Africa continent Mt. Height comparison 1869 antique map Stulpnagel variant issue
Africa very detailed interior 1894 large interesting antique map hand color
American Boston Church Music 1844 Mason exceptional leather binding choirs
Amsterdam History by Wagenaar 1782 Dutch book 16 engraved views Nederland
Amsterdam Nederland Oude Waalen Kerk Church c.1770 Vue d'optique city view print
Ancient Asia Arabia India Southeast Asia Nile source c.1840 antique map Bellier
Arabia man & woman native clothing 1820 Fashion Illustration print ethnic dress
Arkansas state by itself c.1852 Phelps Ensign cerographic antique map hand color
Artois northern France 1711 fine rare decorative old vintage antique map
Asia Australia Arabia China Japan Company's Land 1719 miniature map Mallet
Asia China Arabia India rare 1850 Betts decorative large hand color antique map
Asia Minor Arabia 1772 map Turkey Middle East Holy Land Syria Jordan Iraq Iran
Atlantic Ocean chart coasts North America Africa 1840 Lizars fine antique map
Australia ethnic tattooed Man Cape van Dieman New Holland 1807 print native
Australia Oceania Notasie Pacific Malaysia old engraved map by Binet c.1840's
Balkans 1878 War Treaty old map Annexations Europe 1881 Armenia Cyprus Austria
Berry Book 20 color plates strawberries currants raspberries 1905 book Biggle
Biledulgerid Northern Africa pictorial animals 1683 Mallet miniature antique map
Brandenbourg Germany Le Marquisat et Electorat 1748 antique map Le Rouge
Cape Poge Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts 1841 Blunt nautical coast map chart
Carl Heissler c.1866 Austrian Violinist Music Vienna signed lithograph portrait
Catholic Low Countries Spanish Belgium Pays Bas 1719 decorative miniature map
Charleston Massachusetts c.1840-50 panoramic view across harbor hand color print
Christmas Gifts French caricature Political Cartoon 1884 Robida art rare print
Chur Switzerland city view c.1552 Munster rare map w/ orig. early hand color
Cincinnati city plan Ohio 1854 detailed antique map uncommon lovely hand color
Clement Moore 1804 Thomas Jefferson Notes on Virginia pamphlet subversive
Colchis Iberia Albania & Sarmatia 18th century 1770's hand color map
Copt Man & Woman of Egypt Africa 1820 Fashion Illustration print ethnic dress
Crystal Palace New York exterior crowd view c.1851 beautiful engraved print
Davenport Iowa c.1850 scarce prospect birds-eye view print hand color lovely
Denmark Europe Jutland Zealand Holstein c.1836 Dower beautiful map hand colored
Dresden Germany ca. 1770 Saxony fine old Bell antique city plan map
Dutch Naval victory rare print 1639 Admiral Harperstromp Spanish fleet defeated
Europe Asia Africa allegorical title page 1719 charming antique engraved print
Europe continent late 18th century 1792 Kitchin hand color hand color map
Female Mamelouk of Cairo in Egypt 1820 Fashion Illustration print ethnic dress
Feminine Beauty 1837 rare book hand color fashion plates transformation
Fort Ticonderoga Lake Champlain view c.1835-50 engraved print miniature
France c.1760 Lobeck Lotter decorative old miniature antique map
Geneva Switzerland 1687 rare birds-eye view engraved title page cherubs
German Sea Ocean Currents Scientific cartography 1852 Meyer scarce antique map
Germany Electorat de Cologne Dutchy de Bergue 1748 antique map by Le Rouge
Germany France Rhine River c.1690-1710 rare charming old vintage antique map
Germany Germania comparisons 1686 antique engraved map by Wetstein hand color
Goa India tall ships in harbor 1719 miniature city plan Mallet charming map
Gold Digging panning California c.1848-50 Mokelumne River near Sutter's Mill
Grat Mogul India Cha Jehan Persia c.17220-40 old fashion costume print warriors
Greece Greek Islands Stampalia Astypalaia 1719 charming miniature map ships
Guadeloupe Caribbean Islands 1780 Columbus discovered Santa Mara de Guadalupe
Guyana Guiana natives South Americans 1836 beautiful ethnic costume print
Hawaii Burial Place Morai Sandwich Islands 1807 antique print engraved ethnic
Hawaii Morai Burial Place Attoi Sandwich Islands 1807 antique print engraved
Holland Netherlands Nederland 1738 Tirion folio XII Provinces antique map
India Mogol Empire 1719 charming decorative small antique engraved Mallet map
Islam Prayers Mecca Postures Ceremonies Turkey Turkish 1789 engraved print
Isles of Shoals New Hampshire 1850 Blunt nautical chart coast map Star Hog isles
Italians natives 1683 old Mallet ethnic costume dress hand color print beautiful
