American in Paris During Summer 1844 Heath's Annual illustrated book 18 plates
Americana Unfinished Capitol Dome Native Americans Boston New York 1842 frontis
Arabian Peninsula Hejaz Mecca Medina Red Sea Oman Temen U.A.E. 1683 Mallet map
Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire Italian States Prussia 1841 Boynton engraved map
Cambridge Modern History Atlas 1924 monumental book with 141 color maps
Celestial pictorial cartoon map image sky 1890 Harry Furniss art scarce large
Cities of Umbria Italy 1905 Edward Hutton Travelogue Art History fine old book
Cotton 1898 C.P. Brooks agriculture farming commerce sciences illustrated book
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia Oceania 1841 Boynton miniature map
Eastern Russia Poland Kingdom of Prussia Estonia 1867 Petermann detailed map
Fables of La Fontaine 1803-07 Paris lovely 2 vol set w/ engraved plates
Field Reports on Franco-Prussian War 1872 German leather book w/ 3 large maps
France in Counties 1858 Stulpnagel large four sheet highly detailed map
Geographical Dictionary of North America West Indies 1838 Davenport w/ U.S. map
Georgia & Armenia Caucasus Black Sea Circassia 1683 Mallet decorative small map
Greek islands Aegean Turkey Rhodes Crete Dodecanese Lesbos 1683 Mallet map
H.W. Longfellow Poetical Works complete 1892 Fine leather set 6 vols. w/ portraits
Island of Cyprus Ottoman Empire Scenes of Battle 1683 Mallet decorative fine map
James Fenimore Cooper 1870's lovely leather binding American lit Five Novels
Jerusalem City View Holy Land Palestine Israel 1683 Mallet bird's eye view
Julia de Roubigne 1793 Henry MacKenzie early American leather book
Kathrina and Bittersweet 1872 J.G. Holland Poetry Collection old leather book
Life & Writings of St. Peter 1836 American Sunday School Union old book
Literary Souvenir 1838 Collected Poems Illustrations fine embossed leather book
Lower Canada & New Brunswick Montreal Three Rivers Quebec 1838 Boynton map
Maine County Map Kittery Augusta Portland Bangor 1838 Boynton Bradford map
Mariana Islands Pacific Ocean Sailing Ships 1683 Mallet decorative charming map
Memoirs and Biography of Bryan Waller Procter (Barry Cornwall) 1877 old book
Moliere Works 1804 Lovely French leather set 6 vols w/ 20+ engraved plates
Mountains of the World Comparative Chart Alps 1858 Berghaus detailed print
National Portrait Gallery 1834-40 Longacre & Herring 4 vol leather set 154 plates A+
Numismatics Medals Coins 1899 Dutch de Chaufepie rare work on medals fine plates
Ottoman Anatolia Turkey Asia Minor Cyprus Black Sea Crimea 1683 Mallet map
Plutarch's Lives 1791 Hutten gorgeous 14 vol set complete fine leather Greek Latin
Prussian States Posen Berlin Westphalia Silesia Danzig 1858 Stieler detailed map
Prussian States Posen Berlin Westphalia Silesia Danzig 1861 Vogel detailed map
Punch 1888 Bound Periodical Jack the Ripper Political Cartoons
Punch 1890 Bound Periodical Political & Funny Cartoons Irish racism
Ralph Waldo Emerson Miscellaneous Works 1909 lovely leather bound book
South Africa & Madagascar Cape Colony Boer Republics 1864 Berghaus detailed map
Southeast Asia Further India Burma Siam Vietnam Cambodia 1683 Mallet map
Souvenir Album 1850's 5 steel engravings numerous hand written poems
Spain and Portugal 1857 Berghaus & Stulpnagel highly detailed four sheet map
Stories & Poems "Still Waters" Play 1940 Alaine Buck Boswell old leather book
Theatre magazine 1912 Stage 12 issues w/ color covers hundreds of illustrations
United Kingdom England Scotland Wales 1862 Peterman detailed two sheet map
Upper Canada Ottawa Toronto Lake Ontario Great Lakes 1838 Boynton map
Western Europe British Isles France Low Countries Spain Portugal 1841 map
Western Hemisphere North South America Texas Republic 1841 Boynton Bradford map
William Cowper Poems 1835 Decorative stamped Leather book binding