Africa Red Sea Monsters early sailing ship c.1620 Munster woodblock map print
African Black Venus Sea goddess Poseidon 1794 rare & unusual engraved print
Albumen photograph album nudes artwork c.1880 salesman book? unique
American Civil War newspapers Leslie's illustrated 1862-63 Lot 5 issues woodcuts
Androscoggin Auburn Lewiston Livermore Falls Maine 1888 Colby detailed map
Aragon Spain Hondius 1639 H. HOndius old map
Arizona New Mexico Western U.S. 1894 Mitchell-Bradley late issue variant map
Augusta city plan & Kennebec County Maine 1888 Colby detailed map
Austrian Empire c.1850's Hungary Bohemia Croatia map
Automobiles Sporting Horses Equestrian 1903 French periodical 44 issues leather book
Baltic Sea Europe Gulf of Finland Bothnia 1796 Malham Rollinson map
Biographical Dictionary 1825 attractive leather book engraved miniature portraits
Brazil 1671 Ogilby view Isle Tamaraca Dutch Fort northwest coast South America
Buenos Aires Argentina c.1850 harbor view hand colored print
Canton China c.1840 European Consul residence trading port hand colored print
Cape Town South Africa harbor 1840 lovely city view hand colored print
Chile coast Inchin island Anson voyage tracks shown 1748 engraved map by Seale
China hand colored map 1808
Christian Slaves tortured Propaganda 1683 Mallet remarkable hand colored print
Climate in North & South America 1867 Disturnell book Colton Climatological map
Dublin Ireland City plan 1683 Mallet hand colored map
East coast North America 1796 American Callender Malham map Wheat & Brun #58
Education in America 1818-1865 Collection 5 old books Primer Chemistry Music Oratory
Education in America 1823-1837 Lot of 5 early school books wooden covers Webster
Fishing for Pearls divers 1683 Mallet hand colored print
Fort Fairfield Presque Isle Mechanic Falls Maine Caribou 1888 Colby detailed map
Franklin County Maine 1888 Colby large detailed hand colored map
Fribourg Switzerland Cathedral c.1640-60 detailed fine birds eye city view
Geological State Map of Maine by Hitchcock 1888 Colby detailed
George Eliot Essays Note-Book 1st Edition 1884 fine gilt leather book Blackwood
Greece Crete Rhodes Greek Travel 1788 Savary leather book map & minotaur maze plate
Greece Gulf of Corinth Naval Battle Lepanto Ottoman Empire 1620 Porcacchi print
Heidelberg Germany 1598 large panoramic city view birds-eye print Munster
History of Russia 1828-31 by Nicolai M. Karamsin 2 vol. set German leather books
Italy Italia c.1780 Lodge map decorative cartouche old hand color folio sheet
Japan 1896 old map
Jedidiah Morse 1819 American Geography United States & world map leather book
Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire birds-eye c.1850 Bartlett hand colored print
Landrecies France city plan fortification 1672 Mallet military miniature map
Limoges France region city plan Totius LeMovici 1613 Mercator Keere folio map
Lincoln & Sagodahoc County coastal Maine Boothbay 1888 Colby detailed map
Lombardy Italia Italy Republic of Venice 1750 Vaugondy decorative large map
Mechanix Illustrated WW II 1943-45 great lot of 21 issues aviation airplanes military
Melos Island Greece map & print 1620
Minorca Menorca Balearic Island 1620 Porcacchi map eight sea monsters miniature
Mount Desert Boothbay Harbor Casco Bay Peaks Isl. Maine 1888 Colby detailed map
Musical Theater Musicals c.1940's-60's Nice lot of 22 w/ many celebrity cigarette ads
Napoleonic Wars in Spain Jones 1811-12 English armies Journal book w/ 5 maps
North America Territorial western US ca. 1865 Johnston Blackwood large map
Notch House White Mountain New Hampshire c.1840's Bartlett hand colored print
NY Tribune Civil War rare newspaper maps Aug. 1861 Battle Bull Run Casualty list
Patalgonia Terra del Fuego South America 1748 large Anson map ship tracks
Peking Celestial Observatory China Night Sky c.1840 charming hand colored print
Poland Lithuania Red Russia Ukraine c.1780 engraved map by J. Barber
Rockland downtown city plan & Knox County Maine 1888 Colby detailed map
Saldana Bay South Africa map lovely hand color
Santorini Greece Greek island map 1620 Porcacchi w/ sea monsters miniature
South America Chili coastline Tierra del Fuego Argentine 1720 Moll miniature map
South America continent decorative 1683 Mallet hand colored map sailing ships
South America Falklands Tierra del Fuego 1796 Malham Rollinson map
South America Peru Andes 1780 Bonne map lovely hand color
South America Peru Quito 1780 Bonne interesting detailed map
Southey's Poetical Works 1838 Leather bindings book set 9 vols engravings
St. Christopher island Lesser Antilles Leeward 1782 map by Lodge detailed
Temple of Ellora India c.1840-50 hand colored print
Territorial United States Mormon Fort Mexico c. 1850-55 map note Texas boundary
Timber Lands Maine around Moosehead Lake 1888 Colby detailed map
Unite States 1879 Gray large detailed map
Venice Italy Venezia Italia c.1750 Homann folio sheet map
View scrapbook album c.1895-1900 Holy Land Jerusalem London Montreal Canada
West African Coast 1796 Callender American made rare map 1st to focus W&B #853
World Atlas c.1850 Monumental 101 maps + 101 litho plates Houze V. Adam
World Geography Cultures Travel Illustrated 1825-1842 books x 2 Texas Republic
World Travel Sightseeing Marvels 1823 Leather 2 vol set books 16 view plates
York County Calais Washington St Croix River Maine 1888 Colby detailed map