Italy Europe Italia rare antique miniature map c.1730-50 Moll? not in Borri
Italy Italia Rome Roma Pantheon piazza 1760 Europe city view vue d'optique print
Italy Rome Roma Roman Forum 1840 antique engraved hand color print
Jackson New Hampshire city plan c.1880's detailed scarce hand color old map
Java Indonesia native c.1726 Moll old ethnic engraved hand color print
Jefferson City Missouri River 1850 beautiful antique print early view hand color
Jerusalem city view plan Holy Land 1719 antique engraved hand color
Jerusalem Holy Land birds-eye city view c.1840 rare German litho print Mosque
Jerusalem Holy Land panoramic birds-eye view c.1840 miniature print hand color
Jerusalem Mount Zion c.1840 Holy Land print prospect view camels natives
Knights of Malta costume dress Armor soldier 1719 antique engraved print
Kronborg Denmark Elsinore Castle Hamlet's Garden 1809 antique aquatint print
La Fontaine Tales 1800 Didot French leather 2 vol set w/ 13 engraved prints
Liguria Northern Italy Taurini Italia 1686 Wetstein scarce antique map
Littleton New Hampshire city plan c.1880's detailed charming scarce color map
Macedonia Thessaly Greece Adriatic coast 1729 decorative Cluver antique map
Maine state 1886 scarce Colton & Gray antique map w/ old hand color
Maryland Delaware Virginia 1865 Colton scarce miniature format antique map
Mass. Conservatory Art Science Historic Relics Proposed bldg. 1859 rare print
Mentz Germany prospect birds-eye city view w/ key 1598 Munster map hand color
Microscopes Science color plate book 1851 Drops of Water Catlow
Middelburg Netherlands Neptune trident sea monster 1697 Harrewyn city plan map
Native American Indian images c.1850's lot of 10 prints old hand color unique
New Haven Connecticut 1893 antique map large hand colored detailed LI Sound
New Haven Oxford East Rock Park Connecticut 1893 antique map large detailed
New Hebrides native inhabitants Capt. Cook 1835 beautiful ethnic costume print
New South Wales Australia 1798 Capt. Cook rare Dutch folding antique map
New York city birds-eye 1868 environs birds-eye view prospect detailed map
New York city Contemplated East River Bridge 1869 scarce old hand color view
New York City Harbor engraved birds-eye view 1850's Bartlett lovely hand colored
New York city Manhattan High Bridge at Harlem c.1843 Anstice woodcut view
New Zealand van Diemens Land SW Australia 1850 Hughes large folio antique map
North Africa Nubia Egypt Mountains of the Moon myth shown c.1845-55 Binet map
North Conway city plan White Mts. New Hampshire 1884 rare newspaper map
North Conway New Hampshire c.1880's detailed charming scarce city plan map
Oceania Australia w/ large inset of NSW 1870-9 Drioux Leroy antique color map
Oregon Washington states 1894 large scarce detailed antique map hand colored
Osuna Spain Ossuna birds-eye city view 1715 miniature antique engraved print
Persia Iran Caspian Sea Persian Gulf Beloochistan 1844 detailed nice antique map
Portsmouth New Hampshire city plan 1933 scarce large detailed map 1925 Kimball
Portsmouth New Hampshire New Castle Fort Constitution 1850 Blunt harbor map
Pozzuoli Naples region Napoli Italia Italy Procida Ischia 1670 miniature map
Prussia Provinces Poland Danzig Berlin plan 1853 Stulpnagel antique map Stieler
Rowlandson Doctor Syntax 3 vol set 1855 leather bindings 79 color Aquatints
Saint Paul Minnesota birds-eye view 1850's scarce old color JW Orr woodcut print
San Diego California early lithograph 1848 Earliest printed view of city
Secret book box compartment 1805 beautiful gilt ornamented rare
Sedan No. France Ardennes city plan c.1710 de la Feuille scarce old map
Sibyl Samian Sybille Samienne Jesus birth Crucifixion c.1680 Mariette rare print
Solar System Celestial diagram Moon phases 1830 scarce antique engraved print
Southeast Asia India British Colonies Siam Malacca 1858 Dufour huge antique map
Thumb Bible miniature book c.1835-40 Portsmouth NH rare Lowd woodcuts
Venus night sky stars celestial print 1719 miniature heavens planetary
Washington Monument Proposed design by Robt. Mills design c.1850 color print
Western Australia very detailed oversize antique map 1888 Scally color detailed
Weston Missouri early city view c.1850 lovely engraved print hand color
White Mountains New Hampshire c.1850 Silver Cascade lovely print hand color
White Mts. New Hampshire 1884 Railroad routes to visit rare large newspaper map
World in Hemispheres w/Lake Timpanogos Mts. of Moon Africa 1836 Brue large map