Adirondacks New York Resort map c.1890-1910 hotels named hiking trails shown
Advertising cartography 1896 Massachusetts large color map Gazetteer rare book
Africa Continent Mts. Moon Nile Source 2 large lakes 1701 Moll miniature map
African Art Ivory Coast Masks dances Guro 2008 Fischer monograph wonderful book
Alcohol Temperance movement 1849 Liquor speeches by Charles Jewett inscribed book
American Religion 1837-45 Fisk & Powell Popery Protestant Calvinism 2 rare books
Americas distorted coast shape above California 1764 Brion Desnos tall ships map
Amsterdam Town Hall front & back views Netherlands 1711 engraved 2 prints lot
Arabian Peninsula Happy Arabia Middle East Holy Land 1701 Moll miniature map
Architectural Library Catalogue 1895 Columbia Univ. Reference leather book
Arnemuiden Netherlands Middleburg Zeeland c.1680 early city plan map
Ascension Island bird's eye view 1719 Mallet hand colored print
Atmosphere Mountain Heights Climate zones 1683 Mallet hand colored print
Australia shows hooked Lake Torens New Zealand Oceania c.1845 Bellier map
Book of Dogs 1865 Berjeau 52 plates from old engravings & sculptures
 Brabant Netherlands Nederland 1746 Le Rouge engraved map 
Brescia Italy Italia 1629 Bertelli charming miniature engraved city plan
Canada 1918 Geodetic Survey Map
Cannes France c.1870-5 Albumen Tourist souvenir photograph book 12 images
Conception Chile 1645 Janszoon scarce early antique copper-engraved harbor view
Cornwall Devon Great Britain 1639 Blaeu engraved detailed miniature map
Decorative cloth book bindings c.1903-30 attractive lot of 10 bindings display worthy
East Indies c.1780 India Mogul Empire SE Asia islands by Kitchen folio map
Eastern Hemisphere Australia attached to Van Diemen Africa Mts Moon 1766 map
El Paso Texas plaza church people 1857 Sarony lithographed very early city view
European embroidered Book bindings 1577-1709 Reference work illustrated Brocades
European pendants crucifixes jewelry crosses emblems medallions 1757 rare print
Everett Hosmer Barney Life 1912 George Murray Barney Family Genealogy book
Fables of La Fontaine c.1870 Illustrated leather book woodcuts by famous artists
Flowers American Floral books c.1833-54 hand colored plates 4 lovely books
Fort Utah Timpanogas Utah Salt Lake City view 1853 Ackerman litho print
France Picardy Cappelle Veromanduorum c.1650 Blaeu folio map
Freisingen Germany birds-eye panorama 1590's Munster wood cut city panorama view
Geography Territorial U.S. Republic of Texas 1830-50 Lot 5 Education books maps views
Georgia map showing % slave population by county 1861 Harper's Weekly
Godeau Religious Homilies 1734 scarce French book Festivals of Year Sundays
Grand Tartary Japan Company's Land China Korea 1766 Brion Desnos attractive map
Great Britain United Kingdom Ireland 1760 de Lat Keizer Dutch miniature map
Hammelburg Germany panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut city panorama view
Holy Land Jerusalem Canaan Twelve Tribes divisions 1701 Moll miniature map
Italy Italia 1809 charming miniature engraved hand colored map
Italy Italia Sicily Sardinia Gulf Taranto 1766 Brion & Desnos map
Julian Willis Abernethy Library Dedication book 1928 Middlebury College Vermont
Kaskaskia Illinois c.1850 frontier city birds-eye view hand colored print
Lancaster Westmoreland Great Britain Ireland 1639 Blaeu engraved miniature map
Le Mans central France Cenomanorum c.1650 Blaeu folio map
Life Instruction for Young Men & Ladies 1708-9 leather book Darrell Advice in Conduct
Lille France Rysel c.1720 fortified military city plan soldiers vignette map
Lindau Germany panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut birds-eye city view
Little Egg Harbor New Jersery Tuckers beach 1822 Blunt Hooker nautical chart map
London England guidebooks 1912-27 lot x 6 many color detailed maps plans
Magini Porro World Atlas 1620-21 complete vellum book 64 maps beautiful example
Maine state Northern Border Dispute 1842 newspaper map Webster settlement
Male Nude 1794 Insensible Perspiration 18th century science allegorical print
Masulipatam India Machilipatnam Krishna elephants ships 1757 birds-eye view
Meath Ireland Media 1639 Blaeu engraved detailed miniature map
Meissen Germany panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut city panorama view
Methodism Methodist Religion 1847 E. Hedding Cincinnati Ohio leather book
Meti France fortified battle map panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut city plan
