Wyoming Eastern Montana Western US 1887 scarce detailed antique map hand colored
Zierikzee Holland Netherlands 1616 antique 80 Years War battle map city plan