"The Demon of Love" c.1890 Bridgeman German artistic erotic print
Achaia Greece Hellas Corinthia Athens 1694 Mosting scarce engraved map
Africa Fort Dauphin Madagascar island coast 1750 Bellin city plan hand color
African Continent 1860 Stanford SDUK transitional engraved map
African Continent 1875 Weller large detailed map interior being unveiled
African Continent probably supposed features named 1870 Johnson large nice map
African Continent sea monster apocryphal features 1599 Botero lovely early map
Alexis Piron Complete Works 1776 lovely French leather set 7 vols. ornate spines
Allegory Allegorical prints 1751 lot x 4 cherubs angels unicorn goddesses lion
Alsace Region France Rhine river 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut map
Ancient Italy 1711 John Senex decorative engraved map w/ beautiful hand color
Arabian Peninsula sea monster tall ship 1599 Ruscelli Rosaccio rare engraved map
Arkansas state map 1850 Cowperthwait w/ steam boat routes lovely early roads
Asian Continent Arabia to China Japan India Persia 1875 Weller large folio map
Atlas Ancient Geography c.1820 Boston Hilliard Gray Worcester w/ 5 maps
Australia continent Sydney inset Melbourne 1890 Stieler detailed map hand color
Australia large Lake Torren hook empty interior 1855 Colton map hand color
Australia New South Wales Sydney Port Jackson inset 1852 Lowry old map 3 sheets
Austria Holy Roman Empire Germany Hungary Bohemia 1694 Cluver Mosting map
Belfast Harbor Maine city plan exceptional 1879 USCGS nautical chart old map
Book of Worship Liturgy New Church of New Jerusalem 1854 Otis Clapp leather book
California & Nevada Western U.S. 1875 Williams uncommon detailed state map
Canada Eastern Nova Scotia 1884 rare large Cram map with original hand color
Capitol Building Washington D.C. 1866 finelarge active engraved print
Cartoon map 1906 French Geopolitical Germany Ottomans Greece war Kaiser satire
Central Africa sculpture Songye statuary 2009 Dr. Neyt Prestel monumental book
China Forbidden City interior courtyard 1835 miniature view beautiful hand color
China Nanking Porcelain Tower c.1850 engraved city view beautiful hand color
China Russian Ambassador at Forbidden Palace Peking 1835 print hand color
China with insets 1855 Phillip monumental large engraved map hand color
Columbia Nude on World globe c.1890's color lithographed cartography map print
Coylan Fortress India Malabar Coast 1761 Bellin map with hand color
Dacia Bulgaria Romania Sarmatia Europe 1661 van der Keere Jansson miniature map
Declaration of Independence 1876 Centennial Illman engraved print supplemental
Denmark Duchy of Holstein 1628 engraved Mercator minor map beautiful
Dibdin Bibliomania Picturesque Bibliographical Tour 1821 Splendid 4 vol. set 200 engravings
Dreseden Germany 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city birds-eye view
Eastern United States 1875 Brue engraved map hand color
Eastern United States Caribbean Central America 1854 German large detailed map
England Norfolk Suffolk Lincolne counties Fennes Ely c.1700 Valk Schenk map
Estremos Portugal fort 1672 Mallet print miniature city view hand color
European Continent 1744-51 Bion engraved map w/ lovely hand color
European Continent Frisland? c.1735 Macart miniature engraved map hand color
Florida state w/ insets of Tallahassee & St. Augustine 1854 Cowperthwait map
France w/ cherubs 1711 Cluverius lovely decorative engraved map hand color
Gazetteer Pocket Atlas Geography of World 1857 book 7 maps & 16 engravings
Gelderland Netherlands Zuyder Zee Zutphen Nijmegen 1750 engraved map hand color
George Washington & Family 1850-60 Currier & Ives lithographed table portrait
Georgia Doboy Sound Sapello Island Pelican Shoals 1850 Blunt nautical map chart
Gloucester Harbor Massachusetts 1879 USCGS rare old nautical chart Metzeroth map
Godey's Lady's Book 1871 complete year 12 issues fashion plates leather book
Grand Canal Venice Italy Venezia Italia c.1850 city view hand colored old print
Greece Epirus Canina Corfu Cefalonia 1711 decorative Cluverius map hand color
Hesse Holy Roman Empire 1628 Mercator minor miniature beautiful engraved map
Holland Netherlands Nederland 1576 Porcacchi Hollanda miniature map
Holy Land Palestine Promised Land 1661 van der Keere Jansson miniature map
Holy Roman Empire Germany 1711 Cluverius decorative map w/ fine hand color
Holy Roman Empire Germany 1780 Holtrop van Jagen scarce miniature Dutch map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Empire c.1740 engraved map hand color
Holy Roman Empire Germany Netherlands 1661 Jansson miniature map
India Hindoostan Siam Tonquin Southeast Asia 1867 Johnson large map hand color
India showing Taprobana Ceylon Ganges 1661 Jansson miniature map
Islamic Empires Mohammed 19th Century Arabia 1852 scarce German historical map
Island of Martinique Antilles Caribbean 1780 Bonne map hand color
Knights of Malta 1772 Chevaliers de Rhodes Vertot lovely rare 6 vol. gilt leather set
Maine coast 1879 Pemaquid Point Seguin Island Bath Wiscasset old nautical chart
Maine coast chart Whitehead to Pemaquid Point 1879 USCGS old ME nautical map
Maine coast Entrance East Penobscot Bay Vinalhaven 1879 old nautical chart map
