Africa Continent 1780 Bonne apocryphal rivers across Sahara Desert map
Africa Continent 1883 Lett's scarce map w/ interesting interior details
Africa Continent Man Eaters c.1790's charming map lovely hand color
Africa Egypt Nubia Abyssinia 1798 Barker engraved map Wheat & Brun #856
Africa Port Ophir c.1750 Bourgoin miniature map vignette view scene hand color
Albany New York city plan rare 1850 Magnus letter sheet hand colored map
Alexandria Egypt city plan birds-eye view 1683 Mallet miniature map print
Algiers Barbary coast north Africa Algeria 1683 Mallet bird's eye harbor view
Antwerp Anvers 1672 Mallet city plan fortifications miniature map lovely example
Australia New South Wales Victoria c.1850 Blackie Bartholomew detailed large map
Bangor Brewer Penobscot Ellsworth Hancock Maine 1888 Colby detailed map
Beijing Forbidden City Peking City Plan Emperor c1850 splendid rare detailed map
Boston & Maine Railroad Central Massachusetts brochure 1900 lg. map photos booklet
Brazil Brasil South America 1798 scarce Roche miniature map Wheat & Brun #715
Breda City Plan Fortifications 1672 Mallet miniature map lovely example
Buffalo New York Lake Erie 1850 Magnus rare hand colored city plan letter sheet
Canary Islands Tenerife Gran Canaria Madeira Atlantic Ocean 1780 Bonne map
Caroline Islands Pacific Ocean chain 1761 decorative map lovely hand color
Celestial spheres diagrams zones 1719 Chiquet Planetary rotations chart map
Chart of Pacific Ocean 1808 incomplete New Holland navigator tracks Capt. Cook
Comoro Islands Indian Ocean Africa Madagascar 1748 Bellin map lovely hand color
Connecticut 1799 Anderson map based on Tanner shows Oblong land dispute w/ NY
Delaware River NJ coast Philadelphia PA Cape Henry 1833 Blunt nautical chart map
Douai France city view fortification 1672 Mallet fortified map w/ prospect view
Egypt Nile Valley North Africa 1799-1807 Tanner & Low map Crocodilopolis Aphrodite
Egypt North Africa ships Alexandria Port Said 1882 birds eye view supplement
Empire of China Japan Korea Philippines 1780 Bonne hand colored map
England John Bull political cartoons Punch 1860-3 Lot of 18 wood engraved prints U.K.
Europe in Antiquity 1711 Friesland island decorative map lovely hand color
European Poster Stamps Advertising c.1900-20 colorful lot of 101 diff. stamps
France in Departments 1798 Gibson W. Baker miniature map Wheat & Brun #818
Frontispiece Allegorical Continents Indian Native Lion 1748 lovely hand color
Frontispiece City of New York prospect view lower Manhattan 1862 miniature print
Geographical Society of NY 1936 Journal beautiful leather book maps & photos
Germany into Circles 1798 J.T. Scott Gibson miniature map Wheat & Brun #819
Gravelines France city plan fortification 1672 Mallet plan w/ prospect view map
Greece Greek Cyclades Andros Tinos 1683 Mallet miniature hand colored map
Greece Ionian Islands c.1750 Bourgoin charming map w/ vignette scene hand color
Greece Macedonia Graecia Crete Cyclades 1683 Mallet miniature hand colored map
Guadaloupe Marie Galante Caribbean 1780 Bonne map lovely hand color
Holy Land Jerusalem 1711 Senex decorative map lovely hand color
Independent Tartary Asia Russia Tibet Uzbek Bhutan c.1712 Moll map hand color
India Hindostan Coromandel Coast military war locations 1761 map nice hand color
India Subcontinent Hindostan Pakistan 1796 charming small map lovely hand color
Indonesia Borneo Sumatra Java Celebes Maluku 1780 Bonne hand colored map
Isle of Man England U.K. 1683 Mallet hand colored miniature map w/ sailing ships
Isles of Shoals NH Maine 1848 Blunt map lovely hand colored nautical chart
Italy Italia 1650-1711 Senex decorative map lovely hand color
Italy Italia 1780 Bonne beautifully hand colored 18th century map
Kentucky 1800 Tennessee Government North West Territory Lowe Scoles map
