Africa Continent Man-Eaters 1796 Amos Doolittle American map Wheat & Brun #851
Armillary Sphere Copernicus Solar System Planetary Orbits Zodiac 1796 Doolittle
Asia Japan Korea China Mughal Empire Persia Arabia 1740 map shows Company's Land
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Persia Iran India China Korea Japan 1844 Walker map
Atlantic Ocean 13 Colonies Spain Caribbean Sea France Canaries 1749 Bellin map
Audience of Peru Spanish Colony Lima Truxillo 1772 detailed Danville map
Baltic States Latvia Lithuania Estonia Polen Poland 1874 Petermann detailed map
Boston city plan Harbor detailed Revolutionary War map 1788 Conder
British Isles United Kingdom 1796 Doolittle early American map Wheat & Brun #788
California County Map Railroads 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Canada Hudson Bay Baffin Bay Labrador Greenland Comparison 1770's Vaugondy map
Celestial Globe Zodiac Constellations Ruins Columns c.1720 scarce engraved print
China Qing Empire Korea Formosa Hainan Beijing Peking Shanghai 1844 Walker map
Comoro Islands Grand Comore Mayotte Anjouan Moheli 1760 Bellin map
Compass Rose Sailing Ships Student & Teacher 1750's decorative engraved print
Crimean Peninsula Russia Ukraine Sea of Azov Black Sea 1760 Bellin map
Delaware Maryland Washington D.C. 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Earth a Globe Africa Asia Europe Australia c.1720 lovely engraved print
East Indies Southeast Asia Indonesia Borneo Celebes 1683 Mallet map
East Turkestan Pamir-Plateau Yarkund 1873-4 Sir Forsyth large detailed map & article
Eastern Africa Indian Ocean Arabia Zanzibar Mozambique Ethiopia Somalia 1749 map
Europe Continent Iberia British Isles Ottoman Empire Italy Germany 1805 map
First German North Pole Expedition 1868 Koldewey Petermann 2 maps & color print
Florida State Map Everglads Florida Keys 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Forbidden City Peking Beijing China Imperial Palace city plan 1749 Bellin map
Gaeta Italy Italia city plan military fortifications port beach 1760 Bellin map
Galway Ireland Galloway city plan fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Genoa Coast Italy Italia Albinga Porto Venere Savona 1760 Bellin map
Georgia & Florida 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Georgia Florida 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce early American map Wheat and Brun #61
Georgia State Map Mobile Bay 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1850 Collected Poems decorative Leather book w plates
History of New Hampshire by Jeremy Belknap 1784 early American leather book
Holy Land 1904 Ingersoll boxed group of 67 color stereview cards scarce lot
Holy Land Israel Palestine Judea Exodus 12 Tribes 1796 Doolittle scarce map
India British Raj Bengal Gujurat Mysore Sri Lanka Bombay Dehli 1844 Walker map
Indian Ocean Madagascar Reunion Mauritius Sri Lanka Malaysia 1760 Bellin map
Ireland country by itself 1760 Eman. Bowen fine decorative map
John Ruskin Sesame & Lilies Essays 1875 St. Mark's limited edition leather book
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Holstein Sjaelland Copenhagen 1760 Bellin map
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Zeeland Copenhagen 1760 Bowen decorative map
Lisbon Portugal city plan military fortifications Tagus River 1760 Bellin map
Literature ancient & modern 1815 LaHarpe lovely French leather set 16 vols complete
Louisiana State Map New Orleans Railroad 1856 Morse cerographic miniature map
Maldives Indian Ocean Island Chain Sri Lanka Ceylon Mermaids 1683 Mallet map
Maluku Islands Southeast Asia Sailing Ships naval battle 1683 Mallet map
Map of the World Double Hemispheres 1796 Doolittle American map Wheat & Brun #33
Maryland Delaware State Maps 1796 Amos Doolittle & Denison map Wheat & Brun #514
Massachusetts State Map 1796 early American map Wheat and Brun #218
