Admiral De Fonte Discoveries Sea of West 1754 de L'Isle western U.S. fantasy map
Africa Continent 1694 Mosting rare map
Africa Nubia Abyssinia Ancient Egypt 1833 Russell leather book map arts history antiquity
Antique marbled paper c.1770-1890 collection 20 sheets lovely hand made patterns
Antique Marbled Paper nice collection of 20 hand made sheets from c.1760-1890
Architecture Astronomy Artillery Armour c.1805 Low 50 plates Kneass Tiebout Tanner
Arkansas state map 1850 Cowperthwait showing steam boat routes
Asia Arabia India China decorative tall ships 1766 Desnos Brion attractive map
Atlas 1826 Brue huge monumental 34 maps Ancient & Modern Geography excellent
Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens 1849 Lovely antique leather book gilt spine Browne art
Brazil Indigenous Family South America 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
British Poetry & Poets Anthology 1851 beautiful leather gilt book fine binding
Crete Labyrinth Greece Aegean 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut map print
Decorative World double hemisphere 1778 Sea of West Mer de L'Ouest myth pre-Cook
Dickens Oliver Twist 1857 gorgeous period leather binding Cruikshank frontis
Egypt Nile Delta Africa 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut map
Embossed leather books Gift Annuals 1849 & 1852 Friendships Offering engravings
England architecture castles ruins country side 1815-17 set 6 leather books w/ 300 views
English Channel South England Manche France 1740 Lotter large decorative map
Falkland Islands Hawkins Maidenland 1773 Capt. Cook Hawkesworth map So. America
Family Bible 1817 Matthew Carey large leather book original early binding illustrated
Family World Atlas 1899 Judd American Agriculturist w/ illustrated ethnographic section
Female Etiquette Personal Conduct Social Behavior 1829-38 pair nice old books Manners
France History c.1870 Guizot fine leather set 6 books w/ 300 engraved images
Franconia Germany region Frankfurt 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print map
George Washington 1807 Biography Corry book w/ Scoles engraved portrait
German Hymnal Gesang Book c.1740 binding with metal clasps and corners unique
Germany Bavaria & Baden Regions Algow 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut map
Graphic World Atlas & Gazetteer 1894 Nelson & Bartholomew w/ 128 color maps
Groeningen city view Netherlands Holland 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
Hamburg Germany 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print prospect city view
Imaginary Creatures Sea Monsters 1598 Munster woodcut prints lot x 9 beasts
India Southeast Asia Anam Siam Hindostan Indo China Pegu 1858 huge Dufour map
Johann Friedrich Starck Religion 1843 decorative leather book w/ many woodcuts
Leather Gift book c.1865 Moore Poetry splendid gilt Gauffered Edges Book Art
Lier Brabant Low Countries 1612 Blaeu Guicciardini lovely city plan map
Lincoln County England United Kingdom 1841 Stevenson large decorative map
Lisbon Portugal 1832 Brugner huge scarce city plan wonderful detailed map
Maid of Elvar Poem by Cunningham 1832 First Ed. gilt leather book lovely unique
Marbled Paper collection of 20 large sheets made c.1760-1890 very nice group
Marbled Paper lot of 20 hand made sheets c.1760-1890 all w/ different patterns
Marbled Paper lot of 20 sheets of old hand made paper made c.1760-1890 nice group
Mechelen Belgium 1740 Tindal Rapin large engraved bird's eye view city plan
Mexico City Aztecs 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city plan
Monmouthshire England English county 1673 Blome detailed engraved map
Monumental Werner 1895 World Atlas city plans state maps illustrations diagrams
Moscow Russia Moscovy Tartary 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Munster Germany Westfalia 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Netherlands Belgium Holland Flanders Northern France c1780 antique handcolor map
Netherlands Nederland Holland Pays Bas Low countries 1766 Desnos map
Nettuno Italy harbor ships 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
New Guinea Hawkesworth 1773 Capt. Cook early detailed map Oceania New Britain
New Holland Australia 1773 Capt. Cook voyage Hawesworth South Seas chart map
New Jersey Early German immigrants 1895 by Chambers monumental book genealogy
New York city Market Slip Cherry Street view tall ships 1860 lithographed print
New York City The Five Points Worth & Little Sts. Baxter 1859 street view prints
Northern Italy Kingdom of Sardinia Italia 1766 Brion Desnos decorative map
Old Marbled Paper made in 19th century lot of 20 different sheets c.1810-1890
Pictorial Literary History 1902 Hess Leather set fine books w/ art 300 plates etchings
Pompeii Italy Italia 1841 fine large detailed map plan by Artaria Milano imprint scarce
Poster Stamp collection of 900 Western U.S. c.1915 San Francisco Expo Northern RR
Psyche Erotica story 1927 leather Art Nouveau book binding Limited Ed. #309
Robert Burns complete works 1881 gift leather book fine binding engraved portrait
Scotland 1835 Ritchie leather book w/ 21 engraved plates Cattermole lovely example
Scribner's Monthly Magazine 1890's illustrated periodical run 5 nice leather books
Sir Walter Scott's poetical works 1872 gorgeous red leather gilt color litho plates
Straits of Magellan Patagonia South America 1773 Hawkesworth large detailed map
Switzerland & Mont Blanc view 1814 Thomson large folio map hand color
Thomas Carlyle Essays c.1870's set 4 vols nice prize leather bindings literature
Tierra Del Fuego South America Bay Good Success 1794 Capt. Cook engraved map
United Provinces Netherlands Holland Nederland 1780 Bonne map w/ fine hand color
United States by F.A. Gray 1879 large lovely lithographed hand color
Ward Island New York Manhattan 1860 fine Hayward lithographed print
Wittenburg Germany city view Martin Luther 1628 Munster Cosmography
Wordsworth Poetical Works 1860 Gorgeous ornate gilt leather book w/ engravings
World Geography Atlas 1839 Medieval manuscript binding 24 city plans & maps
World in double hemispheres Mountain Ranges Rivers lengths 1879 decorative map
World map on Mercator Projection 1872 Mitchell Unexplored Africa Torrens hook