Africa coast Madagascar Islands 1746 Bellin decorative hand colored map
Amherst College Massachusetts Johnson Chapel 1846 beautiful engraved view
Amsterdam Holland Netherlands Royal Palace c.1750 Dam Square street view print
Ancient Germania Germanic Tribes Germany Cellarius 1711 Nicholson engraved map
Asia Batavia Dutch East Indies Jakarta 1761 beautiful prospect city view
Bali Manilla Philippines Dutch photo album c.1930's w/ 95 amateur B & W photos
Boston Masss. Customs House active scene 1843 engraved street view print
Cartography cartoon-style postcards 1950-70's great pictorial lot x 250 map cards
Central Asian Steppe Persia Kazakstan Uzbekistan 1780 Bonne engraved map
Cyprus Mediterranean island coastal view 1840 lovely engraved hand colored print
Epirus Ottoman Greece coast islands Kefalonia 1694 Mosting scarce engraved map
European continent c.17 lovely miniature engraved 18th century map
European entire continet 1790 Kitchin lovely engraved map w/ fine hand color
Femme Fatales erotica pulp fiction cover art 1950's collection 36 vintage paperbacks
Firenze Italia Italy Ponte Santa Trinita Florence 1840 lovely Arno river print
Fort Snelling Minneapolis Minnesota 1840 fine scarce landscape view print
Georgia Ukraine Moldavia Sarmatia Russia in Europe 1711 Nicholson decorative map
Germany Holy Roman Empire 1757 engraved Bion map lovely hand color
Greece Ottoman Peloponnese Ancient Corinth City Plan 1711 Nicholson lovely map
Guadeloupe Caribbean Island Marie Galante Antilles 1790 Bonne beautiful map
Hungary Transylvania 1711 Moll engraved map w/ lovely hand color
India Hindostan 1796 Doolittle rare American engraved map Wheat & Brun #886
Indians Comanche Riders on Arkansas River Prairie 1840 fine landscape view print
Isothermic map northern hemisphere Pole Mountain heights 1860 scientific map
Jerusalem city plan Holy Land c.1720 large decorative scenes map Judaism pictorial
Johan de Witt Brieven Letters 1725 Rare book gorgeous armorial leather binding
Langvek Cambodia Eauweck Southeast Asia 1761 lovely engraved bird's eye view
London to Greenwich great early railway print 1840-50 beautiful Meyer view scene
Massachusetts State Capitol Building Boston 1846 lovely engraved street view
Moline Illinois Frontier Settlement American West 1840 fine early view print
Mughal Empire Northern India Hindostan Mogol 1790 Bonne lovely hand color map
Napoleonic War in Italy scare c. 1800 Niccolo Pagni Firenze Italian engraved map
New Harmony American Utopian Settlement 1840 fine rare engraved landscape view
New York City harbor panoramic view 1846 engraved lovely print hand colored
New York City Manhattan active scene City Hall 1846 engraved street view print
New York city map 1867 Beer lovely detailed city plan Brooklyn Manhattan
Northern Italy Italia Tyrol Danube River course c.1745 Homann large map
Ottoman Anatolia & Levant Turkey Holy Land 1772 Jeffrys decorative cartouche map
Philadelphia Girard Bank First Bank of United States c.1850 steel engraved print
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1846 lovely engraved harbor scene beautiful hand color
Poetry Works Fitz-Greene Halleck 1847 Splendid decorative leather book
Richmond Virginia Capitol Building 1846 beautiful hand colored engraved print
Scandinavia Denmark Sweden Norway 1690 Mosting beautiful hand color map
South Africa Cape Horn Shipwreck 1852 gorgeous engraved hand colored print
South American continent 1790 Kitchin lovely hand colored engraved map
Southern Africa Madagascar Cape Good Hope 1780 Bonne lovely engraved colored map
Southern India Sri Lanka Ceylon Decan 1790 Bonne engraved map lovely hand color
Spain Grenada Castille Andalusia 1751 Vaugondy decorative antique map
St. Croix River Minnesota early settlement 1840 lovely hand color landscape view
St. Louis Missouri Courthouse 1840-50 lovely street view print fine hand color
Ternate Maluku Islands coast view volcano 1761 lovely engraved hand color print
United Provinces Low Counties Nederland Netherlands Holland 1748 Homann map
West Point Military Academy United States Army 1846 Fine engraved landscape view