London & environs 1849 city plan England U.K. detailed lovely hand colored map
Malabar Coast India Fort Craganor Kodungallur 1761 early map lovely hand color
Martinique Caribbean 1758 Bellin island decorative map lovely hand color
Maryland Delaware VA NJ 1799 Scoles Anderson Lewis map American produced
Mexico Central America hand color map 1924 A.K. Johnston nicely detailed
Mexico Texas 1867 Johnson territorial Arizona Tehuantepec Isthmus inset
Mogol Hindostan Mughal Empire India Ganges c.1780 Bonne hand color map
Moravia Silesia Bohemia Europe 1683 Mallet hand colored map
New England Summer Vacation Season 1898 B&M Railroad tourist book w/ lg. map
New York City birds-eye Broadway & 8th Ave. view 1862 Hayward lithographed print
New York City Civil War Zouaves board ships lower Manhattan 1862 Valentine print
New Zealand 1883 Lett's map shows ocean currents submarine telegraph lines
Newark New Jersey 1853 rare Magnus hand colored city map as letter sheet
North America continent Stony Mts. vast Louisiana 1809 Arrowsmith hand color map
North Carolina map 1800-06 by A. Anderson & Low early state map swamps
NYC Manhattan Irish St. Patricks Civil War New York Soldiers 1862 Sarony print
Olivenca City Plan Spain Portugal 1672 Mallet fortified miniature map
Pennsylvania state map 1810 J. Low from latest surveys
Pensacola Harbor Florida 1833 Blunt miniature nautical coast chart map lovely
Persia Middle East Iran Caspian to Persian Gulf 1808 Arrowsmith hand color map
Philippine Islands Manila Galeon ship tracks 1748 large Seale map wonderful scarce
Pictorial map Great Britain Industry Products 1955 poster size ships food U.K.
Poetry Poetical Works 1836 fine book Rogers Lamb Campbell Montgomery White
Polar Regions Exploration Whale Fisheries 1831 Snelling rare book illustrated map Boynton
Queensland Australia Great Barrier 1888 large detailed map issued in Australia
Ravensburg Germany pictorial letter sheet w/ landmarks c.1850-70 views print
Rhode Island 1799-1806 early state map Wheat & Brun #255 names Indian Swamp
San Francisco Expo 1915 San Diego post card lot x 41 nice Fair grounds views
Saudi Arabia Happy Arabia East Africa 1780 Bonne map lovely hand color
Savannah River 1833 Blunt coastal map chart Tybee Island Gibbet Cock Spur Jones
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Finland 1714 miniature map lovely hand color
Siam Pagoda Southeast Asia Thailand 1751 charming birds-eye view w/ hand color
Siam Thailand natives couple w/ child 1751 ethnic costume lovely hand color
Sicilia Sicily in Antiquity 1807 Italy Arrowsmith lovely hand color map
South Africa Cape Town False Bay 1862 Berghaus Hottentots boldly named
South Africa w/ Cape Town city plan inset 1883 Lett's detailed old map
Tahiti French Polynesia 1834 d'Urville interesting uncommon hand colored map
The United Provinces Netherlands Nederland 1798 J.T. Scott map Wheat & Brun #837
Travels Anacharsis Battles Plataea & Salamis Island Greece Crete 1855 Philip map
Turkey Middle East Holy Land Cyprus Arabia Deserta Turcoman c.1725 miniature map
Veurne Belgium Furnes city plan 1672 Mallet military map birds-eye city view
Vienna Austria prospect birds-eye city view 1548 Munster 1598 printed Europe urban
West Africa Guinea Coast 1780 Bonne Slaves gold Sierra Leone Benguela map
World Displayed Geography Travel Cultures 1831 fine gilt leather book woodcuts
World double hemispheres map 1798 Rollinson American made Wheat & Brun #40
World governments religions Christianity c.1849 Flemming thematic German map
World Map double hemispheres 1806 Arrowsmith New Holland incomplete Cook death
World Map Sea of West Admiral de Fonte named c.1750 Explorers tracks distortions
World map shewing Capt. Cook tracks c.1799-1806 map Rollinson & Low River of West