Africa continent Mountains of Moon huge 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
Africa Mts. Kong Moon New Holland Australia Arabia 1819 Wyld Hewitt Thomson map
African Mediterranean Islands Madeira Malta Cape Verde Teneriffe 1766 Bowen map
American Industry Commerce Whales Candles 1840 U.S. Gov. Manufacturing book
Ancient Egypt c.1790's miniature scarce old map
Antilles Caribbean West Indies 1837 Tardieu Perrot miniature map
Armenians Armenia Asia Middle East 1683 Mallet lovely ethnic print turban book
Asia Continent Korea thin narrow pencil shape 1712 Senex pictorial map
Asia continent shows Company's Land myth c.1680-90 rare Macquart miniature map
British Isles England under Saxons rule 1683 Mallet decorative miniature map
Calcutta Kolkata India 1883 Lett's detailed SDUK style city plan
Canada Lake Superior Michigan Minnesota coast 1883 Lett's version of SDUK map
Ceylon Ceylan Sri Lanka 1750 Bellin beautiful detailed hand color map
Corfu Greek Island Greece w/ Sea Monsters ca. 1595 Porcacchi Porro antique map
Decorative World Atlas 1881 Migeon 41 maps continents vignette scenes leather book
Double Hemisphere World map 1796 Baker engraved from Best Authorities
Dublin Ireland 1883 Lett's urban city plan detailed SDUK style map
East Indies Southeast Asia Sumatra Philippines Borneo Java Siam 1712 Moll map
Eastern United States 1853 S. Hall large old map
Florida state by itself 1883 Lett's re-issue of SDUK map great details
France Germany linguistic Franco-German Alsace-Lorraine border 1915 language map
George Bernard Shaw 4 Novels 1920's leather books Irrational Knot Artists Socialist
George Bernard Shaw Dramatic Works 1920's beautiful set of 11 leather books
George Bernard Shaw Political Philosophy Essays 1920's set of 9 leather books
Germany entire empire Bohemia c.1770 Jefferys decorative old map
Germany Poland Baltic Sea Pomerania Brandenburg 1749 Vaugondy miniature map
Goa India splendid birds-eye city plan 1750 Bellin city plan decorative colored
Grece Greece Greek islands Athens Sparta Corinth Ionia Attica 1719 antique map
Holland Netherlands Nederland c.1945-55 Archer decorative old map
Holy Land Biblical Geography Herod St. Paul 1858 Tardieu Furne historical map
India 1712 Moll
Indian Ocean temperature wind currents Asia Scientific 1849 Meyer antique map
Ireland country island 1683 Mallet interesting variant state map Bonar-Law #17
Ireland Dublin Belfast Cork Galway Ulster Munster 1882 antique color map
Java island Indonesia Madura Bali Dutch 1750 Bellin beautiful hand colored map
Korea China Cathay Empire of Genghis Khan 1749 Bellin beautiful hand color map
Lake Winnipesaukee Center Harbor New Hampshire c.1850 engraved view print color
London and environs Geological map 1883 Lett's detailed city plan
London Bridge England Thames c.1800 engraved city view print lovely hand color
London Postal Districts Philately map Stamp Collecting c.1911 vintage rare map
London Thames River view of Westminster c.1810 engraved print hand color
Metellino Mytinene Greece Greek island 1620 Aegean Sea Porcacchi antique map
Moon surface 1841 by Beer and Middler Stieler map shows hundreds of place names
Mount Jefferson White Mountains NH c.1850 engraved view print lovely hand color
Mount Tom Connecticut River Mass c.1850 engraved view print lovely hand color
New York City 2-Sheet 1883 lovely uncommon Lett's large detailed city plan
New York state c.1835 Bradford map contemplated & chartered RR's and canals
Nieuwpoort Belgium Nieuport fortified city c.1740 Bellin city plan map
Notch House White Mountains NH c.1850 Bartlett view print lovely hand color
Palestine w/ ancient divisions Mt. Sinai Holy 1853 Black Hughes Hall antique map
Paris France miniature city view 1672 Mallet print lovely hand color
Pennsylvania New Jersey c.1835 Bradford state map shows proposed railroad lines
Peru South America 1719 Mallet miniature map
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1883 Lett's very scarce city plan detailed map
Philippines Islands tiny smaller groups Maluku 1761 Bellin map fine hand color
Picturesque America 1874 Bryant gorgeous 2 vol leather set 950 Illustrations A+
Roman Empire in Europe Brittania Italia 1819 decorative Wyld Hewitt Thomson map
Rome Italy Roma Italia 1883 Lett's SDUK style detailed large city plan
South Africa interesting interior features 1846 Stulpnagel Stieler map
South Africa Orange Free State c.1860 A & C Black Bartholomew map
South America continent sailing ships 1683 Mallet decorative miniature color map
Squam Lake central New Hampshire c.1850 engraved view print lovely hand color
St. Petersburg Russia Neva river 1883 Lett's SDUK-style detailed urban city plan
St. Sophia's Cathedral Constantinople Istanbul Turkey 1683 Mallet view print
Turin Italy Torino Italia miniature fortified plan 1672 Mallet miniature map
Turkey Anatolia Asia Minor Cyprus Mesopotamia Black Sea 1766 Bowen folio map
Walcourt Walloon Belgium St Maternus Basilica 1612 Blaeu map antique city plan
Zodiac constellation celestial chart Night sky map 1719 Chiquet engraved planets