1931 America lot of 5 wonderful illustrated magazines w/ many great color ads
Adelaide South Australia 1851 Tallis map Kangaroo Island York pictorial scenery
African Continent vast Mts. of Moon 1831 Lapie French large map
American Indians Tribes Catholic Missions 1854-96 decorative gilt book Christianity
American Scenic 2 view books w/ 50 original engraved prints 1883 Bartlett Willis
Americana 1840's lot of 5 Parley Goodrich books woodcut illustrations Indians History
Ancient Rome & Greece Antiquities Dictionary 1883 leather book by Rich illustrated
Arabia peninsula Ottoman Empire Middle East Turkey c.1840 Brue detailed map
Asia continent map Arabia India China 1840 Brue large map
Asian Continent 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Ath Aath Belgium Hainaut Walloon c.1735 pictorial city view soldiers
Australia New Holland Van Diemen Land NSW 1849 Meyer antique map Tooley #995
Baden-Baden Germany 1880's souvenir photo album 18 tipped in original pics
Barbary Coast North Africa 1758 Bowen Gibson miniature engraved map hand color
Bible Commentary Genesis 1715 by Augustin Calmet large leather book
Boston guide book 1838 Bowen leather book pocket size maps views Massachusetts
Canada Nova Scotia Newfoundland 1807 Cary folio sheet map Gulf of St. Lawrence
Catholic Religion Canon Law c.1920's European leather bound books x 7 Latin antiquarian
Cattermole Illustrated England Great Civil War 1640's Bohn 1857 leather book
Cayenne French Guyana South America c.1750 Tirion large scarce Dutch map
China Chinese scenery views 1950's unique Scrapbook album 37 color prints
Christopher Columbus Life & Voyages 1856 set 2 vols leather illustrated fine
Daily Advice & Inspiration Daily Word 1886 lovely small leather bound unique book
Dante Alighieri La Vita Nova 1911 Dante Gab. Rossetti Limited Edition #31 of 50
Decorative Victorian bindings of 1880's lot of 10 nice Books Literature w/ engravings
Denmark Jutland Baltic Sea Zeland Fionie c.1766 Brion decorative historical map
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia Australia 1719 Mallet old antique map
Eastern Russia Awatska Harbor 1803 Kamtschatka Bligh Resolution harbor map
Elba Porcacchi Province of Livorno Italy 1576 sea monsters mermaid miniature map
Emerson 1875 Trees Shrubs Massachusetts author signed color plates 2 vol. set Botany
Fables of la Fontaine 1799-1800 set 2 vols French pocket sized leather books
Fortress of Charlemont c.1600 city plan France Belgium border
French Colonies in the East Indies New Caledonia Tahiti 1884 map
Germany Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm 1904 leather book gilt coat of arms Hohenzollern
Grandville Illustrated Animal Lives French 1868 Leather book beautiful fantasy
Greece Greek Islands Hellas Aegean Sea w/ Islands 1694 Mosting map
Hebrides Orkney Scotland Orcade 1576 Porcacchi miniature map sea monster
History of America 1835 Goodrich nice gilt leather book illustrated w/ woodcut images
Home Monthly 1860 periodical leather book engraved plates botanical fruits
Illyria Dalmatian Coast Pannonia Adriatic Sea 1694 Mosting engraved map
Jesuits 1534-1921 by Thomas Campbell 2 volume leather set in fine condition
John Tenniel Illustrated book 1860 Gordian Knot gilt leather book
La Fontaine Fables Grandville illustrated 1864 French leather book beautiful
Lives of Friar Saints Catholicism 1911 lot 4 gilt decorated books illustrated Padua
Luxembourg Treves Trier La Moselle 1890 souvenir photographic album 18 views
Macao China from Penha Hill 1856 Perry Birds-eye view antique lithograph print
Macedonia Balkans Thessaliae Adriatic to Aegean 1694 Mosting map
Mathematical Circle of Palermo Italy 1906 set of two lovely early leather books
Mathematical Circle of Palermo Italy 1909 set of two fine early leather books
Messina Harbor Sicily Italy Italia 1730 Basire large map tall ships
Moral Dilemmas Quandaries 1903 Lehmkuhl 2 vol. set fine leather books
Netherlands Nederland Low Countries Belgium Flanders Holland 1694 Mosting map
Northwest Coast America Alaska 1802 Capt. Cook rare Dutch map Henry Roberts
Oceania Australia fine detailed transitional 1875 Brue map New Zealand
Offering to Captain Cook in Hawaii 1802 rare Dutch folio antique view
Ostend Flanders Belgium Plan d'Ostende c.1740 Bellin city plan map
Pamphlet Sammelband 12 works Italy italian 1850-70's various imprints unique book
Peter Newell color art covers Harper's Weekly 1908 magazine lot of 6 complete issues
Quebec Canada English Battle of Seven Year's War 1759 detailed city plan map
Rome Italia Italy Vatican City Saint Peter's Castle St. Angelo view 1760 print
Russia in Asia Kingdom of Siberia 1758 Gibson Bowen charming miniature map
Russia Moscow Poland Moscovy 1792 by Kitchin very attractive small antique map
Russia Muscovy Poland Lithuania Tartary Astracan c.1790 Elwe scarce Dutch map
Russian Empire Europe 1864 lithographed map hand color
Samuel Goodrich Peter Parley 1840's American books lot x 5 juveniles non-fiction
Sardinia Italy Sardegna Italia 1576 Porcacchi map w/ sea monsters
South America c.1880's raised relief map
South America Guyana 1843 Catholic Diocese of Guiana religious map
Spain Andalusia Gibraltar ca. 1700 Schenk & Valk decorative antique map
Studio Art Nouveau 1904 monumental book many color plates wonderful content
Theological Morals 1914 Elbel 3 vol. leather set Christian Religion scholarly Theology
United States 1890-91 topographical survey progress large lithographed map
Warwick Northampton Hunting England Counties 1639 Blaeu miniature antique map
Western Hemisphere North America Distorted Alaska Mer de L'Ouest 1766 rare map
Whale Fishing History of Commerce 1837 woodcuts folding world map Arts Manufacturing
World in Double Spheres 1821 Perrot miniature antique engraved map
Young Man's Book Etiquette Social conduct 1833-43 Success in Life 2 old books
Zeeland Holland Comitatus Zelandiae Nederland Netherlands c.1740-60 map