Abyssinia Ethiopia East Africa interior c.1867 detailed Ravenstein German map
Africa blank interior interesting details c.1863 detailed German map
Africa c.1865 Bartholomew A & C Black color lithographed antique map
Africa continent Man Eaters Mts. of Moon 1788 Kitchin engraved old map
Africa Lake Victoria Uganda Kenya Rwanda Burundi DRC c.1867 detailed German map
Africa overview of travels and explorations c.1867 detailed German map
Arizona New Mexico West U.S. c.1887 Bradley antique map original hand color
Arizona state by itself 1896 lithographed hand color map
Asia Arabia India Persia China c.1867 Radefeld detailed German map
Asia China Korea Asia Manchuria c.1888 old Dutch Brackensiek color litho map
Australia New So Wales Victoria Queensland c.1892 Johnston large detailed map
Belfast Maine city plan c.1885 lithographed antique map original hand color
Bethune City Plan Fortified Town Belgium Military Map c.1745 antique Basire map
Brattleboro Common Lunatic Asylum Vermont 1861 lithographed view print
Cambridge Oxford England city plans c.1880s antique map original hand color
Canada Ontario Niagara Montreal Quebec c.1893 color lithographed antique map
China & Burma Asia 1850 decorative Rapkin antique engraved hand color map
Cincinnati Ohio city plan 1874 attractive decorative S.A. Mitchell old map
Circle Dancing in village 1818 Rowlandson Ackermann color aquatint old print
Civil War Battle maps Gettysburg troops Fredericksburg c.1892 detailed large map
Clinton Connecticut coast c.1908 Eldridge nautical chart antique map
Cosmography climate water world diagram 1552 Munster woodcut hand color print
Covent Garden Theatre interior crowded 1818 Rowlandson Ackermann aquatint print
Dresden Germany beautiful c.1833 SDUK Europe City Plan detailed
Dunkirk France beach Canal of Mardick 1757 antique engraved hand color city plan
England and Wales huge 2 sheets c.1850 Johnston original hand color old map
English Channel Islands Jersey Guernsey c.1880 color lithographed antique map
Europe Germany Posen Bromberg 4 Inset city plans 1849 Meyer German detailed map
Georgia Alabama Savannah Atlanta city plans c.1894 old map original hand color
Greece Greek Islands Cyclades Ionian Sea Corfu c.1860 Fullarton antique map
Greece Hellas Ionian Islands Crete c.1843 Johnston original hand color old map
Greece Turkey in Europe Balkans Bulgaria Greece 1856 Dyonnet Dufour huge map
Greenwich Apponau Wickford Rhode Island c.1901 Eldridge nautical chart old map
Guilford Connecticut Mulberry Pt. c.1900-10 Eldridge nautical chart antique map
Heusden Holland Netherlands c.1680 Bouttats Windmills Gondolas engraved print
Holland Belgium Netherlands c.1837 Andriveau-Goujon fine hand color map
Hooghly River India Calcutta Kolkata c.1845-50 hand color lithographed old map
House of skulls city view c.1552 Munster woodcut printed image old hand color
Isle of Man British Isles 1884 large very detailed color lithographed map
Lake Champlain Vermont French English grants c.1849 Pease lithographed map
Lake Memphremagog from Prospect Hill Vermont 1861 lithographed view print
Lake Superior early view buildings Carp River c.1851 lithographed view print
Low Countries Holland 1753 United Provinces Utrecht Zeeland Kitchin seat war map
Mahren Germany Austria Schlesien 1856 huge engraved original hand color old map
Manhattan New York City 1852 hayward oceanography high water mark map
Manila Philippines city plan c.1902 very detailed large oversized map remarkable
Martha Washington c.1860-70 Currier & Ives lithographed portrait
Massachusetts Geological Map by Hitchcock 1871 large Walling & Gray nice map
Massachusetts Rhode Island Boston City Plan 1846 Mitchell folding pocket map
Middleburgh Holland prospect city view 1753 Low Countries old print
Minnesota state 1874 decorative S.A. Mitchell map hand colored