Maine coast Sequin Island to Cape Elizabeth 1879 nautical chart hand colored A+
Maine Rockland West Penobscot Bay 1879 USCGS scarce old nautical chart coast map
Malaku Islands Amboine Banda Ceram Indonesia 1750 Bellin map hand color
Mannheim Germany city plan 1800 Stockdale detailed attractive scarce map
Mexico central 1754 Bellin decorative map w/ lovely hand color
Minnesota Oregon Washington 1868 Johnson state maps large detailed transitional
Minnesota state by itself 1893 Brown large engraved map w/ old hand color
Montreal St. Lawrence Canada 1835 fine active city view hand color
Netherlands Belgium Low Countries Germania 1661 Jansson van der Keere rare map
Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Netherlands Low Countries Holland 1766 Desnos Bion engraved map hand color
Netherlands Seven United Provinces 1761 Dury miniature map German Empire
New Holland Australia Polynesia Pacific New Zealand Oceania 1816 rare Lapie map
North Africa Morocco Tunis Libya 1661 Jansson miniature map
North America California as an Island Indian 1702 de la Feuille decorative map
North America curious NW Passage Quivira 1628-61 A. Goos Jansson w/ Frisland map
North American continent "New Columbia named 1867 Johnson large uncommon map
North American Continent Territorial western U.S. 1854 Cowperthwait map
Northern Hemisphere 1816 Thomson map Mts. of Moon in Africa explorer tracks
Northern Hemisphere California as Island 1683 Mallet map lovely hand color
Oran Algiers North Africa Barbary coast 1732 Ottens large Dutch engraved map
Ostia Rome Italy Roma Italia 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut map birdseye view
Ottoman Empire Balkans Romania Servia Greece Bulgaria 1720-1740 Moll map
Ottoman Empire Greece Balkans Albania Romania 1851 Philip Gellatly large map
Ottoman Empire Persia Afghanistan Arabia 1870 Johnson large map hand color
Pensacola Florida Rosa Island 1837 Coastal Survey engraved map hand color
Persia Iran Safavid Persian Gulf 1661 Jansson decorative miniature map
Peterson's Lady's Magazine 1859 Annual 12 Issues gilt leather book fashion plates
Peterson's Lady's Magazine 1864 Annual 12 issues color fashion plates leather book
Philadelphia & Camden city plan large detailed 1887 Gamble Bradley Mitchell map
Philadelphia U.S. Centennial Expo 1876 birds-eye view building plan old map
Philippine Islands 1902 detailed nautical chart map
Pocket Atlas Gazetteer 1783 Geography Universal 18 maps Calif. as Island
Polen Kingdom of Poland Warsch Plock 1853 Streit large scarce detailed map
Port Praya Cape Verde 1777 coastal survey engraved map hand color
Portland Harbor Maine sounding depths 1879 USCGS old nautical map chart colored
Pyramids of Giza Egypt Africa 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
Roermond Netherlands Meuse river fortified 1612 Blaeu Guicciardini city plan
Roman Empire in Europe Middle East No. Africa 1708 Moll map beautiful hand color
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Finland 1661 Jansson miniature map
Scotland & Ireland Isles 1860's Johnson large fine map w/ original hand color
Scotland United Kingdom c.1860 Weller huge map in 4 sheets wall size hand color
Seville Spain Espana 1715 van der Aa city view x 2 prints engraved hand color.
South America c. 1780 Bonne map engraved w/ lovely hand color
South America Peru Bolivia La Plata 1835 Brue large detailed map hand color
South American Continent 1780'S Bonne attractive engraved map hand color
Southeast Asia Siam Ava Cochinchina Tonquin 1711 Moll nice map hand color
Southern Africa Monomotapa Angola Benguela 1766 Desnos decorative map
Spain Hispania Espana Iberia 1740 Lotter Seutter large decorative map hand color
Stark's Handbook Prayers Sorrow Rejoicing 1855 nice decorative leather binding
Straits of Magellan Tierra del Fuego Patagona Argentina 1699 Sanson rare map
Switzerland Best Authorities 1796 Amos Doolittle scarce American engraved map
Switzerland Helvetiae 1661 Jansson scarce miniature map
Texas Louisiana Arkansas New Orleans Galveston TX insets 1858 Cornell map
Thrace Balkans Greece Aegean Lemnos 1661 van der Keere Jansson miniature map
Transportation systems in British Isles railroads canals c.1850 bond paper map
United Provinces Netherlands Holland 1719 Mallet miniature map hand color
Utah state by itself 1893 large detailed Milton Brown Mitchell engraved map
Veere Holland Vere Blaeu 1612 Guicciardini detailed city plan birds-eye view
Venice Italia Italy Venezia Piazza San Marco c1850 engraved city view hand color
Victor Hugo French novelist antique prints portraits c. 1870-1900 lot of seven
West Africa coast Guinea St. Thomas inset Benin 1610 Hondius folio sheet map
Windsheim Germany Bavaria 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Wittenburg city view Martin Luther 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
World in hemispheres California as Island undefined Australia c.1760 de Leth map
World Map double hemispheres 1875 Levasseur Brue Austrian hooked Lake Torrens
World Mercator Projection 1860 Mitchell map Exploration tracks Capt. Cook
Yale College New Haven CT c.1850 engraved print campus view beautiful hand color