Abraham Lincoln Assassination April 1865 National press illustrated newspapers
Aesop's Fables 1814 Chiswick Press 111 wood engravings leather miniature book
Africa w/ huge fictitious Mts. of the Moon range 1850 Meyer scarce antique map
Albany city plan Hudson New York rare c. 1850 Magnus letter sheet map hand color
Alexander's Conquests Asia Minor 1731 E. Bowen Turkey Middle East Scythia India
Algiers Algeria harbor view ships North Africa 1719 Mallet vintage color view
Amsterdam Holland Muiden port city view Nederland c.1760 vue d'optique print
Ancient Egypt north Africa 1814 J. Bower scarce American antique M. Carey map
Arizona state c.1890 population shown as 59,620 old map hand colored Tunison
Asia Arabia India China SE Asia c.1860's Tardieu old hand color antique map
Assisi Italy Italia Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli engraved antique map
Australia continent many explorer routes Sydney inset 1866 Stieler detailed map
Australia Sydney Victoria Queensland 1875 detailed antique map
Brittany coast of France 1719 Mallet miniature old map hand colored
California Gold Region Texas territorial shape New Mexico Utah 1852 Meyer map
Cape Ann Harbor Massachusetts 1850 Blunt coast nautical chart antique map
Cayenne French Guyana Guiana South America 1719 ships miniature color Mallet map
central Germany Map 1552 Munster woodcut old hand color Nurnberg antique map
Chile La Plata South America c.1836 Dower beautiful map hand colored
China Chinese Empire Bhutan separate Tibet Formosa Korea c.1870 French map
Croatia Slovenia Austria Italy Switzerland Germany 1694 Europe rare map
Egypt showing source of Nile scarce c.1800 engraved old map
Europe continent 1766 Gibson engraved old hand color map decorative cartouche
Europe Poland Germany West Prussia 4 Inset City Plans 1849 Meyer detailed map
European Turkey Greece Bulgaria Balkans c.1840-50's Tardieu fine antique map
Finland Estonia Livonia 1874 Flemming detailed old map
Fore-edge painting English Tudor architecture 1853 leather book Fenelon
France History Art Nouveau leather book bindings set x 6 vols 1880's engravings
Frank Leslie's Illustrated 1890 monthly magazine color plates leather books rare
Frank Leslie's Monthly Illustrated magazine 1881 leather book color plates
Fulton Ferry building carriages 1864 New York city view lithographed print
Germany Poland Baltic Sea c.1780's Europe old map hand colored
Germany Prussia Poland East Sea 1849 Meyer detailed map
Glasgow city plan decorative vignettes c.1890-1910 Scotland map rare lovely
Harlequins commedia dell'arte 1801 rare book Anno IX engraved prints
History of France 1789-1881 Martin 3 vol. Leather set Art Nouveau Illustrated A+
Holland Belgium Kingdom Netherlands c. 1840 Wyld antique old hand color map
Holland Netherlands Les Pays Bas 1810 Lattre Delamarche cartouche scarce old map
Horace Walpole Letters 1906 set 9 vols w/ 64 engraved portrait plates
House of Refuge Randals Island 1860 New York city view lithographed print
Idaho Western Montana Wyoming c.1890 Tunison detailed old map hand colored
Iran Afghanistan Persia Caspian Sea Turkestan 1896 Stieler detailed old map
Italy Italia Sicily Malta Sardegna 1856 Leipzig rare antique large detailed map
John Leech HK Browne color plates c.1858 Surtees leather book Romford's
Journeys of Jesus Christ 1794 Amos Doolittle rare miniature map W & B #887
Lucerne Switzerland 1598 Munster old map wonderful hand color
Madeira island Portugal coast of Africa 1719 Mallet miniature antique map
Martinique Guadeloupe Caribbean islands c.1780 Bonne lovely old hand colored map
Mediterranean Italy Greece Balkans Thrace c.1750-80 miniature hand color map
Miniature Bible History 1831 leather book New London 24 woodcut illustrations A+
Miniature books c.1850's set 8 vols 400 woodcuts Indians Americans History
Modern Packaging magazine 1957-62 lot 6 issues great product ads graphics
Naples Napoli Italy city plan c.1880 scarce detailed old map hand color Italia
Native American southwest Apache Lipan Warrior 1857 Sarony lithographed print
Netherlands Deventer city plan charming c.1720-40 Harrewijn decorative small map
Netherlands Holland Low Country Pays Bas 1719 Mallet miniature antique map
Netherlands XVII United Provinces Holland Pays-Bas 1719 Chiquet decorative map
New Mexico 1890 detailed antique state map Population 153,000 Utah Territory WA
New York City birds-eye view c.1855-65 wood engraved miniature hand color print
New York London Populations Mountain Heights 1848 Gay Lussac comparison chart
North America United States Mormon Fort Territorial west c1850 Fremin Jacobs map
Northeast Africa Arabia Nubia Somalia Nile sources 1873 detailed German map
