Africa continent 1862 Stulpnagel map Stieler Blank interior Nile source Mts.
American Homestead 1868 Currier & Ives hand colored antique lithograph print
Arabian peninsula 1862 Stulpnagel map East Africa Nile source Mts. of Donga
Art Nouveau trades c.1900 chromo trade cards lot x 23 Reaumur store Paris
Asia New Holland Arabia China India Persia Australia 1819 old Wyld Hewitt map
Athens Greece c.1950 real photo post card album collection by Lilian B. Adams
Atlantic Ocean 1862 crossing routes w/ names dates Capt. Moritz Eliz. Louise
Australia 1862 New Zealand Oceania Stulpnagel Stieler map
Australia New Zealand Oceania Stieler map 1862 Stulpnagel variant details
Automobile road map Pennsylvania 1922 Tyrone First National Bank huge symbols cars
Balieff's Chauve-Souris Bat Russian 1923 avante-garde Theatre program Sudeikin
Bombardment Alexandria Egypt Africa British Navy 1882 rare large military print
Boston city maps 1853 Railway Pathfinder Guide New England rare pocket books x 3
British India Burma Siam 1862 Stieler map
Canadian Pacific Railway c.1915 large folding route map within promotional brochure
Canadian Rockies Railway Line Promotional birds-eye view map c. 1910 Seattle Vancouver
Caribbean 1803 John Cary map West Indies southern United States Florida folio
Casablanca Morocco aviation photo birds-eye view book 1922 Flandrin Latecoere
Central America West Indies Caribbean 1862 Berghaus Stieler map British Honduras
Chocolat Guerin-Boutron lot x 45 cards c.1900 Handwriting Analysis Graphology
East India South East Asia Siam British India 1862 Stulpnagel Stieler map
French Art Nouveau Chocolate Guerin-Boutron trade cards c. 1900 lot x 18 city views
Full moon surface map c.1862 based on Beer & Madler hundreds of place names
Holy Bible 1816-18 American set of 5 large leather books Scott Hartford CT nice
Holy Land 1712 Cluverius decorative cartouche title both sides of Jordan river
Japan 1712 Moll Company's Land of Jesso rare miniature map imaginary cartography
Lima Peru aviation maps 1933-1950 aviation cartography lot x 5 items Columbia
Lima Peru WWII color Art calendar by M'alaga Grenet 1944 + Magazine 1911 ads etc.
Louisiana state by itself 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Maine state 1796 as District Amos Doolittle early rare American map Canada maritimes
Massachusetts 1796 Denison Sam Hill engraved Thomas & Andrews sewn together
Miniature World Atlas 1823 Amsterdam w/ Mythology & Arabian Tales 3 mini books
New Hampshire Vermont c.1796-1805 Gridley Denison Morse rare engraved map
New York City Brooklyn Hudson NJ 1867 Beers detailed city plan map
Northern night Sky Constellations Steler map 1862 Berghaus zodiac chart lovely
Palestine Holy Land 1862 by Raumer nice variant Stieler map insets Jerusalem
Peru South America scenes c.1850-80 lot x 25 printed images wood engravings ethnic
Scandinavia 1882 Land Midnight Sun du Chaillu 235 Illustrations splendid pictorial books
Solar System Stieler map 1862
Southeast Asia East Indies Philippines Siam 1862 Stulpnagel Berghaus Stieler map
Southeast Australia Stieler map 1862
Southern Sky Constellations map 1862 Berghaus Stieler zodiac signs stars lovely
St. Louis Missouri city plan 1906 huge detailed Rand McNally w/ Expo grounds map
Steenwijck Holland Netherlands 1616 Baudart engraved early city view battle
Swift & Company Soap Department c.1930-50 sample case with 35 vials cosmetics
Telescopic Observation Meteors Stars 1888 Celestial print beautiful scarce
Texas 1864 Johnson & Ward large map original hand color detailed w/ insets
Trade cards chocolate France c.1900 Chocolat Guerin Boutron Famous People lot x 30
Verkade Dutch biscuits Album #1 complete 144 art nouveau cards Zaandam lovely
Verkade Dutch Biscuits c.1903 Album #3 w/ 144 chromo trade cards complete A+
Verkade Dutch biscuits Zaandam Album #2 complete 144 art nouveau cards lovely
Versailles palace & Trianons Paris France c.1920 souvenir 48 hand color photos
Washington D. C. city plan 1907 huge detailed Rand McNally map insane hospital
Western United States 1893 California West coast book w/ 375+ illustrations views
White Mountains Franconia New Hampshire 1892 Pollock photogravure view books
Women's Studies early 19th century America 4 scarce books Mother's Advice Morality
World Cultures Ethnic Types c. 1900 Art Nouveau chocolate chromolithographed cards
Youngstown Ohip Sheet & Tube Steel Co. 1928 Industrial photo study 12 images rare