Arabia Egypt Africa Emerald Mts. Large 1792 Dutch Elwe rare antique old map
Arabia Egypt Africa Emerald Mts. Large 1792 Dutch Elwe rare antique old map Arabia Egypt Africa Emerald Mts. Large 1792 Dutch Elwe rare antique old map Arabia Egypt Africa Emerald Mts. Large 1792 Dutch Elwe rare antique old map
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Carte de l'Egypte de la Nubie de l'Abissinie

(Northeastern Africa, Kingdom of Agnor, Ethiopia, Nubia, Egypt, Nile River, Tripoli, Desert of Seth)

Issued 1792, Amsterdam, by Ian Bt. Elwe

Fine and uncommon old engraved folio sheet map with attractive original hand color.

DEspite being titled Egypt & Abyssinia, in fact the entire Arabian peninsula is shown. This includes from the coast of modern day Iran, across the Persian gulf, down to Aden, the Red SEa, up to Turkey and including Sicily, Tunis, Tripoli, etc. Much if not all the interior topographical detail ranges from inaccurate to speculative, and includes many engraved notes about Kingdoms, climate & topography, features such as a mountain range where "it is said are many emeralds". While uncolored, Arabia has a profusion of detail, including a vast mountain range down the middle, various Kingdoms with boundaries, dozens of places names, etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photos are a major part of the item description. Please examine them closely, as what you see is what we will send you.

[note: we grade conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws.].

Map has some age issues, but is overall still relatively well preserved. Some light age wear or surface spotting/ soiling which is visible within the scan, as well as some noticeable extraneous wrinkling or light old creasing. The centerfold has been backed long ago with old paper in a manner which is adequate, well done and of a skilled-amateurish type frequently seen on old 18th century folio maps such as this, but which is not archival or expert. This was apparently mostly done to help strengthen it, although there is a short slightly visible split rising c.2" up from bottom which was joined slightly less than perfectly (but still easy to forgive or overlook/ disregard). Bottom blank margin with a chip at center, but this is outside the engraved area and could easily be hidden with matting.

The condition as described prevents the map from being in fine condition (and probably makes it sound worse than it looks), but at the same time it imparts an entirely acceptable appearance of genuine age which is not displeasing. The map would, in our opinion, look absolutely great framed and virtually no one would ever comment about the condition. Just a nice old map with a few extra age wrinkles.

Paper and image remains overall clean & sound. Old maps & prints often display small minor repairs on the back, could have uneven blank margins, might have extraneous fold-lines or other small minor age flaws which do not detract from the visual appeal or value. Condition is carefully considered in arriving at our price.

Great antique map entirely worthy of hanging for display.

A depiction captured in a manner entirely unique to this era.

Original fold line as issued.

Sheet measures c.  20 3/8" H x  23 3/8" W.

Printed area measures c. 19 1/8" H x  22 1/8" W

Al Ankary, Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps , p. 300 (#143), showing the Mortier c.1732 version of this map, which is almost certainly the exact plate being here re-used by Elwe, but which Elwe has amended by adding a compass rose, changing the imprint, adding "Nouv. Corrigee" at top right beside title, etc.

Al-Qasimi, Gulf in Historic Maps 1493-1931, p. 158, showing an earlier version/ state of this plate, being issued by G. De L'Isle .

Tooleys Dictionary of Mapmakers , v. 2, p. 20

Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici , v. 2, pp. 104-8 (clearly illustrating just how small the cartographic output was, making most of his maps rather uncommon/ scarce on the market today)