1934 World Geographical Review 4 journals leather book 2 maps Yale India
Abbe Constantine by Halevy 1890's Leather book Illustrated Lemaire
Afghanistan by itself 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature engraved map
Africa continent 1853 large detailed Heck Schmidt Eberhardt German map
Africa Mts. of Moon shown w/ mountain height diagram 1849 Meyer Radefeld map
Africa southeast coastal kingdom Monomotapa Mozambique c.1748 de L'isle map
American 1863 Civil War era leather book by T.B. Read 1776 Alleghanies Wagoner
Ancient Greek coins de Saulcy numismatics 1845 French rare book plates
Ancient Rome Roma Italy Roman Forum birds-eye c.1848 old city view print
Arabia interior East Africa Nile source 1792 rare Elwe Delisle large map
Arctic Region North America Canada c.1870 map
Arkansas state by itself 1846 S.A. Mitchell map
Australia Eastern Hemisphere 1798 by van Baarsel Explorers tracks antique map
Australia New Holland Oceania Pacific islands c.1842 Tardieu map Tooley #1240
Australia New Holland Van Diemen Land NSW 1849 Meyer antique map Tooley #995
Bay of Biscay chart coastal Spain beautiful c1745 Tindal decorative antique map
Brimfield Massachusetts 1850's rare J. Morse 2 sheet bond paper township map
British (English) Channel 1814 Thomson engraved oversize antique map
British Guyana South America 1855 Tallis decorative map views harbors nature
British North America Canada Hudson Bay Alaska 1849 Meyer detailed antique map
Brooklyn NY bookbinder H. Maine 1882 leather Daudet Contes French etchings
Capt Cook Northwest Passage chart c.1790 Hogg Norton Sound Bherings Strait map
Casal Casale Moferrato Italy Italia c.1740 Basire birds-eye city view ramparts
Chartres France city plan c.1580 Braun & Hogenberg original antique map
Color Prints Art Deco era lot x 7 camels costume party women children dogs
Columbia Directing US Army Skeleton Dead Christian Nast 1875 antique print
Cuba Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Caribbean c.1760 Emanuel Bowen folio map
Dakotas undivided West U.S. 1883 Frank Gray very large variant issue antique map
Danube river Austria Hungary Bohemia Styria Bavaria 1676 Du Val rare large map
Denmark Iceland Feroe Islands c.1816 large Thomson detailed map
East Hemisphere Asia Australia Africa Mts. of Moon 1819 Hewitt Wyld Thomson map
Eastern United States Mississippi Territory 1824 rare Vallardi Italian map
Egypt North Africa Nile source Mts. of Moon Arabia c.1650 map de la Rue Marietta
Elwe Ottens rare 1792 large Historical chart Nations of Europe coats of arms
Europe Russia Scandinavia Italy Iceland U.K. c.1830s Lizars huge 2 sheet map
Europe U.K. Ireland Iceland Denmark Norway Britain 1679 Du Val rare large map
Eyes Opthalmology 1809-10 Lot x 9 engraved anatomical prints anatomy
Florence Italy Dominio Fiorentino Italia Lucca c.1590 rare large Magini map
France Belgium Germany ancient Europe c.1680 Mercator Ptolemaic antique map
French leather book Lamartine poems 1838 beautiful decorative gilt spine
French leather book near miniature 1889 de Musset Contes et Nouvelles
Great Battle of Solferino Italy birds-eye view 1859 old print
Guinea West Africa coast 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map Senegambia Mts. Kong
Gulf of Mexico Florida islands Yucatan Caribbean West Indies c.1793 Kitchin map
Hawaii King natives Sandwich Islands 1802 Dutch Capt Cook voyage engraved print
Hemans Poetical Works 1839 near miniature Leather Book w/ engravings gilt
Holy Land Palestine 40 years Wandering 1725 Prideaux decorative map Jonah Moses
Hungary Balkans Bulgaria Dalmatia coast c.1744 Homann decorative antique map
Hungary Budapest Transylvania Austria c.1780 Bowen large antique hand color map
Hungary Transylvania Budapest 1769 Tirion uncommon Dutch antique engraved map
India Hindustan Hindoostan 1836 Tardieu miniature map engraved Bengal
India rare Railway map 1901 huge folding color limited edition S.I.O.
