Africa 1771 Kitchin large Guthrie decorative cartouche map man-eaters gold mines
Africa continent Mts. of Moon Donga source Nile c.1840 Petri Baedeker scarce map
Amsterdam Haarlemmerport city view c.1760 Holland print Vue d'optique Netherlands
Amsterdam Holland Amstel river view 1760 birds-eye print Vue d'optique canal houses
Amsterdam Holland Ij river birds-eye view c.1750 Sayer print Vue d'optique
Amsterdam Holland Ij river view 1760 excellent birds-eye print Vue d'optique
Australia New Holland Zealand Oceania 1840-45 Baedeker Petri scarce Dutch map
Baltimore Maryland city plan 1907 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Boston Harbor c.1835-50 Blunt Hooker Hatch coastal chart map
Caribbean Cuba Jamaica Haiti Dominican Republic 1840-45 Petri Baedeker map
Chambers Parlour Atlas of World 1856 complete 36 maps original binding scarce
Chinese Empire Japan Tibet Mongolia 1830 engraved map
Chocolate trade cards c.1900 Paris France lot of 20 Art Nouveau scenes wonderful
Chocolate trade cards Paris c.1900 collection 23 children playing harlequins experiments
Europe continent 1720 by C. Weigel miniature map decorative Queen cartouche
European Chocolate chromo trade cards c. 1900-5 era wonderful lot 35 Art Nouveau
European chocolate trade cards c. 1900-10 Holland France lot x 35 Art Nouveau style
Holy Land Jerusalem Bethlehem lot x 10 nice views engraved prints issued c.1840-50
Holy Land Palestine 20 stereoview cards c.1900 Underwood boxed lot views Jerusalem
India coasts of Hindostan 1797 Hill engraved for Malham map Wheat & Brun #895
India Hindostan collection of 12 engraved prints c.1840's Temples famous sites
Ireland 1771 Kitchin large scarce map decorative cartouche Eire old hand color
Italy Italia 1676 Speed map carte-a-figures beautiful antique map old color B+ example
London England 1751 city view Royal Exchange Vue d'optique print active scene
London England Mansion House active street view c.1760 Vue d'optique print
London England St. Paul's Cathedral interior view c.1760's old print vue d'optique
London Thames River Greenwich Observatory Park Brockley c.1911 old city plan map
London Westminster Abbey Cathedral interior c1760 print vue d'optique Delamarche
London Westminster Bridge Thames c.1760 city view vue d'optique print
Louis Legrand c.1895-1910 Harlequin Epinal Pelleriin album color litho cover
Manners Social graces & conduct in 19th century America 1847-89 group 6 books nice
Map Of Flags Of The Major Seafaring Peoples 1840-45 Petri Baedeker Dutch chart
Military uniforms c. 1900 European Paris chromo chocolate trade cards lot x 18
New Jersey 1797 scarce state map Hill engraved Wheat & Brun #417
New York 1867 city plan by Beers old hand color detailed map Manhattan
New York State map 1800 A. Anderson engraved Payne Low
Niuewmarkt Amsterdam Holland city view c. 1760 vue d'optique print old hand color
North Africa Ancient Egypt Morocco lot x 10 engraved prints c.1840-50 Meyer
North America United States pre-Oregon Treaty 1840-45 Petri Baedeker Dutch map
North America United States Quivira 1799 Scoles engraved scarce map W&B #65
Philadelphia city plan c. 1845-55 Mitchell shows U.S. Mint key identifies buildings
Pocket World Atlas 1785 Elwe Amsterdam rare Geography w/ 5 continent maps
Portsmouth England birds-eye view c. 1750-70 rare print vue d'optique tall ships
Sketching Rambles in Holland 1885 Boughton Abbey tissue paper frontis decorative book
Social Conduct Self-improvement Manners in Women 1842-70 lot x 5 books advice
South America continent Amazonia 1799 Scoles engraved map Wheat & Brun #719
Territorial United States vast New Mexico Territory 1862 variant Stieler map
Theater History chocolate trade cards c.1900 Art Nouveau Paris lot x 25 chromos
Trade cards chocolate France c.1900 Chocolat Guerin Boutron lot x 20 Art Nouveau
Ukraine Black Sea Istanbul Turkey Russia c.1725 de la Motraye decorative map insets camels
United States 1862 Texas inset with Fench & German colonies named Stieler map
West Indies Caribbean 1781 by Kitchin Buccaneer Island Pirates in Spanish Main
World Atlas 1793 pocket rare Dutch geography Juveniles 22 hand color maps celestial
World atlas pocket 1758 Amsterdam Houttuyn 22 maps Sepp engraved leather book
World Travel 1937-9 Art Deco style magazine lot x 8 great covers ads surfing Hawaii