Montpellier France panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut city panorama view
Musical Theater Musicals c.1940's-60's fun lot of 42 playbills many celebrity cigarette ads
Muslim water merchant Mecca 1570 de Nicolay rare ethnic engraved print
Nantucket Massachusetts vintage 1901 original USGS Topographical chart
Netherlands on Rhine river Bercka fortified city battle map 1616 Baudart map
Netherlands United Provinces Pays Bas 1740's de Leth original hand color map
New York City Manhattan above 68th st. 1868 Harlem Heights Battle Revolutionary War
New York State 1800 A. Anderson scarce early American engraved map
New York State 1824 pocket map Spoffard's Gazetteer Albany Constitution Senate
Nordlingen Germany panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut birds-eye city view
North Africa Mts. of Moon as Nile source 1766 Brion & Desnos decorative map
North American mountains heights elevation comparison 1867 charming print
Northern Italy Italia Lago di Garda c.1610 Mercator folio map original color
Northumbria Cumberland Great Britain 1639 engraved Blaeu Camden miniature map
Occult woodcuts Satin Evil Spirits 1837 J. Priest Munsell rare illustrated book 22 plates
Pas Bas Netherlands Belgium Low Countries 1711 Frontispiece print allegory
Peking Beijing China city plan 1860 Emperor portrait vignette views map w/ key
Persia Iran Gulf of Bassora Ormus Caspian Middle East 1701 Moll miniature map
Peru & Bolivia South America 1855 Tallis Rapkin Winkles decorative vignettes map
Peterson's Lady's Magazine 1877 Fashion Illustration 12 issues bound color plates
Photography book 1865 W.C. Bryant Festival 13 albumens 10 engravings Ode to Poet
Poland Lithuania Prussia 1796 by Russell shows Palatinates map lovely hand color
Poland Lithuania Prussia Gulf Danzig 1766 Brion & Desnos historical map
Polynesia Pacific Islands Fiji Tahiti Hawaii 1883 Lett's detailed map
Portugal Algarve 1715 decorative van der Aa engraved miniature map cartouche
Religion in America 1830's Religious Education in 19th century lot 5 old leather books
Romagna Northern Italy Italia Gulf of Venice c.1640 Blaeu folio map
Russian Empire Europe Asia 1795-1814 M. Carey W. Barker scarce early U.S. map
Salt Lake City North Utah Salt Lake City panoramic view 1853 Ackerman print
San Francisco California 1852 birds-eye prospect view print scarce lovely image
Santo Maria Chile Coast So. America 1645 Janszoon scarce antique harbor view
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Baltic Sea 1766 Iceland inset Brion Desnos map
Seaby's Coin & Medal Bulletin Numismatics 1947-79 long run illustrated periodical lists
Seville Spain 1715 charming van der Aa miniature engraved birds-eye city view
Siam Thailand Bay of Tonquin Cacho capital 1751 Bellin small charming map
 Southern Africa Madagascar Abyssinia Nubia Nile source 1701 Moll miniature map
Spectacle of Nature 1763 Celestial maps 200+ engraved plates 9 vol. leather set
St. Vincent island Caribbean 1796 leader and family ethnic view engraved print
Terrestrial & Celestial Globes 1766 Brion & Desnos attractive map
Title page frontis 1719 van der Aa Spain les Delices natives cherubs allegory
Tours France panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut birds-eye city view
Ulm Germany panorama 1590's Munster old wood cut birds-eye city view
United Provinces Netherlands Holland Pays Bas 1702 de L'Isle decorative map
United States North America 1766 Bion River of West Quivira Admiral de Fuente
Wales Great Britain Cambria 1639 Blaeu engraved detailed miniature map
Warwick Northampton London Great Britain 1639 Blaeu detailed miniature map
Washington D.C. city plan 1885 Fatal Diseases Medical map Typhoid Malaria Scarlet Fever
Wimbledon London city plan c.1911 detailed uncommon map
World Atlas 1695 Thesaurus Geography Moll complete 58 maps beautiful book
World Geography Travel illustrated photos maps c.1900 set 5 books decorative fun
World Hemispheres Africa Mts. of Moon Lake Torrens hooked 1848 Gilbert map
World War II era magazines 1925-1946 Aviation Mechanix Illustrated Astounding Stories
World-wide Travel set 15 vols. c.1900-10 Stoddard decorative set illustrated books
Wurzburg Germany 1590's Munster old panoramic city view
York Lincoln Derby Great Britain 1639 Blaeu engraved detailed miniature map
Ypres Ieper Hypra city plan Belgium 1612 Blaeu Guicciardini map
Zodiac light phenomenon night sky over Mexico 1888 Celestial print beautiful