Indo China Thailand Vietnam Malaysia SE Asia 1836 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
Ireland British Isles Irish Sea St. George's Channel c.1740 Seale nautical map
Italy Italia decorative 1790 Desnos Brion Chambon engraved map
Italy Sicily Italia c.1760 de Leth & Chiquet antique map w/ old hand color
Japanese woodblock prints x 2 Perry Japan 1855-6 original color prints Sinclair
Kampen Netherlands City Plan c.1590 Braun & Hogenberg antique map hand color
Kingdom of David c. 1740 Covens & Mortier Holy Land fine large antique map
Kingdom of Prussia Monarchy Poland Austria 1858 huge Dufour map Dyonnet engraved
Lake Geneva city Switzerland c.1700 de Fer plan lovely antique map w/ cherubs
Lands of Islan historical 750-945 Arabia Mesopotamia 1880 Menke Spruner map
Low Countries des Pays Bas Belgium Flanders Luxemburg Artois 1762 Janvier map
Lunenburg Braunschweig Central Germany c.1670 antique Jansson large color map
Marseilles France miniature city plan 1835 antique engraved map w/ hand color
Martinique Dominica islands Cul de Sac Royal c.1815 large Caribbean Thomson map
Massachusetts c.1799 Samuel Lewis M. Carey American Atlas folio map W & B #213
Mediterranean Arabia c. 1740 Covens & Mortier Armenia fine antique map
Mediterranean w/ naval war-related harbor insets Gibraltar 1817 Thomson map
Milan Italy duomo Catholic cathedral 1840s lovely unique antique artistic print
Miniature books lot x 4 leather bound language dictionaries c. 1930-50 era
Minnesota Iowa Minneapolis Des Moines 1865 Colton scarce miniature antique map
Missouri state map showing canals & railroads 1850 Cowperthwait scarce issue
Namur Belgium Wallonia Low Countries large detailed c.1740 Basire city plan
New Zealand islands by themselves Tasmania inset 1879 A & C Black map
Nieuwpoort Belgium Newport c.1740 Basire fine detailed city plan view w/ profile
North & South America Canada 1806 Cary lovely original hand color antique map
North Africa Egypt Nile source shown as 2 lakes and Mts. of Moon c.1780 map
North Africa Fez Algers Barbary coast Spain Tangiers 1677 Du Val old Map
North America continent 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
North and South Australia c.1896 Stanford huge rare detailed map
Northern Italy Italia Toscana Tuscany Church States 1790 decorative Brion map
Northwest Africa Gold Slaves Ivory 1848 Stulpnagel map Stieler
Northwest Africa Senegambia Guinea Liberia 1853 Weiland Kiepert huge antique map
Oceania Australia Hooked Lake Torrens myth c.1860 Fullarton Johnson large map
Oceania Australia New Zealand c.1860 large Dufour antique engraved color map
Paris France city plan Versailles St. Denis c.1890's beautiful map
Pennsylvania state map c.1842 rare J. Greenleaf
Peru Chili Chile Patagonia regional map of South America 1816 Thomson large map
Poetry Poets American 1871 leather book Moral Religion engravings beautiful rare
Poland 1836 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
Portugal c.1780 Bowen scarce fine folio antique map lovely hand color
Prussia modern Germany Poland 1815 Thomson large map
Prussia Poland Polen Posen Brandenburg Pomerania 1842 Teesdale & Dower map
Roycroft Elbert Hubbard 1902 Illuminator Ella Stackman signed limited ed.
Sandwich Isl. Hawaii Central America Panama Galapagos Caribbean 1849 Volcanos
Saudi Arabia Middle East 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
Savannah River Georgia Tybee Island 1822 Blunt old antique map nautical chart
Savoye France Switzerland Piedmont Geneva 1719 decorative antique hand color map
Saxony Germany Fulda river Bad Hersfeld Hirschfelt 1644 Hondius Jansson map
Senegal Gambia Guinea Sahara Desert West Africa Colonies 1849 Meyer antique map
Shimonoseki Moji Japan hotels police hospitals banks etc. 1914 color litho map
Sicily Sicilia Italia Italy Europa Europe 1676 Du Val rare large map decorative
Solar System planets orbits constellations stars Moon 1849 Meyer Celestial print
Solothurn Switzerland c.1580 Munster antique birds-eye view map city plan
South America Argentina Uruguay Brazil 1747 Bowen native cartouche folio map
Southeast Asia Siam Laos Hindoostan India Anam Burma 1829 Lapie fine antique map
Southern France Gulf Lyon Provence Spain c.1760 Rizzi Zannoni decorative map
Southwest United States Texas as Republic California Mexico 1846 Thierry map
Spain Murcia Province region 1859 rare maps folding book Espana Sagrada
Spain Portugal Pyrennes Balearic islands 1859 Dufour Dyonnet fine huge map
Spain rare Navarro map 1859 Madrid Espana Sagrada book decorative folding
Spanish North America 1817 Thomson Mexico Texas Louisiana Ter. NM AZ antique map
St Jago Santo Domingo harbor 1676 antique engraved Ogilby view print
Swabia Southern Germany Wurtemberg 1799 by John Cary large detailed map
Syria Palestine Middle East c.1670 by Mosting antique folio engraved color map
Tierra del Fuego Magellan Straits 1800 Capt Cook folio scarce antique map
Toulon France c.1740 old city plan
Tours France 1598 Munster decorative antique birds-eye city view
Tunisia North Africa France colony c.1890 antique map birds-eye Tunis city view
Turkey Cyprus Greece Egypt Tunis Africa coast 1574 Ortelius map vdB 174 scarce
Turkey in Europe Balkans Greece Bulgaria Romelia 1856 Dufour Dyonnet huge map
United States 1849 Texas Republic shaped Austin 1500 people large folding map
United States numerous western territories 1867 Stulpnagel map
United States state of Jefferson & Columbia AK Terr. 1837 Tardieu miniature map
Upper Swabia Southern Germany Boden Sea Switzerland Danube 1644 Hondius map
Western Germany Dortmund Berge Ducatus Marck Rhine riv. 1644 Hondius Jansson map
Wiessenburg Bayern Franconia Germany c.1628 Munster antique birds-eye view print
World Map 1813 Molini Italian Remarkable Mts. of Moon Australia strange US mts.
World map physical 1821 Brue Africa shows Mts. of Moon large antique map
World Panorama 1854 decorative leather book 1000 woodcuts hand-color
World personified Rulers Democracy Puck Dalrymple c.1885-90 color litho print
World vegetation plants distribution scientific by continent 1849 Meyer map
World w/ mountains heights & water ways c.1860 Fullarton decorative antique map
World's Fair Louisiana Purchase 1904 Expo lot x 9 Illustrated souvenir booklets
Ypres Flanders Northern France City Walls 1582 Guicciardini Plantijn antique map