African Continent Apocryphal Geography Morocco Egypt Guinea Zanzibar 168 Sanson
American cherubs decorative Leather Gift Book binding 1854 Landlady N.H.
American History 1918 Woodrow Wilson lovely illustrated leather set 10 vols.
Amorgos Kinaros Cyclades Sailing Ships Sea Battles 1683 Mallet decorative map
Anatolia Turkey Asia Minor Constantinople Phrygia Cappadocia 1697 Cluverius map
Ancient Iberia Spain Portugal Carthago Nova Celtiberian Peoples 1719 Mallet maps
Ancient Mesopotamia Assyria Middle East Arabia Iran 1683 Mallet map
Arabian Peninsula Ancient World Red Sea Persian Gulf 1683 Mallet map
Asia Continent Korea as Island Land Jesso Ottoman Empire Arabia 1683 Sanson map
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Iran Russia China India Japan Korea 1683 Mallet map
Asian Continent Company's Land Ottoman Empire Arabia China 1756 Jefferys map
Austria Veneto Italy Noricum Vindelicia Roman Provinces 1711 Cluverius map
Baltimore Maryland Patapsco River Wharves Steam Ships c. 1844 city view
California as an Island 1683 North America Unexplored Regions scarce Sanson map
Cannanore India Harbor View Dutch Ships c. 1761 engraved prospect view
Champlain's 1632 decorative map of New France 1850 lithographed Pease re-issue
China Southeast Asia Japan c.1670 Ortelius minor miniature map hand color
Circle of Lower Saxony Holy Roman Empire Bremen Holstein 1746 LaRouge map
Compass Rose Winds of the World Divisions of Globe Equator 1697 Cluverius print
Cooke Expedition Travel Sketch American Southwest Santa Fe New Mexico 1848 map
Corsica & Sardinia Ancient World Mediterannean Islands 1697 Cluverius map
Court of the Mughal Emperor India Elephants Camels Soldiers Fountain 1752 print
Diet of the Holy Roman Empire Imperial Electors Secular Princes 1711 Cluverius
Dodecanese Islands Greece Leros Kalymmnos Kos 1683 Mallet decorative small map
Emma Willard School Atlas 1828 complete rare book w/ 8 maps battles Indians etc.
France Brittany Normandy Provence Burgundy Champagne Gascogne 1719 Mallet 2 maps
Georgia & Florida 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Germanic Peoples Ancient World Tribal Boundaries 1661 Janssonius historical map
Grand Tartary China Russia Manchuria Tibet Korea 1683 Mallet map
Guyana South America 1757 Bellin European Colonies Suriname French Guyana
Hawaiian Man Performing Dance with Shield c. 1790 Sandwich islands ethnic print
Island of Rhodes Ottoman Empire Sailing Ships Sea Battle 1683 Mallet map
Italian States Tuscany Piedmont Savoy Papal States Naples Corsica c. 1803 map
Italy Kingdoms of Sardinia and Naples Tuscany Papal States Milan 1840 Haines map
Jedo Tokyo Japan Tokugawa Shogunate 1683 Mallet bird's eye view print
Jerusalem City View Dome of the Rock Holy Land Israel Palestine 1844 view print
Judaism ancient Jewish culture & dress 1701 Braunio Sacred Hebrew rare book
Karpathos Greece Dodecanese Island Sailing Ships Sea Battle 1683 Mallet map
Kingdom of Denmark Scandinavia Jutland 1697 Cluverius decorative map
Kingdom of England Wales Isle of Wight 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime 1779 Bowden engraved map decorative hand colored
Lady's Magazine 1804 London bound volume 12 vols w/ many plates + fashion
Madrid Spain c.1933 huge colorful urban city plan linen-backed map
Mariana Islands Guam St. John St. Lazare Pacific ocean 1752 Bellin engraved map
Mathematics 1683 Edward Story illustrated rare book celestial geometry w/ video
Mexico New Spain California as an island 1713 Moll miniature map hand color
Mexico New Spain Mexico City 1754 Bellin engraved map
Middle East Syria Tripoli Damascus Sidon Tyre Palmyra 1697 Cluverius map
Mytilene Island Ottoman Empire Ionian Islands Sailing Ships 1683 Mallet map
Netherlands Low Countries Holland Belgium United Provinces 1683 Sanson map