Antique Maps Gloustershire Descriptive Catalogue 1577-1911 Chubb leather book
Asia China India European Colonies Islam & Buddhism 1862 Stulpnagel detailed map
Balkans Ottoman Empire Hungary Greece Danube c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Biblical Teachings of Pope Leo XIII Catholicism 1902 lovely vellum binding
British Isles England Wales Scotland Ireland Orkney 1807 Cary folio map
California Gold Rush 1849 illustrated Holden's periodical Honolulu Hawaii images
Chile Santo Maria Harbor Bird's Eye View Sailing Ships 1645 Janszoon rare print
Comic History of England Punch 1864 illustrated 20 hand color plates nice book
Conception Harbor Sailing Ships 1645 Janszoon rare engraved bird's eye view
Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell 1948 illustrated Joan Hassall leather book
Duchy of Pomerania Holy Roman Empire Danzig c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia Australia 1862 Stieler detailed map
England Wales York Cornwall Kent Norfolk Cumberland London 1807 Cary folio map
Europe British Isles Revolutionary France Holy Roman Empire 1802 Cary folio map
Four Georges & English Humourists William Thackery 1869 leather book
Great Britain United Kingdom 2 Sheets 1862 Stieler detailed large map
Harper's Round Table Collected 25 issues 1896-1897 leather periodical book
Holy Land Israel Palestine 12 Tribes Jerusalem 1707 Homann decorative large map
Holy Roman Empire Circle of Bavaria Salzburg Munich Neuberg 1799 Cary folio map
Holy Roman Empire Circle of Lower Saxony Bremen Hamburg 1801 Cary folio map
Holy Roman Empire Circle of Westphalia Rhineland Munster 1799 Cary folio map
Holy Roman Empire Hapsburg Austria Carinthia Tyrol Istria 1801 Cary folio map
Island of Ireland Ulster Leinster Connaught Munster 1799 Cary fine folio map
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Zeeland Fyn Holstein Copenhagen 1801 Cary folio map
Kingdom of Prussia Eastern Prussia Konigsburg Danzig 1799 Cary folio map
Kingdom of Sardinina Piedmont Milan Savoy Genoa Turin 1799 Cary folio map
Netherlands Belgium Revolutionary France Flanders Brabant 1804 Cary folio map
North & South America United States Canada Mexico 1862 Stieler detailed map
Partitions of Poland Russia Prussia Austria Lithuania 1799 Cary folio map
Personal Correspondence of William Cowper 1824 scarce Philadelphia leather book
Portsmouth New Hampshire 1890 city Directory Advertising Businesses residents
Quaker Christianity John Griffith Journal Travels Theology 1780 Philadelphia
Queens of Society Powerful Women c. 1870-90's Wharton attractive leather book
Revolutionary France Divided into Departments 1799 Cary fine folio map
Roundabout Papers William Makepeace Thackery Victorian 1869 fine leather book
Russian Empire Siberia Kamchatka Ukraine c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Russian Empire Two Sheets Muscovy Siberia Kamchatka c. 1800 Cary folio 2 maps
South America Two Sheet Map Brazil Peru Bolivia 1862 Stieler detailed map
Switzerland Geneva Basel Zurich Grisons Swiss Alps 1799 Cary folio map
The Spirit of Patriotism Lord Bolingbroke 1749 British Political Theory old book
Thuringia Holy Roman Empire Erfurt Mulhouse c. 1750 Homann decorative folio map
Two City Plans of London as Discussed.
Une Niece D'Amerique Venice cover Mainard c.1891 Decorative Illustrated Book