1712 Vellum German Book binding unique wonderful woodcuts metal clasps rare
Africa continent c.1680-90 scarce Macquart engraved miniature map fine color
Africa continent vast Mts. of Moon chain 1807 beautiful Arrowsmith map
Africa west Gambia Yani Kantor 1732 Capt. Leach by Bellin c.1748 decorative map
Africa with apocryphal Mts. of the Moon shown 1835 Bradford map early American
American Book Binding embossed sun burst 1835 Phila. Goldsmith Roman History
Ancient Egypt Nile Arabia Petraea 1855 Phillips large old map
Ancient Palestine Samaria Jerusalem city plan 1883 Lett's old map NOT IN LAOR
Arabian peninsula 1808 Arrowsmith map beautiful hand color
Arabian peninsula North Africa Nubia Abyssinia 1883 Lett's SDUK detailed map
Armillary spheres celestial globes climate diagrams 1719 Chiquet lovely map
Arras France miniature city view fortified ramparts map 1672 Mallet print
Asia Arabia to Japan continent China Siam Hindoostan Tartary 1796 Kitchin map
Asia contient Arabia India China Company's Land myth shown 1766 Rollos map
Atlantic Islands Canary Cape Verde isles Azores Falkland 1883 Lett's SDUK map
Australia coral reefs 1883 Lett's wonderful scarce oversized SDUK re-issue map
Banda Islands Indonesia Maluku 1750 Bellin charming settlements topography map
British Guyana South America coast c.1850 Tallis decorative map w/ vignette view
British Isles England Ireland Scotland c.1780 Bonne lovely hand colored map
British Isles Ireland England Great Britain 1714 charming Bion miniature map
Brussels Belgium Bruxelles 1836 lovely detailed old city plan map
Bthune France miniature city view fort plan 1672 Mallet hand color print
Buffalo New York c.1855 city plan hand colored Ensign Phelps
Camden Britannia British Isles 1614 Janssonius 46 maps van den Keere pocket atlas
Canada British Possessions in North America 1809 Arrowsmith map
Canada Great Lakes Huron Erie Ontario New York 1883 Lett's detailed SDUK plan
Canada Gulf of St. Lawrence New Brunswick 1884 Fishing grounds map
Canary Islands Atlantic ocean Africa coast c.1780 Bonne hand color lovely map
Central Italy 1858 Scheda linen-backed large map Rome to Ancona Adriatic
Comets in night sky 1824- 1888 Celestial stars print beautiful scarce
Corsica Tuscany Italy Toscana Italia 1858 Scheda linen-backed Austrian Empire map
Crete Candia Greece Mediterranean Greek island 1683 Mallet miniature color map
Dabhol Dabul India c.1750 birds-eye city view tall ships lovely hand color
Debating Society gathering London debate 1808 Rowlandson fine aquatint print
Denmark Norway Finland Scandinavia 1766 Jefferys decorative miniature map
Diamond Atlas 1857-9 Morse Colby 109 maps views plates 2 vol leather gilt set A+
Dominion of Canada northern U.S. Ice pack limits shown 1883 Lett's SDUK map
Double Hemisphere World Map c.1700-20 strange Australia North America
East India House London c.1810 engraved view print lovely hand color
Eastern United States Louisiana & NW Territory 1805 Arrowsmith map huge Georgia
Egypt East Africa Abyssinbia Arabia c.1805 Gridley engraved American made map
England Wales Geological country map Geology 1883 Lett's SDUK map
Fielding History of Amelia 1832 Cruikshank illustrated 1st ed. 2 v. Leather set
Fishing grounds Gay Head Mass to Cape Henlopen Cape May LI NY 1884 nautical map
Formosa Taiwan Asia 1857 early detailed lovely hand colored map
France 1683 Mallet decorative charming miniature hand color map
France from the Best Authorities 1792 Kitchin lovely hand colored antique map
Germany Pomerania Silesia Holstein 1758 by Bowen charming miniature antique map
Goa India 1750 Bellin prospect urban view birds-eye print
Golden Treasury 1913 Palgrave Morrell morocco leather book bindings 2 v. set A+
Grand Canal Venice Italy Venezia Italia c.1850 engraved view print hand color
Greek islands Naxos Aegean Sea Cyclades Ios Nio St. Erini 1683 Mallet map
Grenada island Caribbean West indies 1758 Bellin map beautiful hand color
Hawthorne The Marble Faun 1899 fine 2 vol. leather set illustrated Riverside press
Henry James 1883 French Poets and Novelists red leather book Tauchnitz
Holland Netherlands Nederland 1780 Bonne map beautiful hand color
Holy Land Arabia Babylonia Mesopotamia Middle East Cyprus 1726 Moll map
Homer Hymns Epigrams Batrachomyomachia 1858 Chapman leather book Hooper
Homer Iliad 1865 Chapman Hopper 2 vol. gilt leather set splendid books
Homer Odyssey 1874 Chapman Hooper 2 vol fine Leather set gilt morocco
Illustrated World War I News 1914 photographic journal 12 issues large book
Indiana state c.1855 charming miniature map Phelps Ensign hand colored
Ireland 1808 Arrowsmith map beautifully hand colored
Isles of Shoals Maine New England 1827 Blunt miniature nautical chart map
Italy Italia 1714 charming miniature map NOT IN BORRI
Italy Venice Italia Venezia Trieste Adriatic coast 1858 linen-backed Scheda large map
Korea Japan Russo-Japanese war 1908 Russo-Japanese large detailed scarce map