Michigan County Map Railroads 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Mississippi State Map Railroads 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Mozambique Eastern Africa Coast Survey city plan 1749 Bellin map
Mughal Empire Northern India Punjab Bengal Gujurat Dehli Agra 1683 Mallet map
Muscovy Russia in Europe Astrakhan Perm Don Cossacks 1760 Bowen decorative map
Netherland Holland Low Countries 7 United Provinces 1760 Bowen decorative map
New Hampshire Vermont Maine belongs to Massachusetts Bay 1788 Conder map
New Jersey State Map 1788 Conder engraved map
New Jersey State Map 1796 Hill early American map Wheat & Brun #417
New York City Manhattan & environs Revolutionary War 1796 Conder engraved map
New York City Manhattan city plan 1860 Dripps large folding map very detailed
New York City plan 1846 D.H. Burr lower Manhattan Brooklyn scarce bond paper
New York State Finger Lakes Hudson River NYC 1796 Denison early American map
North America Atlantic Ocean Alaska Iceland Svalbard Captain Cluny 1779 map
North America w River of West 1796 Doolittle engraved early map Wheat & Brun #55
North Carolina Railroads Canals State map 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Northern Asia North America Mythical Cartography California 1772 Vaugondy map
Northern Australia 1871 Petermann Meinicke 4 large detailed maps w/ article
Northern Italy Piedmont Savoy Parma Modena Livorno 1760 Bowen decorative map
Northwest Territory imaginary islands 1796 Hill American map Wheat and Brun #679
Pacific Northwest Territorial Washington Oregon 1856 Morse Cerographic map
Pennsylvania early scarce state map 1796 Amos Doolittle map Wheat & Brun #446
Portsmouth England United Kingdom city plan Spit Head St. Helen 1760 Bellin map
Portugal Algarve Beira Lisbon Tuy 1760 Bowen decorative map
Queen France Helene de Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1859 Collected Letters 2 vol leather
Revolutionary France French Departments Metropolitan Circles 1796 Doolitttle map
Rhode Island & Connecticut 1796 Hill engraved American map Wheat and Brun #287
Rhodes Mediterranean Island City View Sailing Ships Sea Battle 1683 Mallet print
Rock of Gibraltar Spain British Fortifications city plan bay 1760 Bellin map
Russia in Europe Muscovy Novgorod Finland Lapland Perm 1795 Bower engraved map
Russia in Europe Muscovy Novgorod Ukraine Perm Crimea 1788 Kitchin map
Russia in Europe Muscovy Ukraine Crimea Astrakhan Smolensk Moscow 1795 map
Russo-Japanese War 1905 Siege of Port Arthur boxed set 100 color stereoviews
Sardinia Sardegna Italia Mediterranean Island Italy Caglieri 1760 Bellin map
Scandinavia Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Iceland 1760 Bowen decorative map
Scotland United Kingdom 1796 Amos Doolittle & Low early American map
Solar Systems Celestials Copernicus Tycho Brahe Descartes 1750's astronomy print
South Africa Kingdom of Mutapa Mozambique Zimbabwe 1744 Bellin map
South Carolina Railroads Charleston Harbor 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Southern Italy Italia Kingdoms Sicily & Naples Sicilia 1760 Bowen decorative map
Sweden Norway Finland Scandinavia Jutland Gotland Stockholm Oslo 1844 Walker map
Switzerland with detailed Geneva city plan 1760 Bowen decorative map
Texas State Map Railroads Dallas Houston 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
The Typographical Gazetteer 1825 Rev. Henry Cotton Reference Work Oxford book
United States Northwest Territory 1799 early American map Wheat and Brun #143
United States Western Territories 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Utah New Mexico Territories Arizona Nevada 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
West Africa Guinea Ivory Coast Congo Dahomey 1780 Bonne engraved map
Wisconsin State Map Railroads Milwaukee 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map