African Continent Algeria Zulus Egypt Guinea Unexplored Land 1867 Stieler map
African Continent Unexplored Interior Cape Colony 1872 Mitchell map
Asia Ottoman Empire India China Japan Korea Russia Malaysia 1867 Stieler map
Brooklyn New York Army Supply Base 1919 Project Completion Report 63 photographs
Bussy Ellerman Harms 1802-1893 Voorheen en Thans Dutch Book Printer history
East Africa Middle East Arabian Peninsula Holy Land Palestine 1867 Stieler map
East Indies India Southeast Asia Philippines Siam Burma Sumatra 1867 Stieler map
Holy Land Palestine Israel Lebanon Dead Sea Jordan River Beirut 1867 Stieler map
New Hampshire by Belknap 1813 set 3 vols. with S. Hill state map complete
North America Canada United States Mexico Russian America Cuba 1867 Stieler map
North America South America Caribbean Patagonia Greenland 1867 Stieler map
North Pole Northern Hemisphere w/ Russian Arctic Franklin 1867 Stieler map
North Pole Polar Ice Cap Spitsbergen Greenland Russia c. 1920 large detailed map
Palestine Holy Land Israel Jerusalem plan elevations c. 1920 large detailed map
Physical Geography Atlas 1864 Johnston complete 20 color litho maps Geology
Poitiers France Buttiers 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Raphael's Madonnas 1860 Albumen photographic book original images fine leather
Richard Jefferies 1905 Story of My Heart Mosher Press Lauriat fine leather book
Siemern Rhineland Palatinate 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Solar System Planetary Orbits Zodiac Chart Lunar Orbit 1867 Stieler map
South Africa Cape Colony Orange Free State Transvaal Republic 1867 Stieler map
South Africa Madagascar Cape Colony Transvaal Republic Boers 1867 Stieler map
South Pole Polar Ice Cap Exploration Shackleton Ross c. 1920 large detailed map
South Pole Southern Hemisphere Islands with endless exploration tracks 1867 map
Southeast Asia Malaysia Philippines Sumatra European Colonies 1867 Stieler map
Southeast Asia Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Malaysia c. 1920 large detailed map
Southern Constellations Night Sky Zodiac Celestial 1867 Stieler celestial map
T.S. Arthur 1851 Lights & Shadows of Real Life decorative embossed leather book
The Nosegay by Thomas Grady 1816 Dublin rare book w/ 5 engraved plates
West Africa Guinea Sahara Desert Morocco Algeria Takrir Songhai 1867 Stieler map
West Africa Liberia Guinea Morocco Sahara Desert 1855 Colton map Liberia inset
World Population Race & Ethnicity Religion Language c. 1920 large detailed map