Abraham Cowley Works 1681 poems period leather binding sammelband
Africa Asia Australia Western Hemisphere Southern Continent 1719 Mallet map
Africa east Coast Abex Zanguebar Madagascar Arabia 1719 Mallet miniature map
American Commerce 1873-1932 Billheads Receipts Shoes Clothes Furniture lot x 12
American Tobacco cards Kinney c.1887-90 lot x 50 military uniforms
Amorgos Kinaros Zinara Greek islands Aegean Sea Greece 1719 Mallet miniature map
Amsterdam Haarlemmerpoort Holland c.1760-80 city view vue d'optique print
Ancient Greece Macedonia Thrace Constantinople Kefalonia Ionian 1729 de l'Isle
Ancient World Ptoley Africa Mts. Moon c.1845-55 huge Dufour Dyonnet engraved map
Architecture Germany 1919-1942 der Burgwart magazine lot x 32 issues w/ photos
Arts & Crafts Table lamps Art Nouveau catalog 1910 Boston McKenney Waterbury
Australia New Holland New South Wales c.1814 Gridley Carey rare map Norfolk isle
Belgium Zeeland Flanders Antwerpen c.1788 Homann Heirs folio sheet map
Bermuda Atlantic Islands Madeira Cape Verde Azores c.1855 Tallis decorative map
Billheads Product Advertising c.1900-47 Lot x 16 Food Candy Coffee unique
Billheads with poster stamps 1899-1930 lot x 15 unusual rare commerce business receipts
Bolsward Stavoren Harlingen Hindelopen Holland Netherlands c.1580 city plans map
Brest France Brittany Bretagne Camaret Bay Naval Attack c.1740 Basire old Map
British India Nepal detailed large inset Cabul 1817 Thomson engraved map
Bryant Song of Sower Illustrated leather gilt book 1871 wood cuts beautiful
Canisha Turkey ? c.1670 rare Koppmayer birds-eye view print
Champollion Rosetta Stone Ancient Egypt 1842 France Royale rare book litho plates
Cheese label graphic collection c.1930-1970's colorful 145+ diff. labels unique
Coin Collecting ancient Numismatics 1848 rare illustrated French Institute National
Commerce 1751 Machinery rare book diamonds coins Le Bas engraver 34 plates
Crescent City Harbor California 1859 Alden Bache USCGS Nautical Coastal chart
Dendera Ancient Egypt Celestial Zodiac Night Sky 1846 rare French book plates
Eastern Hemisphere Celestial Zodiac map Nile source 1686 Mallet celestial print
Egypt North Africa 1805 Cary folio Map large Delta inset Red Sea Arabia Petraea
Egypt North Africa Red Sea Arabia coast Suakem c.1808 d'Anville map
English Language Instruction c.1804 Paris rare leather book Revolutionary era
Erla Urla Turkey c.1688 Koppmayer rare birds-eye city view print
European Grand Tour 1884 Ralph Emerson scrapbook financial banking city plans
Foreign-Born compared to Aggregate Population 1898 U.S. census map large detail
French cheese label collection 1950-70's lot x 33 on crepe tissue wax papers
Georgia Tennessee Carolinas Florida Southern U.S. 1811 John Cary folio map
Germany Europe 1766 Jefferys map decorative cartouche pictorial German Empire
Greece Greek Islands Archipelago vignettes 1855 Tallis decorative antique map
Hawaii Kealakekua Bay Death of Capt. Cook 1803 rare engraved Dutch Print
Hippopotamus Crocodile spear hunters Leviathan Africa c.1780 old antique print
Holy Land Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre 1627 engraved print Israel
Hungary Transylvania Croatia Slovenia Romania c.1710 Valk Vischer antique map
Hypra Ieperen Ypres Flanders Belgium c.1572 Braun & Hogenberg city plan map
India Ceylon Tibet Pot Bhot Bangladesh Ganges Bombay Delhi c.1841 old color map
Islands in the Atlantic Cape Verde Canary Azores Maderia Teneriffe c.1855 Map
Italy c.1790 attractive 18th century hand colored engraved map
Leeuwarden Franeker Holland Netherlands city plans 1580 Braun & Hogenberg map
Limburg Wallonia Belgium 1582-8 Plantijn Guicciardini birds-eye city view
Mexico Central America Nicaragua Honduras Costa Rica Panama 1867 Johnson map
Montgomery Ward catalog c.1914 number 83 huge sales book illustrated
Montgomery Ward catalog c.1920-22 number 93 huge sales book illustrated
Netherlands Belgium Duchy of Guelders c.1760 de Leth detailed Dutch province map
Netherlands Belgium Germany 1694 Mosting engraved attractive hand color map
Netherlands Flanders Bishop Liege c.1740 antique Bowen decorative cartouche map
New Hampshire Vermont Burlington Portsmouth Manchester 1846 old color map
New York City NYC Brooklyn Central Park El trains steamships c.1890 old map
New Zealand Cook's Strait Wellington 1770-97 Capt Cook engraved rare Dutch Map
New Zealand Native Village scene 1801 Capt. Cook exploration rare engraved print
North Africa Egypt remarkable Mts. of the Moon shown! 1829 Lapie huge
North Africa Mts of the Moon 1798 Brion Desnos decorative scarce variant map
North Africa Nile Source Mts of Moon Komri Donga Rare 1847 Flemming Handtke Map
North America United States c.1780 River & Sea of West Quivira scarce map
North South Polar Regions de Fonte Fuca Capt. Cook River of the West c.1780 Map
Old King Cole & Nursery Rhymes c.1904 Stump book miniature M. Tourtel illus.
Palatina ad Rhenum Rhine river 1644 Jansson Germany old map
Persia Iran Azerbaijan city Ardeuil Ardebil 1719 Mallet miniature birds-eye view
Persia Khoras Cabul Afghanistan Beloochistan Azerbaijan Iran 1828 old color map
Population Colored African Americans to Caucasians 1898 U.S. large detailed map
Portland Maine Libbys Corner Congress St. 1871 Cumberland County city plan map
Roermond Netherlands Holland city plan dragon crest 1582 Antwerp Plantijn map
Russia north Lapland c.1600 rare Arctic region map natives skis compass rose
School Supply catalogue c.1905-20 Chicago Flanagan Co. illustrated fun
Seven United Provinces Netherlands Low Countries Engraved Hand Color Old Map
South Germany North Croatia Moravia Alsace 1752 Gibson antique folio map
Taihiti Natives Music and Dancing 1802 antique engraved Cook exploration print
Thrace Troy Greece Lesser Asia Sandys Relation Journey 1627 engraved map
United Kingdom Roman Empire Rules Kings Chatelain 1720 historical engraved Map
Vienna Austria city view c.1740-60 vue d'optique Kleiner Corvinus print
Vigo Bay Harbor Galicia Spain Spanish Naval Armada city plan c.1740 Tindal map
World Atlas 1889 Arbuckles Coffee 50 miniature maps countries chromo album
World in Hemispheres Mts. of Moon rare 1830 Lincoln & Edmands Annin & Smith map