African continent 1628 Johannes Janssonius A. Goos miniature map
American History 1776-1876 Memorable events huge leather book illustrated eagle spine
American Poster Stamp Collection c.1915 Wonderful lot 830 stamps Art Deco graphics
Ancient Egyptian art 1882 Perrot & Chipiez huge leather book well illustrated
Arabian Peninsula 1683 Mallet decorative miniature map w/ large dragon cartouche
Arabian Peninsula in ancient times 1661 Jansson miniature map
Art Nouveau line drawings 1902 Advertising Germany Jugenstil Fliegende Blatter book
Asia Africa World Travel 1928 Art Deco graphics magazine 12 issues Ads photos
Asian Continent Korea as island China Arabia India 1661 Jansson miniature map
Bookkeeping American System 1836 Eagle chart James Bennett fine leather book
British Isles Ireland Railroads light houses coal field 1845 Copely scarce map
Cartography Book Binding Arts of 19th century 1875 World Geography Maps views
Chile Coastal Harbor Survey 1748 Anson Inchin island engraved map
Colorful gift books c.1900-10 era lot of 7 poetry pictorial flowers keepsake cheer
Cyprus Mediterranean island Turkey coast 1683 Mallet decorative map battle scene
Dunkirk France 1740 Basire Tindal Rapin large military fortifications city plan
Early English Poets 1803 Ellis Root leather binding set 3 vols England Poetry Anthology
Engineering Illustrated Science 1883-85 America Mechanical periodical 48 issues
Family Pulpit Holy Bible 1822 monumental illustrated deluxe leather book engravings
Geography 19th century World maps & illustrations 1868-90 lot 5 books
Illustrated American Periodicals 1871-1874 Harpers Magazine lot x 4 leather books
Illustration Art Nouveau line drawings Germany 1897-98 Fliegende Blatter run 75 issues
Japan Nippon c.1780 English early Coastal Survey engraved map & view hand color
Lippincott Geographical Dictionary World 1889 nice monumental leather book
Lower Saxony Mecklenburg 1628 engraved Mercator map
Majorca Mallorca Spain Balearic Islands 1576 Porcacchi map with sea monsters
Marbled Paper 19th century lot of 20 attractive sheets c.1760-1890 all different
Marine News World Ship Society 1962-75 magazine lot x 84 issues illustrated
Mechanical News Engineering Manufacturing 1885-87 Illustrated Leffel rare journal book
Mediterranean & Greek Aegean islands Corsica 1661 Jansson miniature map
Minorca Balearic Islands Spain 1576 Porcacchi miniature map w/ 8 sea monsters
Morea Peloponnese Greece 1576 Porcacchi miniature map
Mythology History Biography Dictionary 1887 monumental leather book Gregoire
Nautical Sea Beezes British naval periodical 1961-69 lot 50 illustrated issues
North American continent United States Texas republic shape 1853 Burgess map
Oceania Australia Wilkes Discoveries Colonial possessions 1848 Mitchell map
Peter Pindar Works Satire 1812 beautiful 5 vol. leather set w/ engraved portrait
Rhodes Greece Greek Mediterranean 1576 Porcacchi sea monsters miniature map
Rome Roma Italia Italy 1827 guide book w/ 2 city plans & 51 engraved views monuments
Scientific Tracts 1832-24 fascinating set 2 vols. w/ Pendleton flag lithographs Moon
Sicily Italy Sicilia Italia 1661 Jansson van der Keere miniature map
South America 1811 Russell Wilkie Robinson large scarce engraved map
Spain Legends of Conquest 1836 Washington Irving beautiful leather book binding
Tartary Asia Russia Korea as an island 1661 Jansson van der Keere miniature map
Texas Indian Terr. Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas 1853 Burgess map hand color
Texas state by itself c.1853 Baker cerographic map w/ original hand color
Toledo Spain Royal Palace 1715 Van der Aa lot x 2 antique prints fine hand color
U.S. Navy Squadron 17 Seventeen 1964 Okinawa Japan Pacific Yearbook VP-17
Unitarian Tracts 1846 American Christian religion leather book w/ 12 tracts
Western United States 1853 engraved map hand color
World Atlas collection 1880-1924 Historical Geography lot x 4 books 100's maps
World Geography maps views ethnography 1872-1895 group 5 illustrated books