Abraham's Sacrifice Angel Descent from Heaven 1690 old original engraved print
$ 44.95

Abraham's Sacrifice--Genesis 22

(Attempting to Kill Isaac, Offering to God, Following Divine Message, Show of Faith,
Pious Man, Bible, Old Testament)

Issued 1690, London by Samuel Roycroft for Richard Blome

Drawn by G. Freman

Engraved by P.P. Bouche

Fine original antique religious engraving printed in the late-17th century, on quality hand made paper which retains its inherent structural flexibility and soundness.

The engraving is a fine impression and is surrounded by original hand drawn red ink lines, as issued. Title banner held aloft by two cherubs.

In near VG or better condition, light age dustiness to sheet as typical, overall pleasing.

[note: we grade very conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws]. The scan allows for close inspection of the printed surface.

The printed area remains visually pleasing, a fine impression of an interesting antique image which will look nice when displayed.

A scarce 17th century folio sheet engraving.

Sheet measures c. 15 7/8" H x 10 1/4" W.

Printed area measures c. 12 3/8" H x  7 3/4" W