Africa Continent St. Helena Nile River Delta 1887 Bradley & Bro engraved map
American Almanac 1849 Topics include Slavery Texas Mexico War fine leather book
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Bohemia Vienna 1867 Stulpnagel detailed map
Camp Mills Long Island Queens Hempstead NY 1918 Aviation fields old topo chart
Cape Colony Boer Republics Cape Town Transvaal 1867 Petermann detailed map
Chicago Illinois detailed city plan 1887 Bradley & Bro engraved map
Christianity Penance Evolution Church Traditions 1904 Louis Billot Latin text
Considerations on Public Funds & Revenues 1735 Robert Walpole British pamphlet
Dick's Games of Patience Solitaire with Cards 1884 William B. Dick old book
Dictionary of Shakespearean Quotes 1868 lovely leather binding gift edition
Eastern Europe Russia Ukraine Crimea Finland 1870 Johnson/Ward map Scarce Issue
Geography of New Hampshire 1831 James G. Carter old school book with map
German Confederation Austrian Empire Bohemia Bavaria 1830 Lapie large folio map
Holy Roman Empire Prussia Austria c. 1830's Brue large detailed map hand color
Illinois Counties Chicago Springfield 1864 Johnson & Ward map scarce Issue
Instructive Fables 1834 Eliza Cheap Illustrated Christian book for children
Kentucky & Tennessee Nashville State House Mammoth Cave 1865 Johnson map
Kentucky State Map Louisville Frankfort Capitol Building 1885 Tunison map
Kingdom of Poland Eastern Prussia Posen 1854 Biller detailed map
Lady of Lurlei & Other Stories for Children 1852 juvenile's illustrated book
Left in Labrador Camping Out Series 1873 C.A. Stephens children's book
Life of Julius Agricola Roman General 1808 Tacitus Napoleonic era leather book
Memoirs of Colonel Arial Bragg American Military Officer & Businessman 1846 book
Michigan Upper & Lower Peninsula Detroit Lansing Mackinac 1885 Tunison map
Native American Pottery & Portraits 1890s beautiful color prints rare lot of 24
New Testament Primer 1831 American Sunday School Union Juvenile's Book with Map
North America United States Canada Mexico Caribbean Hawaii 1867 Johnson map
Polynesia South Pacific Islands Papua New Guinea 1857 Berghaus detailed map
Six Months in a Convent 1835 anti-Catholic tract Rebecca Theresa Reed old book
Solar System Planetary Orbits Heavenly Bodies Coins of the World 1885 print
The Foresters Robin Hood & Maid Marian 1892 Alfred Lord Tennyson leather book
The House I Live In Medical 1847 by Alcott Human Anatomy Skeletons school book
The Newsboy newspaper youth trades 1860 John Ellard illustrated children's book
The Prayers of Doctor Samuel Johnson 1902 Limited Edition book Christianity
The Rambler Samuel Johnson 1800 Illustrated plates English Periodical 3 vol. set
The Young Yachters in Iceland to Geysers 1873 C.A. Stephens Camping Out Series
Time Zones of the World Washington D.C. Vienna Singapore Bern 1864 Mitchell map
Washington & Utah U.S. Territories Seattle Salt Lake City 1885 Tunison map
West Africa Morocco Guinea Dahomey Songhai Benin 1863 Stulpnagel detailed map
William Cowper Poems English Poetry 1851 Harp fine pictorial gift binding book
World Transportation Ocean Liners Camels Reindeer Elephants Railroad 1885 print
Young Gentleman's Parental Monitor 1792 CT Advice for Young Men old leather book