Monterey California very early view c.1850 tinted lithographed view print
Netherlands Dutch Provinces c.1840 engraved hand color old map
Netherlands rail lines c.1843 Teesdale engraved original hand color old map
Netherlands United Provinces Nederland Belgium c.1778 Bowen lovely old map
New Bedford Massachusetts 1871 fine Walling City Plan antique color map
New York city 1781 East Side Fort Washington map prospectview 1854 Hayward print
New York City 1795 city plan Hayward 1853 lithographed issue detailed map
New York city Columbian Celebration Harbor Panorama 1892 large birds eye view
New York City Manhattan Brooklyn c.1867 city plan urban map detailed
New York City map 1870 by Maverick Bridges Riley Mangin-Goerck plan
New York city Staten Island Long Island 1861 Hayward lithograph 1764 Bellin map
New Zealand Middle Island c.1886 large detailed color lithographed antique map
North & West Africa c.1875 exploration tracks original hand color old map
North Polar Regions isotherm lines shown early explorers 1900 large detailed map
North Vinal Haven Hurricane Isle Knox County Maine c.1885 map hand color
North West Africa great interior details c.1867 detailed German map
Northern Germany Brandenburg Hanover c.1855 Philip Gellatly oversized old map
Observatory Equinox House Dorset Mtn Manchester Vermont 1861 fine view print
Oregon Washington c.1889 Bradley detailed antique map original hand color
Palestine Holy Land Jerusalem city plan 1874 attractive S.A. Mitchell old map
Peloponnese Attica Greece Athens Sparta c.1834 engraved hand color old map
Persia Arabia Turkey in Asia Beloochistan Afghanistan 1874 S.A. Mitchell map
Philippines Luzon Mindinao c.1896 lithographed antique map original hand color
Rouen city plan France 1835-40 antique engraved hand color city plan
Russia in Europe Poland Riga 1809 Cooper engraved old map nice hand color
San Felippe New Mexico c.1851 tinted lithographed view
Sanson le fils Atlas Title page c.1650 decorative cherubs Mariette beautiful
Scandinavia Prussia Sweden Denmark c.1862 Johnson Ward large decorative old map
Sea Monster eating person c.1552 Munster woodcut printed image
Society Islands Ulietea Otaha Huaheine c.1797 Capt. Cook 1769 voyage antique map
Solar System Moon phases Planetary rotations diagrams c.1874 antique map print
Solar System Moon surface Celestial images c.1850 colored tissue paper prints
South Africa Orange River Sovereignty c.1854 color lithographed antique map
South America 1857 Stulpnagel oversized two sheet map insets Rio de Janeiro
Southeast Asia Indonesia Makassar Celebes island c.1750 Bellin old map
Southeast Australia NSW New South Wales c.1867 Petermann detailed German map
Southern California climate map 1888 early scientific cartography hand color
Southern India Burmah inset Balacca Bengal Ceylon c.1865 large Johnston map
Spain Portugal c.1811 Russell large scarce engraved hand color old map
Switzerland Mont Blanc view railroads c.1850 Philip large attractive old map
Tahiti Pacific islands Byron Wallis Carteret Cook c.1797 engraved antique map
Turkey in Asia Georgia Persia Iraq c.1863 Dyonnet Dufour huge hand color old map
United States eastern huge Iowa Terr. 1850 S. Hall A & C Black color antique map
Utah Nevada Western U.S. c.1881 Mitchell antique map original hand color
Wall Street Gold Panic 1863 Harpers Weekly old print hand color
Wealthy Barbary coast Lady Habit Fashion north Africa 1779 nice antique print
Westbrook Duck Island Roads Connecticut c.1901 Eldridge nautical chart old map
Whitehall street brick house early Manhattan 1869 New York city view color print
Winter Harbor Gouldsburg city plan c.1885 antique map original hand color
World Double Hemispheres c.1867 detailed Radefeld German map
York County Maine 1936 Klir A. Back cartoon pictorial color promotional map