Africa Morocco Egypt Guinea Abyssinia Zanzibar Nubia 1832 Williams engraved map
Ancient Empires Rome Persia Carthage Greece Egypt 1800 Wilkinson historical map
Ancient Greece Greek World Attica Epirus Euboea c. 1800 Wilkinson historical map
Ancient Italy Rome Etruria Sicily Cisalpine Gaul 1815 Wilkinson historical map
Ancient Sicily Syracuse Messina Lilybauem 1800 Wilkinson historical map
Asia Ottoman Empire British Raj Qing Empire Persia Japan Korea 1832 Williams map
Asia Syria Arabia Armenia Persia India Tibet 1807 Wilkinson historical map
Ballston New York City View 1826 O.H. Thoorp engraved print
Beautiful Florida Tourism in 1920's lovely album w 30 color lithographed views
Bermuda pictorial Travel map 1930's w/ rare illustrated tourism guide book views
Biblical World Books of Moses Exodus Canaan Egypt 1797 Wilkinson historical map
Boston Harbor rare folding pocket map 1890 Bouve Crawford Shoes advertising
Boston Mass. Anniversary Programme 250 years Settlement w/ pictorial ads
California Picture Book 1938 Travel Guide Photo Album Hollywood w/ views & map
Cayuga County Auburn New York Finger Lakes 1890 Pictorial photographic rare book
Connecticut New Haven Hartford Danbury c. 1840 G.W. Boynton engraved map
Dominion of Canada huge 2 sheet physical map 1915 scarce detailed
Dominion of Canada Mineral Map Gold Cobalt Iron Coal Salt 1915 two sheet map
Easthampton Mass 1915 pictorial photo book West Boylston Manufacturing Co. Mill
Europe Austria-Hungary Scandinavia Russia France 1832 Williams engraved map
French Republic Departments Paris Marseilles Orleans 1832 Williams engraved map
Hartford Connecticut Illustrated city book 1900 monumental w/ gravure views & ads
Hieroglyphic Atlas Geography 1875 Heermans & Cogswell Female creators complete rare
Holy Land Palestine Israel Canaan Jerusalem 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Holy Land Palestine Israel Judea Samaria Galilee 1806 Wilkinson historical map
Islamic World Muslim Historical Empires & Kingdoms of history 1804 Wilkinson map
Jerusalem Israel Palestine Holy Land Bethlehem 1814 Wilkinson historical map
Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press c. 1890 Hess early Bible book production scene
King George III in Parliamentary Robes 1780 Hall engraved portrait
Louisville Kentucky City view photographic book 1897 Rotogravures Madison Co. rare
Macedonia Thracia Thessalia Epirus Aegean Sea 1808 Wilkinson historical map
Magnolia Mass. Oceanside & Cottages c.1900-10 Abbott Hotels promo tourist booklet
Maine Trolley Portland to Waterville & Old Orchard Beach c. 1900 reprinted 1969
Moliere Works 1682/ 1920's Leather 7 volume set Illustrated lovely complete
New England Tours 1928 Mixer's Road Maps folding tourist NE Hotel Assoc. tour
New York Pennsylvania & New Jersey Long Island 1832 Williams engraved map
Newport Rhode Island pictorial cartoon map 1937 Ten Mile Drive named houses rare
Niagara Falls New York c.1900 Cataract House promotional tourist book w/ pics
Paradise Lost 1799 John Milton & Burney w/ 12 fine engravings illustrated book
Paris World Exposition Number 1900 Harper's Weekly pictorial issue color cover
Persian Empire Ancient World Sogiana Fars Media 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Portland Oregon 1892 Photo Album 18 views albertypes Hotels Churches Mt. Hood
Queen Charlotte Wife of George III 1780 Hall Engraved Portrait Royal Fashion
Rand McNally folding pocket map of New Hampshire 1921 very large scarce w/ index
Republic of Chile Conception Santiago 1855 U.S. Astronomical Expedition map
Republic of Chile Serena Copiapo Vallenar 1855 U.S. Astronomical Expedition map
Republic of Chile Southern Portion Arauco 1855 U.S. Astronomical Expedition map
Roman Danubia Pannonia Illyria Dacia Moesia 1801 Wilkinson historical map
Roman Empire Latium Campania Etruria Picenum 1801 Wilkinson historical map
Roman Empire Provinces Italia Dacia Greece 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Royalty Rewarding Military Virtue and Learning 1780 Allegorical Frontispiece
San Francisco Booklet 1908 16 Rotogravure B&W photos
San Jose California Santa Clara County c.915 Chamber Commerce promotional book
Seasonal Greeting Cards c.1910 Scrap Album c. 240 decorative colorful cards scraps
Shepps' Columbian World Fair 1893 Chicago monumental rare photo book wonderful!
Social Conduct Life Values 1794 American book w/ 1794 female inscription
Solomon's Israel Purveyorships United Monarchy 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Sons Noah Ancient World Asia Europe Africa 1798 Wilkinson Biblical history map
St. Croix Valley Wisconsin Minnesota region 1888 rare view book w/ photogravures
Ten Mile River Camps Boy Scouts of America WWII era 1940's pictorial cartoon map
Travel Cuba pictorial map 1955 Advertising Brochure Tourism Havana Night Life
Travels of the Apostles Greece Anatolia Syria 1798 Wilkinson historical map
Trojan War Anatolia Greece Ulysses Telemachus 1815 Wilkinson historical map
United States c.1907 Linen backed RR map huge by Rand McNally
Vicenza Italy Veneto Padua Trento Italy Coat of Arms 1650 Blaeu engraved map
Western Patriarchate Church of Rome Western Europe 1800 Wilkinson historical map