Adventures in the Polar Region Fast in the Ice 1866 Ballantyne children's book
Advice for Young Men Christianity Religion 1830's Morrison old leather book
Advice for Young Women Maria Jane Jewsbury & Legh Richmond 1829 leather book
Africa continent c.1700 charming miniature engraved map
Africa Continent South Africa Nile Delta Guinea 1874 Brockhaus Lange color map
Ancient Middle East Armenia Mesopotamia 1828 Arrowsmith engraved map
Anti-Catholicism Protestant Polemic Thomas Powell 1845 lovely leather book
Asia Continent Ottoman Empire British Raj China Qing Empire 1850's engraved map
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Vienna Trieste Bohemia 1850's engraved map
Beauvais France Picardie Normandy 1737 De Lat engraved map
Bed Rock Contours of Boston Harbor Massachusetts 1902 detailed geological map
Boston Harbor Charles River Esplanade Dam Planning 1902 color lithographed map
Calvinistic Controversy Rev. Wilson Fisk Religion Christianity 1837 leather book
Cambridge Massachusetts Charles River Lechmere Canal 1902 detailed map
Cassel Hessian city Holy Roman Empire detailed plan 1700's engraved city plan
Champagne France Rheims Sedan 1737 De Lat engraved scarce map
Christian Primer 1836 Pennsylvania Dutch American Religion leather book
Commentaries on Virgil's Aenid 1770 John Martyn Literary Criticism leather book
Connecticut Valley Vermont Travel Guide lg. Folding map 1899 RR Passenger guide
Cuneo Piedmont Italy Kingdom of Sardinia city plan 1700's engraved city plan
Dinant Belgium Low Counties detailed city plan fortifications 1700 engraved map
Dunkirk France Military Fortifications Harbor Causeway 1700's engraved city plan
Dutch Brabant Breda Eindhoven Antwerp 1737 De Lat engraved map
English Channel Kent Canterbury Isle of Thanet Dunkirk 1737 De Lat engraved map
Europe Continental Map France Holy Roman Empire c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Flanders Belgium Lille Dunkirk Oudenarde Ghent Ypres 1737 De Lat engraved map
Flanders Brabant Belgium Low Countries Nederland Holland 1737 De Lat map
Flanders Cambresis Artois Arras Valenciennes Cambrai 1737 De Lat engraved map
Germany Northern & Southern rare 2 sheet map 1846 Gilbert & Archer engraved map
Girl's Own Book c.1850's L. Maria Child illustrated children's book games crafts
Hindeloopen Holland Netherlands detailed city plan canals c. 1680's map
Holland Netherlands Amsterdam Utrecht The Hague Delft 1737 De Lat engraved map
Holy Land Travels of Jesus Christ Samaria Judea c. 1796 Fraser miniature map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Bohemia Saxony 1760 Bowen decorative map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austrian Netherlands c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Iberia Spain & Portugal Galicia Andalusia Algarve c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Imitation of Christ & Contempt for World 1682 Valencia Spain rare vellum book
India British Raj Mysore Punjab Southeast Asia Ganges River 1850's engraved map
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Provinces Map c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Provinces Map c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Koblenz Ermanstein Holy Roman Empire detailed city plan 1700s engraved city plan
Liverpool & Birkenhead detailed city plan 1856 Fullarton color lithographed map
Maastricht Limburg Netherlands Military Fortifications 1700's engraved city plan
Middle East Ottoman Empire Arabia Palestine Persia 1874 color lithographed map
Mons Belgium Low Countries detailed city plan c. 1670's engraved map
Nieuwpoort & Oosten Belgium Low Countries city plan fortifications 1695 Moll map
Northern Germany Prussia Poland Lithuania Russia 1874 Brockhaus Lange color map
Ottoman Empire Hapsburg Hungary Albania Serbia c. 1796 McIntyre decorative map
Oudenaarde Flanders Belgium city plan fortifications 1700's engraved city plan
Pignerol Piedmont Italy Kingdom of Sardinia 1700's engraved city plan
Polynesia Australia New Zealand Hawaii New Guinea 1874 color lithographed map
Quaker Philosophy & Pacifism Christianity 1814 Pamphlets sammelband rare book
Ratikon Lechthaler Vorarlberger Alps Mountaineering 1875 Waltenberger 3 maps
Rensselaerswyck Manor New York State detailed plan 1850 Gavit detailed map
Revolutionary France French Departments c. 1796 Conder decorative engraved map
Rollo's Travels Jacob Abbott 1840 antiquarian book
Rollo's Vacation Jacob Abbott 1839 antiquarian juvenile children's book
Russia in Europe Muscovy Novgorod Perm c. 1796 McIntyre engraved map
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland Shetlands Orkneys 1850's engraved map
South America Continent 1799 Scoles engraved Low early American miniature map
Southeast Asia British Raj India Qing Empire Japan 1874 color lithographed map
The Population of the Earth 4th Yearly Overview 1876 Behm & Wagner scarce maps
Travels of Apostle Paul Roman Empire Holy Land 1796 Rymer map Jerusalem cityplan
Wallonia Belgium Brabant Hainault Namur Beaumont 1737 De Lat engraved map
Wanderer of Switzerland 1808 James Montgomery rare pocket leather poetry book
Wisdom Gems in Miniature c. 1850 book of quotations & life advice lovely binding
Young Lady's Own Book Life Advice for Young Women 1838 Etiquette leather book
Young Man's Own Book Life Advice Etiquette 1833 rare pocket leather book