American Booksellers' Guide 1871 w/ advertising periodical twelve monthly issues
American Midwest Michigan Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Great Lakes 1875 Hardesty map
Arabia Ottoman Empire Turkey Syria Middle East Persia 1866-79 A.J. Johnson map
Asia India British Raj Southeast Asia Qing China Tibet 1860 Mitchell map
Asia Japan Korea Qing Empire British Raj Russia Persia Iran 1856 J.H. Colton map
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Persia Russia British Raj China Japan 1890 Walker map
Aunt Sophy's Boys and Girls 1879 D.P. Sanford fine illustrated children's book
Boy Travelers in Japan and China 1880 Thomas W. Knox illustrated juvenile book
Boy Travelers in South America 1886 Thomas W. Knox beautiful illustrated book
British Isles Ireland United Kingdom England Scotland Wales 1875 Hardesty map
China & Japan Qing Empire Korea Hong Kong Peking Beijing 1868 A.J Johnson map
Cincinnati Ohio detailed city plan Covington Newport 1867 Mitchell map
Collected Poetical Translations & Latin Prize Essay 1806 Francis Howes rare book
Colton's Ohio Cleveland Cincinnati Toledo Columbus 1855 Johnson & Browning map
Colton's Peru & Bolivia Lima La Paz Andes Mountains 1855 Johnson & Browning map
Dominion of Canada Quebec St. Lawrence River 1866-79 A.J. Johnson map
Eastern Manners New Testament History 1859 Robert Jamieson illustrated book
German Empire Prussia Bavaria Saxony Hanover Westphalia 1875 Hardesty map
India British Raj Southeast Asia Cambodia Singapore 1867 large AJ Johnson map
Iowa State Map Iowa City Council Bluffs Cedar Rapids 1872 Asher & Adams map
Jerusalem Palestine & its Environs 1860 W.K. Tweedie illustrated religious book
Kingdom of England & Wales London Cardiff York Oxford 1855 J.H. Colton map
Lakes of the World & Islands of the World Cuba Java Jamaica 1855 J.H. Colton map
Maine County Map Portland Bangor Augusta Mt. Desert Island 1867 Mitchell map
Modern Explorers 1883 Thomas Frost illustrated children's book
New Hampshire & Vermont White Mountains Lake Champlain 1867 Mitchell map
New York Finger Lakes Manhattan Niagara Falls Hudson Valley 1875 Hardesty map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Kingdom of Greece Albania Macedonia Serbia 1840-50 map
Pennsylvania & New Jersey Newark Philadelphia Scranton 1872 Asher & Adams map
Pennsylvania Township Map Erie Philadelphia Scranton c. 1861 Colton map
Roman Palestine Kingdom of Israel David & Solomon 12 Tribes 1850 Bellier map
Russian Empire Finland Poland Ukraine Crimea Caucasus 1875 Hardesty scarce map
Russian Empire Muscovy Ukraine Poland Finland Caucasus 1855 J.H. Colton map
South America Peru Ecuador Venezuela Brazil Bolivia 1860 Blackwood engraved map
Spain & Portugal Galicia Grenada Catalonia Algarve 1820 Carey Gros & Yaeger map
Spain & Portugal Iberia Galicia Castille Andalusia Catalonia c. 1850's Betts map
Switzerland Swiss Cantons Vaud Glarus Bern Zurich Geneva Alps 1875 Hardesty map
The Adventures of Don Juan de Ulloa 1830's illustrated children's book
The Four Gardens 1912 Handasyde & Charles Robinson art 8 full page illustrations
The Prattler Picture and Story Book for Children 1876 illustrated old book
The Whole Duty of Man 1771 Christian morality tract rare leather book
United States & Territories Alaska Dakota Oklahoma 1872 Asher & Adams map
West Africa Morocco Algeria Liberia Guinea Senegal Gambia 1855 J.H. Colton map
Western Hemisphere North America South America New Zealand Hawaii 1829 Hall map
World Map in Two Hemispheres Mountains of the World 1834 Monin engraved map