Palermo Italy city plan c.1880 scarce lovely detailed old map hand color Italia
Papagos Sonoran Desert Native Americans Cactus 1857 lithographed print
Phiz color plate book c.1850 Surtees leather binding Hawbuck Grange
Playing Cards games rules 1778 Piquet rare French book period leather binding
Poland Dutchy of Lithuania Prussia c.1790 Kitchin map lovely hand color
Poland Lithuania 1752 Chatelain charming miniature hand color map
Poland Russia Prussia Austria Claims c.1790 Kitchin (?) hand color map
Poster Stamps Art Nouveau Jugendstil c.1898-1930 lot x 100 mini-posters
Rivers around World lengths comparison Asia US 1842 scarce antique Diagram chart
Rome Roma Italy Italia c.1760 Europe city view vue d'optique print fantasy view
Russia or Moscovy in Europe 1766 Jefferys charming miniature decorative map
Scandinavia Sweden Denmark Norway 1790 Kitchin lovely hand color map
Science in America 1821 Blair Experimental Natural Philosophy illustrated Horblit
Scotland United Kingdom 1719 Morden scarce little miniature hand color map
Snakes 1856 lot x 10 lithographed prints US RR Exploration Pacific survey
Southern Sweden Norway near Denmark 1874 Flemming German detailed large old map
Spain Portugal 1719 Morden scarce charming miniature hand color map
Switzerland 1661 Jansson decorative miniature map beautiful hand color
Switzerland Luzern Neuchatel Lac Leman 1598 Munster old map wonderful hand color
Tartary Korea as island China Tibet Asia c.1710 scarce engraved hand color map
Tivoli Italia Italy Italian prospect birds-eye view city plan 1629 Bertelli map
Toledo city plan and Environs c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed urban map
Tortona Italy Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare engraved antique map
Turino Turin Italia Italy Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare antique map
Turkey in Europe Asia Minor Syria Kurdistan Mesopotamia 1817 old hand color map
Turner engraved plate book 1834 Italy Poems Rogers Sothard gilt leather binding
United States American History set 10 vols 1902 leather illustrated maps
United States Mormon Fort named Texas California Rocky Mountains c.1870 map
United States w/ Texas inset w/ German Colony named 1868 Stieler detailed map
Urbino Italy Italia Italian city plan 1629 Bertelli rare engraved antique map
Utah Territory Washington State New Mexico c.1890 scarce old map hand colored
Vermont state by itself 1854 Phelps uncommon lovely antique hand color map
War with Mexico 28 Feb. 1847 Battle Sacramento California U.S. battle map plan
Ward's Island New York city 1860 Hayward panoramic view buildings litho print
West Africa Guinea coast c.1750 Bellin decorative charming hand color map
World Asia Australia Africa Southern continent Latitude lines 1719 Mallet map
World Map as Known to Ancients 1842 Ptolomy Africa Mts. Moon Arabia India Europe
World mountains heights Himalayas Alps Andes Rockies c.1850 Meyer old chart
Yumas natives Arizona Native Americans 1857 lithographed print hand color
Africa Continent c.1810 Madagascar Mts of Moon Kong Arrowsmith hand color map
Africa slave trade washing Singes 1719 old Mallet Ethnic costume hand color
American Church Membership by denomination 1898 large detailed U.S. pie charts
Amsterdam Holland Nederland 1762 Amstel city view vue d'optique print
Amsterdam Koren-Beurs market corn Holland city view vue d'optique urban print
Ancient Rome Italy Roma Italia 1760's Europe city view vue d'optique nice print
Asia continent Arabia India China Company Land myth 1790 Kitchin map
Berlin Potsdam Germany c.1885-1902 Tourist view books photos lithos lot x 6
Block Island Sound coast Charlestown Westerly Stoningham 1891 Rhode Island map
Boston Massachusetts city Atlas 1874 Hopkins 27 large detail maps owners
Bruxelles Brussels Belgium c.1880's-1902 tourist books 100 views photo litho
Canada British Columbia Comox Atlin 1913 huge Rand McNally detailed province map
Canada Grand Banks Tall ship sailing fleet 1719 Mallet vintage color view print
Celestial sphere World Hemisphere Australia Africa 1683 Mallet map hand color
Central America Panama Canal zone c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map
Ceylon India native man woman smoking pipe 1820 Fashion print ethnic dress
Cochin China man woman natives 1820 Fashion Illustration print ethnic dress
Colgate Art Nouveau Advertising 385 ads c.1900-30 era company office book
Comparative Irish Population Ireland US immigration 1898 large detailed U.S. map
Distribution "Colored" African-American Population 1898 large detailed U.S. map
Edmund Spenser's Works 1805 set 8 leather books beautiful gilt morocco A+
