's Graven Hage The Hague Holland Netherlands Low Countries 1678 city plan
African Continent Cape Colony Transvaal Egypt Morocco 1884 Stieler detailed map
African Continent Egypt Cape Colony Natal 1850 Major Radefeld engraved Meyer map
African Continent Egypt Morocco Guinea Ethiopia Natal c. 1755-6 Jeffereys map
African Continent Guinea Abyssinia Morocco Egypt Cape Colony c 1844-7 Walker map
African Continent Mountains of the Moon Cape Colony 1854 Biller German map
African Continent Unknown Country Mountains of the Moon c. 1785 Bowen map
Allegorical Frontispiece Famous Explorers Columbus Dampiere Cook c. 1847 print
American South Carolinas Georgia Florida Charleston St. Augustine 1850 Meyer map
Ancient Jerusalem Mount Zion Temple of Solomon The Acra 1683 Mallet city plan
Arabian Peninsula Dragons Mecca Medina Red Sea 1683 Mallet miniature map
Arabian Peninsula East Africa Egypt Sudan Red Sea 1884 Stieler detailed map
Australia Sydney Port Jackson Queensland New South Wales 1884 Stieler map
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Vienna Salzburg Budapest 1846 scarce map
Baghdad Iraq Mesopotamia City View Fortifications 1683 Mallet miniature map
Berlengas Island Portugal 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Bombay Coast India 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor chart Map
Bombay India 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Buenavista Island Cape Verde islands Africa 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Caribbean Sea Cuba Jamaica Puerto Rico Haiti Mexico 1780 Bonne engraved map
Caucasus Circassia Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan 1683 Mallet decorative small map
China Southeast Asia Japan c.1670 Ortelius minor miniature map hand color
Eastern Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria 1884 Stieler detailed map
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Asia Europe Oceania c. 1800 Cary folio map
Eastern United States Texas inset Reconstruction Era 1875 Stieler detailed map
France in Provinces Ancien Regime Orleans Burgundy Provence 1806 Cary folio map
Georgetown Potomac River Washington D.C. 1845 lithographed print
Grand Rotunda United States Capital Building women Tourism 1845 lithograph print
Great Tartary Mongolia China Japan Korea as island 1713 Moll miniature map
Greece provinces Morea Hellas Cyclades Cefalonia 1846 scarce map
Holy Roman Empire Franconia Nurmemberg Coburg Ansbach 1799 Cary folio map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Bohemia Prussia Bavaria Saxony 1799 Cary folio map
Ireland Ulster Connacht Munster Leinster c. 1844-7 Walker beautiful map
Island of Corfu Greece Ionian Sea sea monster c1670 Ortelius minor miniature map
Island of Madeira Portugal Atlantic Islands 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Isle Bourbon Reunion Island 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Isle de Goree Senegal coast Africa 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Italian Peninsula Italy Italia c.1670 Ortelius minor miniature map hand color
Japanese Islands Honshu Shikoku Kyushu 1683 Mallet miniature map
Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulcher Floor Plan 1683 Mallet print
John Adams signed from son President's library Horace French college book
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Fyn Copenhagen 1846 scarce map
Kingdom of Prussia Germany Berlin Danzig Breslau Konigsburg 1846 scarce map
Leiden Holland Netherlands Low Countries Leyden 1678 detailed city plan
Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Alabama New Orleans 1850 Meyer map
Madeira Grand Canary Canary Islands Africa 1785 Miniature Coastal Harbor Map
Mexico New Spain California as an island 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Mid-west United States Ohio Illinois Kentucky Illinois Missouri 1850 Meyer map
Mount Sinai Convent of St. Catherine Middle East 1683 Mallet miniature view