50 Fables for Children Wilhelm Bey & Otto Speckter 1860's German children's book
Alexander Shanks Collected Sermons 1820 nice leather book 1st American Edition
Australia West Australia Alexandraland Queensland 1874 Petermann detailed map
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Vienna Venice 1846 Gilbert & Archer engraved map
Belgium Low Countries Austrian Netherlands 1760 Bowen decorative map
Belle Ile Brittany France Parish Divisions 1695 Moll engraved map
Boys' Scrap Book 1839 American Sunday School Union illustrated children's book
Bright Pictures from Child Life Cousin Fannie 1857 hand colored Children's book
Brindisi Italy city plan military fortifications Apulia 1760 Bellin map
Burton Cathedral Burton upon Trent Staffordshire 1661 Hollar engraved print
Cadaqus Catalonia Spain city plan fortifications harbor 1760 Bellin map
Calvi Bay Corsica France Mediterranean Island fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Charleston South Carolina Confederate CSA 1863 Virtue Civil War era city view
Chattanooga Tennessee Civil War Battle Plan 1868 Virtue & Yorston map
Children's Geography Manual 1811 Napoleonic France school children's rare book
Christian Texts Napoleonic France 1809 rare book w/ 1686 H. Vincent engravings
Civil War Battle of Antietam Sharpsburg 1868 Virtue & Yorston troop terrain map
Civitavecchia Lazio Italy city plan military fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Colchester Catherdral England Architectural print 1661 Hollar engraved print
Copenhagen Amager Island Salthom Denmark Scandinavia city plan 1760 Bellin map
Corcubin Galicia Spain City Plan Bay & Harbor 1760 Bellin map
Devonshire Abbey Ruined Church England Landscape view 1661 Hollar engraved print
Dunallan Know What You Judge 1828 Grace Kennedy Duyckinck rare set leather books
East Australia Queensland Victoria New South Wales 1874 Petermann detailed map
Fort Hudson Louisiana Star Fort 1868 Virtue & Yorston Civil War map
Fortress Monroe Virginia Chesapeake Bay Fort 1863 Virtue Civil War era city view
Funeral Sir Richard Steele w/ La Congiura di Bruto Sebastiano 1733-42 rare book
Gallipoli Ottoman Empire Turkey detailed city plan ruins 1760 Bellin map
Geography Jacob Willets Early American Schoolbook 1815 rare antiquarian book
Georgia Antebellum South Savannah 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Gettsyburg City Plan Civil War Battle Map 1864 Virtue & Yorston map
Gift of Friendship 1848 decorative leather gift binding w/ engravings
Holy Land Palestine Israel Lebanon Jerusalem Beirut 1878 Petermann detailed map
Holy Roman Empire Austria Bohemia Bavaria Vienna 1760 Bowen decorative map
Holy Roman Empire Westphalia Brunswick Saxony Metz 1760 Bowen decorative map
Iberia Spain & Portugal Balearic Isles Port Mahon 1760 Bowen decorative map
Island of Ireland Dublin Lakes of Kilarney 1874 Petermann detailed map
Italy Malta Sicily Sardinia Corsica Rome Milan 1878 Petermann detailed map
Kingdom of Belgium Flanders Brabant Luxembourg 1846 Gilbert/Archer engraved map
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Brest Toulon 1760 Bowen decorative map
Kingdom of Greece Ionian Islands Morea Euboea 1846 Gilbert & Archer engraved map
Life & Travels of Mungo Park 1840 Scottish Explorer Niger River Africa book
Louis Courier Complete Works 1829 rare French books 3 vol leather books set
Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia Civil War map 1868 Virtue & Yorston map
Minnesota Territory Twin Cities Mississippi 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Mississippi River Chart strip map Missouri 1863 Virtue & Yorston Civil War map
Modesty & Merit Little Mary-Rose & John 1864 children's book w/ color plates
Monastery of St. John of Jerusalem London church 1661 Hollar engraved print
National Spelling Book Pronunciation B.D. Emerson 1840 American school book
Nature On Freedom of the Mind 1839 rare transcendentalist book
Nebraska & Kansas Territory Map 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
New Orleans Louisiana Mississippi 1863 Virtue Civil War birds-eye city view
New Zealand North & South Island West Australia 1874 Petermann detailed map
North & South America w/ bold California as an Island 1695 Moll scarce fine map
Northern Italy Piedmont Savoy Montferrat Nice Coni 1760 Bowen decorative map
Northern Night Sky Celestial Zodiac Constellations 1874 Stieler detailed map
Picturesque Rhode Island History Americana 1881 Munro illustrated leather book
Plymouth Devon England United Kingdom city plan naval arsenal 1760 Bellin map
Polichinell's Harlequins Children's Stories 1850s Illustrated hand color book
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Eastern Prussia 1760 Bowen decorative map
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Mediterranean Island France Fortifications 1760 Bellin map
Prussian States Prussia Posen Berlin German Empire 1874 Vogel detailed map
Richmond Virginia Confederate Capital 1863 Civil War birds-eye city view
Richmond Virginia Confederate Capital 1868 Virtue/Yorston Civil War map
Roads of England Distances Market Towns 1695 Moll engraved map
Ruins of Osney Catherdral English Abbey Oxford Church 1661 Hollar engraved print
Ruth: A Novel 1853 Elizabeth Gaskell rare Tauchnitz period leather book
Savoy Piedmont Northern Italy France Nice Milan 1695 Moll engraved map
Scotland United Kingdom Ediburgh Orkneys 1846 Gilbert & Archer engraved map
Scotland United Kingdom Shetland Islands Edinburgh 1760 Bowen decorative map
Shetland Islands Scotland United Kingdom 1760 Bellin map
Solar System Planetary Orbits Phases of the Moon1874 Stieler detailed map
Southern Night Sky Constellations Star Map Zodiac 1874 Stieler detailed map
St. Katherines by the Tower English Church South view 1661 Hollar engraved print
St. Mary Overie Southwark Cathedral London England 1661 Hollar engraved print
Strait on Bonifacio Corsica Sardinia Mediterranean Islands 1760 Bellin map
Terrible Tractoration 1804 Medical Satire by Thomas Green Fessenden leather book
The Young Yagers Hunting South Africa 1859 Mayne Reid juvenile illustrated book
Trieste Italy detailed city plan Istria fortifications harbor 1760 Bellin map
Villefranche-Sur-Mer France French Riviera detailed city plan 1760 Bellin map
Virginia pre-Civil War West Virginia 1856 Morse Cerographic miniature map
Washington D.C. Georgetown Potomac River 1863 Civil War birds-eye city view
Wild West story & Campfire Chats by Buffalo Bill 1888 illustrated West U.S. book
William Mason Collected Poems w/ portrait 1805 lovely antiquarian leather book
World Map on Mercator's Projection 1846 Gilbert & Archer engraved map