African Continent blank interior 1875 Stieler detailed map
Ancient Italy w/ Rome inset Gaul Sardinia Illyrium Sicily c.1830 antique map
Ancient Jerusalem Holy Land 1683 Mallet birds-eye map plan city view hand color
Arabia Abyssinia East Africa Middle East 1875 Stieler map
Arabian Peninsula Ottoman Middle East Persia Oman Afghanistan 1872 Belin map
Arabian Peninsula Persia Iran Afghanistan 1857 DeSilver lovely decorative map
Arras France detailed bird's eye view engraved print hand color
Asian Continent Arabia to Japan Australia inset hooked Torrens 1857 DeSilver map
Asian Continent China India Arabia 1875 Stulpnagel Stieler map
Australia highly detailed continent map Sydney inset 1875 Stieler Petermann
Australia New South Wales Polynesia Australia Malaysia Oceania 1872 Belin map
Baltic Sea Crimean War Riga inset Chart Coastal Survey 1856 DeSilver map
Captain Cook So. Pacific New Hebrides island landing scene 1800 engraved print
Celestial diagram Solar System Planetary Orbits Seasons planets 1875 Stieler map
Central America proposed Panama Canal Route Nicaragua 1857 DeSilver map
China Korea Japan Shanghai Jedo Canton Hong Kong 1875 Stieler map
Chinese Empire China Corea Asia 1857 DeSilver lovely map
Church's Indian Wars 1675-1704 rare book Drake woodcut plates old color
Cosmography Celestial planets Solar System Astronomy Charts 1872 Belin map
Crimean War large scarce map 1856 Military Sebastopol
Denver to Pacific Coast 1908 huge detailed Rand McNally map
Eastern Canada Quebec Montreal New Brunswick Nova Scotia 1857 DeSilver map
Ethnicities of Europe Ethnography races cultures of man 1872 Belin map
Germany Maine river course Bamberg 1628 Munster antique regional map
Germany Prussia Mittlemarck Alte Marcke c.1710 decorative old map
Glacier National Park MT 1925 airplane survey birds-eye view map trails RR lines
Holy Land Lebanon Ottoman Palestine Israel Jerusalem 1875 detailed Stieler map
India Hindoostan Delta of Ganges inset 1857 DeSilver lovely uncommon map
Iowa state by itself 1857 DeSilver lovely uncommon engraved map
Ireland Isle of Man Dublin Killarney 1875 Petermann Stieler map
Italy Austria-Hungary Sicily Sardinia Balkans c.1840 Brue antique color
Malaysia Borneo Philippines Sumatra c.1870 large Brue Levasseur map
Mexico Central America Canal Planning Texas Guatemala 1857 DeSilver engraved map
Native American Indians 1851-97 lot x 3 old books Trumbull Caverly Drake Shipp
Netherlands Belgium Amsterdam city plan inset c.1845 rare Baedeker Dutch map
Night Sky Constellations Rivers Mountains Comparison geology 1872 Belin map
North America Territorial United States Caribbean Sea 1875 Stieler map
North America Territories United States Mexico 1875 Stulpnagel Stieler map
North Atlantic Ocean Sea Lanes Sailing Routes telegraph 1875 Stieler map
Northern Italy Piedmont Kingdom of Sardinia Italia 1857 DeSilver beautiful map
Northern Night Sky Constellations zodiac constellations stars 1875 Stieler print
Ottoman Anatolia Asia Minor Black Sea Turkey in Asia 1875 Stieler map
Ottoman Empire Anatolia Syria Mesopotamia Turkey in Asia 1857 DeSilver map
Persia Iran Beloochistan Cabool Cabul Afghanistan 1842 Johnston map
Quakers 1736 Persecutions financial religious history England church state book
Scrap Album w/ 1092 miniature Natural History color litho plates 1900 Childhood book
Sir Walter Scott Poetry Works leather book c.1870 w/ 8 albumen photographs
South East Germany Venice Austria Bohemia Hungary 1762 Rizzi Zannoni antique map
South Pole w/ extensive detailed Exploration Expeditions 1875 Stieler map
Southern India insets of Bombay Calcutta Madras 1875 Stieler detailed lovely map
Southern Italy Sicily Sardinia Naples c.1849 antique detailed German map
Southern Night Sky Star Map zodiac Constellations Zodiac 1875 Stieler celestial
Sporting Sketches Fishing Duck Hunting 1842 Frank Forester set 2v leather books
United States Post Civil War territorial western states 1872 Belin map
Upper Canada Toronto plan Niagara Falls Great Lakes 1857 DeSilver lovely map
Winchedon city plan 1870 Worcester County Mass. home owners detailed map