"The Demon of Love" c.1890 Bridgeman German artistic erotic print
Allegory Allegorical prints 1751 lot x 4 cherubs angels unicorn goddesses lion
Alsace Region France Rhine river 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut map
Asia Saudi Arabia China 1793 Amos Doolittle scarce American-produced map
Australia Tasmania Van Diemen's Land Bass's Strait territories c.1831 Dower map
Canton Guangzhou Dongguan China British trade Formosa 1799 Allart rare Dutch map
China Nanking Porcelain Tower c.1850 engraved city view beautiful hand color
Columbia Nude on World globe c.1890's color lithographed cartography map print
Declaration of Independence 1876 Centennial Illman engraved print supplemental
Dictionary History Mythology Geography Biography 1883 Gregoire huge leather book
Estremos Portugal fort 1672 Mallet print miniature city view hand color
George Washington & Family 1850-60 Currier & Ives lithographed table portrait
Grand Canal Venice Italy Venezia Italia c.1850 city view hand colored old print
Greece Epirus Canina Corfu Cefalonia 1711 decorative Cluverius map hand color
Holy Land Palestine Galilee Judea Terre Sainte 1762 Robert de Vaugondy fine map
Illinois state 1850 thomas & Cowperthwait fine detailed hand color map
Kyoto Japan Dairo palace temple 1683 Mallet charming small birds-eye view print
Massachusetts state map 1795 scarce Scott Bailey Wheat & Brun #216 miniature
North America Canada Pacific Dangerous Archipelago Stony Mts. 1817 Thomson map
Ostia Rome Italy Roma Italia 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut map birdseye view
Peterson's Lady's Magazine 1856 bound annual w/ 12 issues fashion plates illustrated
Philadelphia U.S. Centennial Expo 1876 birds-eye view building plan old map
Pyramids of Giza Egypt Africa 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
Scandinavia Norway Sweden Iceland 1865 Dufour Dyonnet huge engraved map
Seville Spain Espana 1715 van der Aa city view x 2 prints engraved hand color.
Southern Italy Sicily Italia Sicilia 1844 Johnston hand color large map
Venice Italia Italy Venezia Piazza San Marco c1850 engraved city view hand color
Victor Hugo French novelist antique prints portraits c. 1870-1900 lot of seven
Windsheim Germany Bavaria 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Wittenburg city view Martin Luther 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
World Atlas Geography Gazetteer 1815-17 Kelly 83 maps & plates views 2 vol. leather
Yale College New Haven CT c.1850 engraved print campus view beautiful hand color