Aborginial People Pacific Islanders Costume print 1839 scarce French ethnic view
Australia New South Wales Tasmania Queensland 1862 Johnson Ward map Scarce Issue
Australia New South Wales Van Diemen's Land 1855 Colton Johnson & Browning map
Bible History 1819 Boston miniature juvenile book 21 woodcuts rare lovely
Brazilian Cannibals Scary Engraving 1839 scarce French ethnic view
Capitol Building Washington D.C. Grand Staircase 1839 scarce French print
Chicago World's Fair 1893 photographs Souvenir book portfolio
China Southeast Asia Korea Burma Thailand c. 1840 SDUK detailed antique map
China Tibet Mongolia Korea Great Wall Lassa Tallis 1851 decorative vignette map
Florida American Indians Native Peoples Warriors 1839 scarce French ethnic view
France Ancien Regime Languedoc Burgundy Champagne 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Friendly Islands Vessels Sailing Ships Rowboats 1800 Captain Cook engraved print
Greece La Grece Macedonia Romania Crete Aegean 1719 Chiquet decorative map
Holy Roman Empire Austria Germany Bavaria Saxony 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Italy Piedmont Papal States Tuscany Kingdom of Naples 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Jerusalem Delivered Liberated 1764 Tasso fine 2 vol. French Italian leather set
Kingdom of Hungary Transylvania Croatia Dalmatia 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Liebig Trade Cards c. 1952-5 lot of 300 cards in Album 50 complete sets
Namoka Tonga Native Village Row Boats Horses 1801 Captain Cook engraved print
Northern Russia Finland Lapland Novgorod Estonia Riga 1820 engraved map
Oeuvres de Boleau-Despereaux 1810 French set 2 volumes fine decorative leather
Ottoman Empire Asian Holdings Cyprus Holy Land Palestine Israel 1865 Colton map
Pacific Islanders New Guinea New Ireland Fiji 1839 scarce French ethnic view
Pennsylvania Atlas 1872 Walling & Gray complete folio county & city plan maps
Pennsylvania state 1865 J. H. Colton antique decorative map
Portugal Algarve Beira Tra Los Montes Lisbon 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Reverend Thomas Scott English Clergyman 1820 engraved portrait by Collyer
Scandinavia Denmark Norway Iceland Sweden 1780 Holtrop miniature map
South America Colombia Brazil Peru Patagonia Chile La Plata 1840 Houze map
Spain Galicia Grenada Valencia Catalonia Castille 1780 Holtrop miniature map
Tanna Island Family Scene Native Peoples 1801 Captain Cook engraved print
Terra del Fuego Native People Family Hut 1795 Captain Cook engraved print
The Body of Thee Ruler of Tahiti Preserved Body 1802 Captain Cook engraved print
Westchester County New York Hudson River Tarrytown White Plains 1933 vintage map
Winslow Homer 1874 Opium Den Scene Chinese Immigrants racist print Harpers
World's Fair Antwerp 1885 Anvers l'Exposition Universelle illustrated book
Wright Gallery of 193 fine steel engravings 1844 London 3 vol. leather set books
Zakynthos Greece Porcacchi 1576 Zante miniature map w/ sea monsters