American History 1838-1888 United States lot x 3 leather illustrated books Goodrich
Around the World Journey 1879 President Grant travel 2 vol. leather set illustrated
Asia Continent Arabia to China Japan 1840-45 uncommon Petri Dutch map
Asia showing Company's Land Arabia Mogol India 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
Book of Revelation Commentary 1602 Venice city birds-eye view Blas Viegas book
British periodical Leisure Hour 1864 full year many wood engravings color plates
Eastern Germany Sachische Schweiz c.1840's leather book 30 engraved views
Geographical Review 1929 Geography fine leather book 4 issues many photos maps
Georgia & Florida 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
German Jugenstil Art Nouveau graphic arts 1913 Meggendorfer Blatter 13 issues color
Germany Franken region c.1850 Heeringen steel engraved views lovely leather book
Havana Cuba Habana 1740 rare miniature woodcut city plan w/ key Jolly : GENT-8
Ireland island & Kingdom by itself 1748 Vaugondy engraved miniature map
Kentucky Tennessee Government 1796 Amos Doolittle C. Harris American state map
Massachusetts state map 1796 S. Hill engraved Denison map
Mexico Civil Law 1869 by Rafael Barcena Mexican nice embossed leather binding
Netherlands Pays-Bas Holland 1699 Sanson map
New Spain Mexico Central America Honduras Nicaragua 1748 Vaugondy miniature map
Nile Source two giant lakes mountains Nubia Ethiopia East Africa 1699 Sanson map
North & South Carolina 1796 Dennison Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
North America Quivira River of West 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
North West Territory 1796 S. Hill & Morse Indian Reservations Company Lands map
Pennsylvania state map 1796 Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Plays Comedy Tragedy 1735-6 bound collection of five Mars Sabinus Aben-Said
Portland Maine harbor city plan tall ship 1822 Blunt small nautical chart map
Prima First Middle & Last Things 1737 Isaac Ambrose rare book w/ subscribers list
Solitary Englishman Philippe Quarll 1728 Dorrington scarce Dutch book
Spain & Portugal c.1780 Holtrop miniature Dutch engraved map old hand color
Superstitious & Strange Beliefs Ancient Philosophy 1884 illustrated book sacred writings
Swedish Empire Lapland Finland Sweden c.1780 Holtrop miniature Dutch map
Switzerland La Suisse c.1750 de Leth decorative miniature map
Syria Middle East focused map 1883 Lett's SDUK re-issue Mount Sinai Aleppo
Tierra del Fuego So. America 1795 male & female figures ethnic/cultural 2 prints
Universalist Newspaper Magazine 1843 American Religion Moore editor Hartford
World van Diemen link Australia 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
WWI L'Illustration 1918 complete year 48 issues in 4 leather books thousands images