Alabama and Georgia County Map Mobile Savannah Atlanta 1865-70 Johnson map
Alberta British Columbia Yukon Railway Territories Canada 1915 color map
American Booksellers' Guide January-June 1876 First vol. trade journal
Ancient Middle East Assyria Judea Babylon 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Austrian Netherlands Circle of Burgundy Luxembourg 1792 Neele engraved map
Canada United States Great Lakes Region 1865 Bartholomew large detailed map
Canadian Pacific Coast Lighthouses Sailing Routes 1915 color large detailed map
Caribbean Jamaica Hispaniola Haiti Dominican Republic 1863 Lowry engraved map
Circle of Franconia Holy Roman Empire Wurzburg Ansbach 1792 Neele engraved map
Circle of Swabia Holy Roman Empire Furstemberg Wirtemberg 1792 Neele map
Circle of Westphalia Holy Roman Empire Munster Cologne 1792 Neele engraved map
Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition of 1851 Crowd Scene Tallis engraved print
Das Kindbettfieber Puerperal Fever Child Bed Fever 1840 German medical book
Europe Iberia British Isles Austria Ottoman Empire c. 1845 Dower engraved map
Europe Iberia Holy Roman Empire France Ottoman Empire 1780 Vaugondy engraved map
Guyana Suriname French Guyana European Colonies 1863 Lowry engraved map
Holland Netherlands Low Countries Amsterdam Utrecht 1863 Lowry engraved map
Holy Roman Empire Prussia Saxony Silesia Breslau 1760 Bowen decorative map
Holy Roman Empire Rhineland Wirttemberg Franconia 1760 Bowen decorative map
Kentucky and Tennessee Nashville Mammoth Cave 1865 Johnson engraved map
Kingdom of Italy Switzerland Tyrol Sicily Tuscany Rome 1863 Dower engraved map
Kingdom of Prussia Posen Berlin Danzig Konigsburg 1855 Stieler detailed map
Lighthouses and Shipping Lanes Eastern Canada Quebec 1915 color lithographed map
Maritime Provinces & Quebec Railway Provinces Canada 1915 large color map
Maryland & Delaware Washington D.C. 1867-8 Johnson & Ward map Scarce Issue
Mexico North America Vera Cruz Mexico City Railroads 1870's engraved map
Montreal Quebec Mount Royal Park Grand Trunk Railway Canada 1915 city plan
Morocco North Africa Strait of Gibraltar Atlas Mtns 1863 Weller engraved map
Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia Cape Breton Isl 1867 Johnson engraved map
Ohio County Map Cleveland Columbus Toledo 1862 Johnson & Ward map Scarce Issue
Ottoman Balkans Kingdom of Greece Serbia Albania Crete 1863 Etting engraved map
Ottoman Empire Anatolia Greece Armenia Holy Land Cyprus 1780 Bonne engraved map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Greece Serbia Wallachia 1828 Arrowsmith engraved map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Hungary Dalmatia Bosnia 1780 Vaugondy engraved map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Kingdom of Greece Albania Serbia 1850 Flemming map
Peninsular Campaign Virginia James River Richmond 1862 Johnson Civil War map
Pennsylvania & New Jersey Delaware Bay 1864 Johnson engraved map
Pueblos of the American Southwest 1881 Smithsonian Institute ethnographic map
Russian Empire Poland Ukraine Crimea Astrakhan Caucasus 1841 Hall engraved map
South America Patagonia Falkland Islands Chile c. 1840 SDUK detailed antique map
Southern Brazil Paraguay Rio de la Plata So. America 1757 Didot engraved map
Telegraph Lines of Ontario and Quebec Ottawa Toronto Canada 1915 color map
Telegraph Lines of Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Canada 1915 color map
Washington County Maryland Antietam South Mountain Civil War Battles 1862 map