Adventures of Telemachus Francois Fenelon 1824 old 2 vol. leather books French
African Continent Morocco Egypt Guinea Congo 1737 Homann decorative folio map
American decorative Cathedral leather bindings 1828 Walter Scott 2 vol set
American Poetry 1836 Miss Gould Works 2 vols lovely leather set rare books
Asia Continent Ottoman Empire Arabia India China c.1750 Homann decorative map
Bachelor of Salamanca Alain-Renee Lesage 1824 French literature 2 v. leather set
British Isles Great Britain Ireland England c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Byblis Book Arts 1923 France portfolio 4 issues 1 year original prints & wood cuts
Cartography post cards c.1900-1950 lot of 100 maps city plans cartoon style
Central Italy Papal States Tuscany Florence Rome 1750 Homann decorative map
Czech Republic Poland c.1970-80's Cartography Map post cards lot x 122
Duchy Milan Northern Italy Mantua Lakes c. 1740-50 Homann decorative folio map
Dutch Netherlands United Provinces Holland c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
French Political Philosophy Hugues Lamennais 1839 leather 2 vol set rare books
Italy Papal States Tuscany Kingdom of Naples c. 1742 Homann decorative folio map
Jesuit Anecdotes 1740 by Lambert Holland charming small Dutch set 3 vols.
Kingdom of Naples Southern Italy Mt. Vesuvius c. 1740 Homann decorative map
Kingdom of Sicily & Sardinia Mt Etna Malta Sicilia c. 1750 Homann map
Kingdoms of Spain & Portugal Sailing Ships c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Le Diable Boiteux Alain Lesage 1824 old decorative leather 2 vol set French text
Millar History English Government 1803 rare 4 vol set in marbled paper bindings
New York in 1778 Historical Map 1869 Valentine lithographed city plan
North and South America Colonial America c. 1740 Homann decorative folio map
Orations Poetry Moral Religious Subject c.1849 decorative leather book
Racine Poetical Works 1824 lovely near miniature 4 vol. set leather French books
Scrap Album c. 1880-90's very nice w/ 100's of color lithographs & chromo images
Scrap Album c.1880-90's many hundreds of color prints images flowers die-cuts
Simplicissimus 1899 run of 12 issues color litho prints Man-March Art Nouveau
Sir Walter Scott & Thomas Moore Beauties 1826 American gift leather book
Spain Spanish Castille Castellana Literature Language 1915 Cejador set 14 vols leather
Switzerland Swiss Lakes Mountains c.1915-50 Lot of 55 vintage cartography post cards
Watts Improvement of Mind for Youth 1832 Gift leather book binding rare
World Map in Hemispheres Celestial Zodiac c 1750 Homann decorative folio map