Arizona c.1890 population shown as 59,620 old map hand colored Chicago Tunnison
$ 45.00


(Western United States)

Issued c.1885-95, Illinois by Tunnison

Visually appealing and fairly uncommon late 19th century map with original full vibrant wash hand color.

A rather western [Great Lakes region] cartographic imprint for this era. The decorative Victorian embellishments around the shaped ornate titles and the repeating tiny swag border impart a charming Victorian-era aesthetic.

As originally issued long ago, an actual antique/ vintage printed sheet of paper, a genuine old  map, not a modern copy or reprint of an old map.
The paper sheet could show various minor signs of age, but if we are offering it for sale, you can be 100% certain it is entirely worthy of ownership by even the most discerning institution, collector or dealer.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The scan is a major part of the item description. Please examine it closely, as what you see is what we will send you.

[note: we grade conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws.].

Sheet remains well preserved, keeping in mind it is not modern or new, so minor flaws to paper unworthy of specific mention are sometimes to be expected. Some light age wear or surface spotting/ soiling, all of which is hopefully visible within the zoomable scan.

Paper and image remains overall clean & sound. Old maps & prints often display small minor repairs on the back, could have uneven blank margins, might have extraneous fold-lines or other small minor age flaws which do not detract from the visual appeal or value. Condition is carefully considered in arriving at our price.

Great old vintage antique early statehood map of this state entirely worthy of hanging for display.

A cartographic moment and depiction captured in a manner entirely unique to this era.

Sheet measures c.  11"  x  13 1/2" .