Africa continent 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Africa continent w/ Man Eaters 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
American Education 19th century lot 5 old books sciences geography botany philosophy
American West Frontier Sketches 1854 Kidder Bible to Indians woodcut rare book
American Psalm books Hymns Religion 1825 & 1857 Leather books Tate Brady Watts
Ancient Greece Women in Greek Art 1901 Notor fine leather book illustrated LMT'D ed.
Arabia Asia Korea as island unknown Australia Japan near Alaska 1597 Magini map
Arabian Peninsula 1748 Vaugondy engraved miniature map
Armillary Sphere Earth the Heavens 1766 Brion de la Tour decorative print
Asia Arabia India China 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Asia Company's Land outline shown 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Atlas 41 maps Europe 1782 Desnos wall maps British Isles Italy Germany Spain
Atlas of France 1878 w/ Colonies decorative Migeon 105 Vuillemin maps Paris
Autograph Album American Book Binding decorative c.1862 leather gilt quill pen
Boston Mass. History Antiquities by Drake 1856 gorgeous leather book views portraits
British Isles England Scotland Ireland Wales Porcacchi 1576 sea monsters map
British Isles Ireland Scotland England Wales 1796 Doolittle scarce American map
Charles Dickens Character Sketches c.1890 Raphael Tuck Kyd art 24 color plates
Chicago Columbian Exposition 1893 Cutler rare illustrated book color plates
Corsica Mediterranean France Porcacchi 1576 sea monsters decorative early map
Cuba Spagnola Porcacchi 1576 Porro map w/ sea monsters cupid ship cartouche
Cyprian Southack 1717 Chart English Empire North America 1942 JC Brown Wroth signed
Eastern Hemisphere tall ships men 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Elves Fairies Elfin Song 1912 Art Nouveau illustration Florence Harrison beautiful book
Europe ethnic hand color plates of natives 1828 Adams Voyager Travel book
European Continent 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Farmers Everyday Book 1850 get rich in farming advice recipes huge leather book
France 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Geographical Review 1927 Geography beautiful leather book 4 issues many photos
Geographical Review 1938 Geography fine leather book 4 issues w/ photos & maps
Geographical Review NY 1941 lovely leather book 4 issues color maps many photos
Geographical Society Journal 1932 Antarctic Norvegia leather book w/ maps photos
History of Algeria Africa 1839 de Vinchon illustrated Madrassa school Koran Islam
Holy Land 1714 Roman Miles decorative vignette map by Reland Laor #653
Homann World Atlas c.1740 Novus Minor complete 49 wonderful maps w/ cartouches
Iceland by Porcacchi 1576 wonderful miniature map
India Tavola X 1562 Ruscelli map Ptolemy Ganges Taprobana island shown
Indonesia Java SE Asia Sumatra Philippines Maluku Borneo 1576 Porcacchi map
Ireland Porcacchi 1576 old map
Isaiah Thomas 1795 Chronicles of Kings of England Ben Saddi Jewish author rare book
Jedidiah Morse 1812 American Geography 2 folding maps North America leather book
Jedidiah Morse American Geography Amos Doolittle maps 1814 rare Gazetteer Atlas
Known ancient world Asia Taprobana Mythical Southern continent 1597 Ruscelli map
Leonardo da Vinci 1811 Milano Italy Ignazio Fumagalli 52 engravings art works
Mexico Mexican Republic Texas 1849 rare book Laws Land Water Mariano Galvan
  Miners Travelers Guidebook 1865 Capt. Mullan large US map routes Oregon Colorado
Modern City philosophy metaphysical sociology 1898 Izoulet leather book French
Napoleon Life Illustrated 1853 pictorial leather book hand colored plates military
North America New World Caribbean Quivira Straits Anian Porcacchi 1576 Porro map
North America w/ unknown northwest region 1748 Vaugondy engraved miniature map
Paris guidebook 1894-1947 lot 5 different Baedeker Hotel guide Hachette Leconte
Peterson's Lady's Fashion Magazine 1851 complete year leather book
Poland Lithuania Polish Partition 1796 Amos Doolittle rare American engraved map
Posters Colored special papers c.1900-1920 lot of 12 Art Nouveau graphics
Quinsnicket R.I. Painters Art portfolio 1936 Dec. #31 of 35 copies original art woodcuts
Rare World & Holy Land maps 1696 de Masso engraved Judaism fine book 11 plates
Rural Poetry Seasons Months of Year 1856 beautiful leather book illustrated Jenks
Russian Empire Asia China Company's Land 1748 Vaugondy engraved miniature map
Russian Revolution de Rulhiere 1798 rare book Manning Nancrede engraved portrait
Saints Italian sainthood 1859 1893 Sarcander & Baldinucci rare books Catholic Church
Scandinavia Swedish Empire Norway Sweden Livonia Laponia 1758 Buffier map
Solar System celestial diagram 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved print map
  Splendid pre-1850 English engraving collection album 115 proofs & pre-lettered prints
South America continent 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Tibet Potala palace Home Dalai Lama 1749 Prevost Grueber engraved prospect view
Travels of Apostle St. Paul 1657 Visscher map w/ historical scenes van den Broeck
United States eagle in cartouche 1790 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
United States mid-west Louisiana to Great Lakes 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
United States westward travel expansion 1874 Crofutt guide maps city plans
Venice Venezia Italia Italy city plan 1576 Porcacchi early birds-eye view map
Versailles Trianons c.1870-80 scarce pocket guidebook illustrated 20 views
Villa Vicoza Spain miniature city view 1672 Mallet print
West Indies Caribbean 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Western United States History 1841 illustrated book Native Americans Wm. Mickey
Winds heads of World Ptolemy climates 1597 Magini geography printed image map
Woodcut illustrated book c.1700's small rare pocket sized devotional prayer book
World Geographical View Manners Customs peoples 1826 illustrated book
  World Atlas 1885 Sohr-Berghaus 101 large color maps complete leather book
World w/ huge Southern Continent Unknown Incognita Anian 1576 Porcacchi map