American Biography 1924 by Page old decorative leather book hundreds portraits
Amsterdam city guide with map & aquatint view 1827 Maaskamp rare French book
Australia New South Wales Queensland Sydney 1876 Stieler detailed map
Australia New Zealand Tasmania Auckland Perth 1878 Stieler detailed map
Barbarossa & Other Tales Trans. Paul Heyse 1874 nice antiquarian leather book
Boston Almanac Mass. 1855 city map rare book advertising business directory
Boston Almanac Mass. 1857 city map rare book advertising business directory
Canada Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island 1873 map
Catholicism Spanish Text Jose Maria de Santa Cruz 1845 Madrid rare leather book
Central US Illinois Missouri Indiana Iowa c. 1840 SDUK detailed antique map
Chandos by Ouida Victorian Lit 1871 Tauchnitz two volume leather set old books
China Qing Empire Sichuan Shangdong Guangxi Hunan 1843 SDUK detailed antique map
Collected Essays of Sir Francis Bacon Colors Good & Evil 1876 rare leather book
Collected Poems of Felicia Hemans Poetry Literature 1869 gift leather binding
Comic History of Rome Gilbert Abbot John Leech 1851 illustrated leather book
Comic Offering Literature for Women 1834 decorative gift leather illustrated
Complaint & Course of Time English Poetry 1839 Young & Pollok 2 v. pocket book
Contributions to Punch 1886 William Makepeace Thackery Victorian leather book
Discourse on Method Descartes Philosophical Work 1887 decorative leather book
Doctrine et de Pratique Sociales 1913 French academic work leather book
Doctrines & Duties of Christian Religion Joseph Lathrop 1810 Isaiah Thomas book
Eastern Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria 1878 Stieler detailed map
Ecclesiastical History of Maine Jonathan Greenleaf 1821 antiquarian leather book
English Theatre 5 Plays Farquhar Howard Moore Cibber Foote 1777 compilation book
Exploration of Oregon Territory Rocky Mountains 1840 Rev. Samuel Parker book
Exploring Expedition to Oregon Gustavus Hines 1851 Western America book
Exploring Tour Western US Beyond the Rocky Mountains Samuel Parker 1844 old book
Fantastic History of the Celebrated Pierrot Alfred Assolland 1865 French book
France French Writers Bibliography 1774 Amsterdam 4 vol leather set scarce
Fremont Exploration to Rocky Mountains Oregon California Gold region 1854 book
French Christianity Communion Psalms Canticles Hymns Music 1767 leather book
French Colonial Empire Indo-China Reunion French Guyana Tahiti 1914 Belin map
French Humorists Rabelais Moliere 1873 W. Besant signed Brentanos leather book
Genealogies Families of Watertown Massachusetts by Henry Bond 1855 book w/ map
German Songbook Lyrical Manual 1858 lovely illustrated leather book
Germany Notgeld 1920 lot of 5 charts diagrams statistic graphics paper money
Henry of Eichenfels French 1829 Illustrated Children's Book 6 hand color plates
Hudibras 1726 w/ 4 W. Hogarth engravings Samuel Butler rare small pocket book
India Pubjab Afghanistan Pakistan Sindh Kashmir 1839 SDUK detailed antique map
Islamic Caliphate Egypt North Africa Spain Sicily c. 1860 Spruner historical map
Islands of the Indian Ocean Maldives Amirantes c. 1840 SDUK detailed antique map
Italian Art Journal 1910 L'Arte scholarly illustrated monumental work vellum book
Jerusalem Delivered Torquato Tasso Italian Epic Poetry 1st Crusade 1800 fine set
Johnsoniana - Exerpts from Boswell's Life of Johnson 1820 nice leather book
Key of Blue John Addington Symonds Collected Essays 1893 leather book
L'Ami des Enfants by Arnaud Berquin 1792 rare French children's book
Laconia & Lake Village New Hampshire Business and Street Directory 1888 old book
Letters from the French Royal Academy 1745 Bougainville rare old leather book
Life of Joseph Biblical Story for Children 1794 American juvenile book
Mavor's Universal History of Italy 1804 attractive rare leather book