Kubilai Khan Mongolian Empire Asia Europe 1880
London England Britain U.K. 1883 Lett's scarce SDUK large detailed city plan
London England Westminster Hall c.1810 engraved urban view print hand color
London environs city urban plan Orographical 1883 Lett's SDUK scarce detail map
London Mint Tower urban c.1810 engraved view print lovely hand color
London Thames river Waterloo Bridge c.1850 engraved view print lovely hand color
Madrid Spain Espagna 1883 Lett's SDUK detailed fine city plan
Maine Kittery Portsmouth NH New Castle Piscataqua River 1827 Blunt nautical map
Manila Cavite Anchorages Philippine Islands 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Massachusetts c.1840-50 uncommon engraved state map original hand color
Mexico American southwest 1836 Tardieu map lovely hand color
Mexico Central America Guatemala Honduras Sierra Madre mts 1865 Colton small map
Moon surface 3 days partial w/ craters 1888 Celestial print beautiful scarce
Moons surface with craters close-ups 1888 Celestial scarce Swedish unique print
Mt Washington White Mountains New Hampshire c.1850 Bartlett print colored view
Muscovy southern Russia Ukraine Circassia 1796 Kitchin style hand color map
Netherlands 1792 Kitchin old map
Netherlands Nederland Pays Bas 1683 Mallet decorative beautiful hand colored map
New South Wales Australia Sydney city plan 1883 Lett's rare re-issue of SDUK map
New York city lower Manhattan harbor 1850 engraved view print lovely hand color
New York state c.1855 Phelps Ensign beautiful small hand colored scarce map
New Zealand Tasmania Van Diemen's Land Pacific 1882 antique lithographed map
Nieuwpoort Belgium miniature city view 1672 Mallet print map
Northern Africa shows prominent apocryphal Mts of Moon 1838 Bradford antique map
Northern Italy Milan Genoa Italia 1858 Scheda Austrian Empire linen backed map
Northern Italy Republic of Venezia Venice Italia 1683 Mallet miniature map
Oxford England water view city profile 1850 engraved view print lovely color
Paris France 1883 Lett's large detailed city plan with transportation routes
Paris France environs 1883 Lett's SDUK city plan amazing details! scarce map
Persia Armenia Mesopotamia Babylonia Arabia c.1710-20 decorative Cluver map
Philadelphia PA 1855 Colton fine city plan hand colored large detailed
Philippine Islands Lapac Siasci Sulu Tapul 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Philippine Islands Luzon West coast Santa Cruz 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Philippine Islands Mindanao Port Jimenez Iligan Bay 1902 nautical chart map
Philippine Islands NE coast Panay Gigantes 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Philippine Islands Philippines Physical Geography Volcanoes 1902 detailed map
Philippine Islands Port Busin Burias island 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Philippine Islands Port Palanog 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Philippines Siargao Bucas islands Dapa Channel Port Sibonga 1902 nautical map
Poland Krakow West Galizia 1858 Scheda Austrian Empire linen-backed map
Portland Harbor Maine 1827 Blunt miniature nautical chart map
Rusach Germany Chteau D'Isenbourg Munster antique birds-eye city view map
San Antonia Texas Military Plaza 1857 engraved view print lovely hand color
Sardinia Sardegna Italy Italia 1683 Mallet old island map w/ sailing ships
Science Fiction Fantasy cover art c.1947-57 Lot x 18 great authors monsters damsels
Scotland British Isles U.K. 1683 Mallet miniature map lovely hand color
Scythia Tartary Russian Siberia China Korea Asia 1712 decorative Cluverius map
South Africa Lion Hunter tribes 1909 by Cumming leather book 16 illustrations
South Africa Table Bay Cape of Good Hope harbor 1748 Bellin nautical map
Southeast Africa Madagascar Mozambique c.1780 Monomotapa Table Bay Good Hope map
Southeast Asia East Indies islands Sumatra Siam Cambodia 1846 Stulpnagel map
Syria Middle East 1712 old map
Syria Middle East Aleppo Damascus 1824 Sidney Hall engraved small map
Tennyson Poems 1845 Moxon beautiful gilt morocco leather book binding
Total Solar Eclipse in sky 1888 Celestial print beautiful scarce Swedish color
Turkey in Asia Syria Armenia Diarbeck Kurdistan Iraq 1712 Moll map
Turkey in Europe Greece Balkans Bulgaria Romania Black Sea 1714 Pluche map
Venus Planets orbits 1888 Celestial print beautiful color scarce Swedish
Versailles France birds-eye miniature view 1683 Mallet print hand colored
Virgin Islands Ginger Tortola Round Rock 1854 Blunt Hooker miniature map
West Indies Caribbean 1808 scarce Payne re-issue map W & B #700
Western United States MO IL 1840 & 1851 lot x 2 variant Boynton miniature maps
World Atlas 1826 NY Blake 18 historical charts world map geography
World double hemispheres huge Alaska incomplete Australia 1731 Vaugondy map
World War I Illustrated London News 12 Issues 1915-16 book military reporting