Africa Morocco Egypt Guinea Sudan Cape Colony 1858 Krais & Hoffman scarce map
American Gazetteer Louisiana 1804 Jedidiah Morse Geography Americana 2nd ed.
Ancient Greece City States Athens Sparta Corinth 1832 Lapie large folio map
Antwerp Belgium Anvers detailed city plan architectural views c 1840 SDUK map
Ath Belgium Wallonia Hainaut city plan fortifications 1700's engraved city plan
Bonn Germany Holy Roman Empire city plan fortifications 1700 engraved city plan
Canada New Brunswick Nova Scotia Great Lakes Niagara Falls 1852 Dower map
Christian Contemplations 1793 J.H. Christian Helmuth Pennsylvania Dutch book
Colombia Venezuela Ecuador Mocoa South America 1855 J.H. Colton engraved map
Don Quixote 1782 Cervantes Dr Smollet English Translation leather book 16 plates
Eugene de Prussenaere Travels in Africa 1877 Zoppritz Petermann color maps
Germany Thuringian Forest Urban Development 1884 Regel Petermann w/ color map
History Ireland 1845 William Dolby w/ 37 engravings Bartlett nice leather book
History of Great Barrington Mass. 1882 Charles Taylor American history book
Holy Land Palestine Israel Jerusalem Old City 1858 Krais & Hoffman scarce map
Italian Peninsula Ancient World Roman Republic 1832 Lapie historical map
Kingdom of Prussia Oldenburg Rugen Neuchatel Hohenzollern 1854-62 Fullarton map
Letters of Junius 1810 British political tracts George III old leather book
Low Countries Netherlands Belgium Holland w/ Brussels & Amsterdam plans 1854 map
Polynesia Australia Pacific Islands Samoa Fiji Carolines 1868 Petermann map
Religious Intelligence 1823 Periodical Missionary Work in Hawaii Indians NZ etc.
Roman Empire Europe North Africa Greece Holy Land 1832 Lapie historical map
Russia in Europe Finland Baltic States Ukraine Crimea 1832 Lapie large folio map
Siberia Russian Empire Kamchatka Cossacks Novaya Zemlya 1832 Lapie large map
South Africa Cape Colony Boer Republics Orange Free State 1875 A. Petermann map
South America Brazil Peru Patagonia Venezuela 1856 Fullarton lithographed map
Southern France Provence Toulon Marseilles 1867 Stieler very detailed old map
Syracuse Sicily Italy Sicilia Siracusa city plan Great Harbor view 1839 SDUK map
System of British Geography 1835 James Harris Folding Map rare topography book
Turkey Ancient Anatolia Asia Minor Cappadocia Phrygia Lydia 1832 Lapie map
United States North America Oregon Territory District Columbia 1830 Lapie map
Western Australia New Zealand Tasmania Auckland Isthmus 1866 Petermann map
World Map in Two Hemispheres Americas Asia Africa 1832 Lapie large folio map
Yankee Enchantments 1900 Loomis author inscribed & Cory art nouveau illustration