Fore-edge painting England Dawlish seaside town c.1805 Hayley leather book
French binding 1826 Riccoboni leather book charming miniature pocket
Gallipoli birds-eye view Turkey Thrace 1719 Mallet vintage color print
Gauffered edges leather book binding 1855 England Birket Foster illustrated
Germany Circle of Westphalia Rhine course 1811 John Cary lovely large old map
Gold Digging California c.1850 rare view hand colored Volcano near Sutter's Mill
Great Lakes Vicinity Wisconsin Michigan New York c.1913 huge Rand McNally map
Italy 1690 scarce decorative hand color map
Italy Rome Castel Sant'Angelo 1719 Roma Italia Mallet vintage color view
Italy scarce 1719 Morden hand color map Borri #not noted
John Leech color plate book c.1855 Surtees Plain or Ringlets? leather gilt lovely
Kansas City plan Kansas & Missouri c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed urban map
La Fontaine 1866 Girardet illustrations French leather book beautiful binding
Lee Berkshire Mass. 1876 detailed uncommon old map
Louisiana New Orleans inset c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map
Lubeck Germany prospect view 1628 Munster old view wonderful hand color print
Middle East Palestine Holy Land Lebanon Israel c.1805 Gridley hand color map
Middle East Persia Iran Caspian Sea Persian Gulf 1739 hand color map
Middle East Persia Iran Korasan Makran Persian Gulf 1790 Trusler hand color map
Middle East Syria Coelesyria Phoenicia Mesopotamia c.1780 hand color map
Montana state 1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map shows electric railroad lines
Mount Washington New Hampshire view from Summit c.1850 hand color print lovely
Mulock's Poems 1869 leather gift binding lovely book
N & S Kingstown Charlestown Richmond 1891 Rhode Island coastal topo map
New Mexico state 1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map overprinted railroad lines
New York c.1850 Gowanus Heights Brooklyn lovely view print hand colored
New York City 1861 Broadway Howard & Grand Sts early street view print
New York Merchants Exchange 1855-65 rare old hand color letter sheet view print
Newfoundland Canada 1913 huge Rand McNally detailed province map
Newport Middletown Jamestown N S Kingstown 1891 Rhode Island coastal topo map
North Carolina state by itself c.1902 huge detailed Rand McNally folio map
North Dakota state by itself c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map
Pacific Coast WA OR CA ID NV MT WY UT CO AZ NM 1912 National Parks huge USA map
Palestine Holy Land 1794 Amos Doolittle rare miniature map Not in Laor!
Pawtucket Providence city plans large 1891 Rhode Island Topographical map
Philadelphia city plan street car lines 1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map
Poland 1719 Morden rare hand color miniature map Not in Malinowski
Proportion of White to Whites of Foreign Parentage 1898 large detailed U.S. map
Providence Narragansett Bay Cranston Warwick 1891 coastal Rhode Island topo map
Railroad Systems of the United States 1898 large detailed U.S. map
Rome fantasy ancient era view c.1760 Europe city view vue d'optique print
South Africa Basuto Land Orange Free State c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map
South America continent from best Authorities 1790 Kitchin hand color map
St. Louis city plan c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed urban map
Switzerland 1795 de la Feuille scarce miniature hand color map
Switzerland Swiss Alps 1884-5 Mountaineering Club book 8 view plates
Tibet Potala Putala Grand Lama Residence 1747 Parr old hand color birds-eye view
Travels & Voyages of St. Paul 1794 Amos Doolittle rare miniature map
Travels of St. Paul 1735 Greece Turkey Middle East Holy Land Moll hand color map
Turkey Cyprus Thrace Asia Minor Iraq Mesopotamia 1772 old hand color map
Turkey in Asia 1825 Syria Holy Land Iraq Cyprus Armenia old hand color map
Turkey in Europe Greece Balkans 1719 Morden scarce miniature hand color map
Uncle Sam 1949 USA as national landowner cartoon type newspaper map
United Kingdom British Isles Sanson c.1700-54 Chatelain map hand color
United States shows Time Zones & Carey Irrigation Projects 1913 big detailed map
Valais South Switzerland Furka Pass St. Maurice 1628 Munster antique woodcut map
West Indies Caribbean North America Florida 1811 John Cary lovely large old map
Wheeling West Virginia beautiful c. 1850 rare print hand color birds-eye view
World Cultures illustrated panorama 1854 leather book 200+ woodcut images color
World gazetteer 1820 splendid gilt decorated leather binding 6 folding maps
World War I WWI La Guerre, Madame 1917 Geraldy French leather book
Wyoming state by itself c.1913 huge Rand McNally detailed map